Dinner time.

My dinner ehe Yeah, i eat a lot.


Merry Christmas!

my first blog post for the month of december. Pretty cool huh?! not. anw, failed at project 365 , hope other people have success with theirs.

anyways, i always find it amazing when people stumble by my blog when they search "Lee Min ho", "Digital perm", "bb creams" & "cyon lollipop" . I always check my nuffnang once every two days and it never fails to show that the most searched keywords where "lee min ho" or "Lee min ho's girlfriend" in my blog *laughs* and especially "digital perm"

and some more irrelevant keywords that creepy people search, "Handsome Filipino guy teenagers?" really???

anyways, Merry Christmas to all my followers and bloggers out there

Can't wait to eat the Mango Float i made