Why I love watching The Big Bang Theory

Did I mention I love watching the big bang theory? :) I'm absolutely inlove with this sitcom its witty, smart and hilarious!!. I don't know if its just me or after I watch an episode of big bang theory i feel smarter! HAHAHAHA!!

Can't wait for the new episode coming out this week!!!!! So excited!  ♥♥♥♥

Some of my "Favorite lines/quotes" of Big bang theory

"I informed you thusly" - Sheldon Cooper

"Just like everyone else's. Subject to entropy, decay, and eventual death. Thank you for asking" - Amy Farra Fooler

"Shut your ass!" - Raj

"In our ragtag band of scientist with nothing to lose, I'm the smart one, Wolowitz is the funny one, Koothrappali is the lovable foreigner who struggles to understand our ways and fails, that leaves you by default as the muscle (Leonerd)" - Sheldon

"Oh Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch" - Sheldon

If you still haven't watch BBT! it's about time you watch you won't regret it!


Rainbow Marshmallows

Went to SM Hypermarket to buy groceries since all stores will be closed for 2 days *bummer* and I carried 4 burdensome grocery bags all by myself everything is stuff to the brim had to drag them out of the elevator to our unit!

This is one of the many groceries i bought! SWISS MISS HOT CHOCO! *hands down*

THIS STUFF IS HEAVENLY! taste damn awesome, it's not fluffy like regular marshmallows more like a soft candy.

Doesn't look that tasty but it DOES...HA! I think i made a mistake of putting all the marshmallows when the hot choco was too hot *sad*

P/S: I Just realized I blog to much about food *straight face*


Nomnomnom for the heart

Just payed my electric bill at the hypermarket near to our condo so just bought myself some food.One is Red Ribbon's Mocha Roll !! I love anything MOCHA flavored! mocha shake, mocha icecream, mocha cake, mocha anything!

Took the liberty of picturing them so you guys can drool over. HAHAHA! yeah, it's a bad joke. I hope you guys already ate.

&& Pizza Hut!! This one is family sized bought them from a stall in the mall originally its 445. I've manage to saved myself P200+. There's still some left over...about 4 slices.

Baked Mac

Look what I made! It's baked mac! I'm damn awesome....
K, fine this isn't exactly the real deal baked mac but it does look legit and plus its yummy.


Second ear pierce

Day 15 of 365
Just got my second ear pierce(・∀・) at Unisilver located at Glorietta 4. The crown earrings i got from a stall near Tickles in Glorietta and the star from Unisilver.

It has been quite a long long long long time since I last wore earrings, Last time i wore one was during our Senior prom and I just wore it for like a couple of hours.

P/S: The dot above the star is actually a mole! :)))) When I was in Highschool my classmates thought it was an ear pierce. hahahaha! *Not that anyone cares*


le milk toof

I'm a huge fan of photoblogs so if you happen to have a photoblog, feel free to leave an [ask] and plug in your blog url. I'd be very happy to read em! :)

Mymilktoof ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) is one of my favorite photoblogs atm, its a cute photoblog of cute story images. The picture above is my favorite one!

P/S: Can't think of anything to blog right now, I just stayed at home all day as usual.


Pancakes and Hot choco!

Day 14 of 365
Today is my first day of our 4th semester. What better way to eat then pancakes and hot choco for breakfast! *yawn* It's been a long time since i last ate pancakes! I usually don't eat anything for breakfast but yeah this is a good start.



Day 13 of 365
Sister brought along Starbuck's Choco Pops last friday! Yummy chocolate ball of goodness!!!


Stack of books

Day 12 of 365
My sister's freakish books! I'm not much of a book reader/nerd unless it's suspense, horror, thriller, fantasy or science fiction. The thickest book that i've actually took the time to read was Twilight and New moon, the others are all suspence type of books to which i already forgot the titles!



Day 11 of 365
Who loves NACHOS? ME!! look at all those CHEESE! I just don't understand why they don't sell nachos near the cinemas it would be awesome if they did.

