You are My Everything!

have you heard about the F4's after story Music Video? If you didn't then you better search it at Youtube So anw.. i watched this MV of Lee min ho yesterday.. (but forgot to blog about it)

and i've also watched the Kim bum and Kim Joon like last month ..

Kim joon's after story MV wasn't that appealing anw i'll be a spoiler for you..

he liked this girl but the girl didn't like him because he was too nice? (i think that was it) he sent him flowers and the girl throw it away .. so yea. while kim bum's after story (can anyone please tell me what song at the first part was playing in this video!) was actually very cute and nice cause Kim Bum bought Ga Eul (dunno what her true name is) some flowers awwwww ... super cute anw you should watch it and if you wanna download their music, then here you go

Sometime by SS501 (used by Hyun Joong's After story MV)
My Everything by Lee min ho (used in his After story MV)


F4 After story - 700mb avi (password: aja-aja)

credits to aja-aja for the links

here is Lee min ho's "My everything" after story MV

click here for orignal version

this is the video with english subtitles but this isn't the after story video.. i just like this video since it had subtitles, i mean.. like its pretty useless to hear and like a song if you dont understand the meaning of it huh.

this song made me cry! i mean the meaning of the song is super touching! and i can relate in some ways and added plus of lee min ho's voice .. i mean its nice!!!

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