Make a difference

The world as we know it has come to face lots of environmental problems like global warming, overpopulation, pollution, deforestation et cetera to make a difference what can I do to encourage people to save the world?

As a college student, I've been ask this problem a million times on our NSTP and humanities subject, yes we all know the 3 Big R's,Reduce Reuse and Recycle but.... let's be honest here no matter how we promote this kind of stuff it's just hard to get it through people's head nobody has the time to rumble about in their garbage and turn it into a great big succesful piece of art and expect someone or yourself to use it... it's just pish posh unless of course if we are forced to do it and be given a flat 1 on our card or get a great deal amound of money.

For example the use of tetra packs then turn it into a plastic bag which i've done before in my grade schools years and i tell you... i bet now that bag is lying around the corner of the walls gathering dust.

As i go back to the question, what can I do to encourage people to save the world? perhaps I should show you an array of all the damages of Typhoon Ondoy caused so you can remember how tragic it was remising the death toll of the people died in the storm or should I show you countless picture of all the pollution you can think of here in Manila

[show images]

Tell me, why it is so damn hard to keep your candy wrappers in your bag and throw it in the trash bin later when you find one? Is your bag too extravagant and delicate that not even a piece of paper or candy wrappers can be put inside? Then can't you hold it for just a minute till you find a trashcan and throw it there instead? The problem here is that....... there's no RESPECT.

There's no respect for our country, that you can just throw your rubbish elsewhere like nobodies business thinking other people would have done it as well, mind you if you want to see CHANGE in this world you have to start with yourself.

In a nutshell what can i do to encourage people? well this.


Don't really know how to end it.....

A supposedly blog entry for a contest but I just thought that my entry was more of a rant than an actual encouragement so i didn't bother to submit but I'll just post it here for the fun of it :)

P/S: If you're one of those people who throw your crap everywhere be careful if i catch you I'm going to shove it down your throat!!

Smile ☆

... it makes people wonder what you're up to.


Brain fart

Random picture of me at the bus on the way to having a good time but failed miserably, you see I was planning to watch Source code or Limitless at the cinema but I couldn't decide which of the two should I watch so I went home instead (ΘεΘ;).... yeah gibberish.

Day 10 of 365
Sorry for deleting the supposedly blog entry I just had a minor detour on whether or not it is an appropriate entry given that the content is a bit senseless and doesn't offer a ...........  uh oh *brain fart* kbai.

What's in my bag?

Day 9 of 365
My bag atm ehe. I'm a big bag junkie. I can never have too many bags. I don't last long using 1 bag after 3 months, I just have to buy another one. Whenever i see a bag that i like at the store my eyes glisten.

My big ass wallet from Mango. One and only branded stuff i own excluding the clothes since i don't really own a branded bag. This one was a gift from my mom for my 18th birthday.

Eau de perfume... or whatever you call it.

My flashdrive, House keys and School ID all together in one keychain so I don't have to rammage around my clustered bag to find the stuff one by one

Don't really have a makeup bag, This is the only stuff i use and my Maybelline superfit concealer

My pens


Lip tint/stain

Day 8 of 365
Had to make two entries, i didn't get to post day 7 yesterday booh! anyways, I'm a very big fan of Lip Tint/Stain! This is currently my favorite brand of lip stain its from Body Shop and this one was on sale for 40% off!

Just had to buy another one cause my bench lip tint's cap broke off and spilled all over ze bag. tragic.

Hot Choco

Day 7 of 365
Did the same thing everyday, Movie marathon-ing. Got to enjoy this mini sembreak of mine, only 1 more week left and back to uni again.



Day 6 of 365

My blog just hit 600 followers! thank you *hugs*. Don't have anything to blog today, just spent the whole day at home watching Big Bang Theory.


My Tazmania shirt

Day 5 of 365

Lovin' my Taz shirt! My favorite cartoon character next to Courage the cowardly dog. Me and my lil brother used to play Taz Wanted on PlayStation when i was 14, best game ever.