Challenge complete

Since i missed all these day 5-8 blogger/tumblr challenge because of school work then i'll just compete it now. hehehehee.

Day 5: 5 things you are afraid of.

1. Cockroach
2. Getting a failing grade
3. Terror professors
4. Running out of money :P
5. Math

Day 6: 5 things you do to cope with life.
1. Stay low-profile
2. Keep your stupid irrelevant opinions to yourself
3. Always have a clear mind of your goals
4. Be optimistic at all times
5. Last but not the least, Always pray to God and have faith in him

Day 7: 4 things you would save in a fire.
1. My Wallet! of course! :)) that would be the first thing i would be looking for
2. Computer / Laptop
3. Itouch
4. My scrapbook / diary
5. If i still have time then some clothes :P

Day 8: 4 bad habits.
1. Biting ballpens if i'm nervous
2. Constantly touching my hair if i'm nervous/shy? :)) (I'm ususally not like this! blame my friend Laila) HAHAHA :))))
3. Pigging out even when im not hungry
4. Excessive procastination


Supah ★ Juhnyeo

The title is just for fun.

The song that brought me to like kpop was It's you by Super Junior!

This was the very first kpop group/music/video i've listened. I saw their dancing version of "It's you" at a tumblr blog i followed.

When I first saw, there was this one particular person that i couldn't take me eyes off. His dancing was just out of this world!  I couldn't figure it out who the guy is and after 1 year and 8 months i still don't know who he is (¬_¬)

Day 4: 6 song titles that describe your life

Since Taylor Swift sings the songs of my life then...

1. The Best day - Taylor Swift
2. Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift
3. Enchanted - Taylor Swift
4. Jump then Fall - Taylor Swift
5. Strawberry Avalance - Owl City
6. It's You - Super Junior


Nailed my math test bam!!

A tumblr inspired semantic web of the day before and after my math test.

Didn't sleep for the whole night bcuz of studying for Math. Arrived at school and i'm like..

Realized i still missed a few more equations that i needed to review.

Cramming for 4 hrs, secretly studying in my Arts lit, discrete math & world lit subjects

After 4 hours, realized it was time for my Math subject...

Then i go like -- "F*ck this shit! I can do this!"

Sitting at the room. Professor gaving out the testpapers

Saw the testpaper and the equations/problems to solve.

After the test and walked out of the test room and go like.

Saw my friend and realized we both didn't leave an equation unsolved and we both go like

Now.... I'm so sleepy can't wait for my 4:30-6:00 class to end

Day 2: 7 things you fail at.

1. Math (´-`)
2. Math
3. Physics
4. Physics
5. Catching up old people's jokes
6. Saving money ( つ Д `)
7. Waking up early


Day 1: 7 things you succeed at.

1. Wasting time ---> I'm very very good at it! watch me!
2. Eating
3. Sleeping...
4. Sleeping again but w/o getting caught in class
5. Memorizing stuffs
6. Planning things
7. & anything that involves art.


Blogger challenge accepted

I'm gonna do the 2 weeks Tumblr Challenge by ☞ dancewithjay but i'll change it to Blogger instead of Tumblr since i rarely post anything in tumblr.

Day 1: 7 things you succeed at.
Day 2: 7 things you fail at.
Day 3: 6 websites you use on a daily basis.
Day 4: 6 song titles that describe your life from beginning to NOW!

Day 5: 5 things you are afraid of.
Day 6: 5 things you do to cope with life.
Day 7: 4 things you would save in a fire.
Day 8: 4 bad habits.

Starting from tomorrow *not that anyone cares*


Home-based movie theater

Watched Inception last January 18. This is kinda like a late blog entry but I still wanna blog about it.

I actually bought popcorn at Mall of Asia then brought it home with me! HAHAHA! I should do this more often.

I didn't get to appreciate the movie last year because I fell asleep at the cinemas *sucks*

Anyways, but right now!! I can proudly say that movie was d'best!


Eyeglasses = older?

Had this conversation with this nice mid-old lady janitor at our school. She's really nice and friendly. I remember she drops me compliments.

Me and my friend were at the Restroom at our school when this nice mid-old lady (i dunno exactly i think she was in her mid 50's or 60's?) then we all talk blah blah blah then....

Nice old lady: Why do you wear eyeglasses?
Me: I can't see from afar.
Nice old lady: I have one too and i seldom use it cause it makes me look old. Don't always wear your glasses it would make you look old.
*proceeds to touch my eyeglasses and attempts to remove them*
Nice old lady: See, you have nice eyes. You shouldn't always wear them.

Now that i think about it.

"A study, which ☞ surveyed over 4,000 people at the London Vision Clinic, found that people who wear glasses are perceived to be 3.3 years older on average."

Now, i feel like rushing to the optical store and get me some new contact lenses ಥ‿ಥ BROWN ONES!! looks more natural, i bought a grey one last year and when i put them on it turned to blue and i hated it!! (≧ロ≦)

But i still love wearing my glasses (`・ω・´) Vanity reasons? It did help concealing my designer eyebags ( ^∀^)

I started wearing eyeglasses when i was 15. I rarely take my glasses off when i was in college unlike in highschool i like to take them off all the time and use them only when inside the classroom or listening to the teacher cause i feel so weird with them on, because of that the grade of my eyeglasses shot up to 200+ *sob*

My Answers & FAQs

listen to ☞ Just a dream (click) cover by Tai Maou! you gotta love his voice! freakin gorgeous! way better than the original ♪┏(・ε・)┛♪

ASK: What do you normally do when you're bored? like really bored.... :P (even when you're online!)
REPLY: If i have money, i would march out of the house and go shopping. If i don't then im gonna go watch random youtube videos like watching ☞ charlieissocoollike (n‘∀‘)η listening to his sexy british accent or perhaps find good music

ASK: What your previous layout? It's kinda awesome. Maybe I'll use it for some reason. If you let me to use it. So can I? :)
REPLY: I would love to but that layout is in XHTML format so i don't really know.

ASK: People follow my blog but my entries don't appear in their dashboard, i remember you had got this problem before too and you fixed it. Can you help me? Thanks a lot!
REPLY: Yep! all they have to do is unfollow you, then follow you back that should solve the problem :)

ASK: How's school?
REPLY: stress.. too much assignments and quizzes. I have another one due next week and still haven't started doing my homework.. i slack off way to much then actually doing important stuffs

ASK: What's your favourite food?
REPLY: I love food and i really eat a lot!!!! (‐^▽^‐) cannot pick my favorite but i'm craving for green veggies all of a sudden probably because i eat fastfood and chips a lot ( ´_ゝ`) kinda made me miss eating home cooked meals.

ASK: List out 5 things you hate most?
REPLY: Big Huge Ass Cockroach, Paying Bills, Fake Friends, Having to cram for something & Bad hair day :)

Frequently Asked Questions
- I do get this questions a lot especially from my old chatbox. So here you go:

1. How do you put those emoticons/smilies in your blog?
- This made me laugh a bit since the way I put those smilies ・_>・) are actually a noobish trick. I just downloaded emoticons and upload them to photobucket and paste the codes here like you normally would when you put on certain blog pictures, it's really a hassle so i quit doing it but actually YOU can have an smilie/emoticons embedded right into your post editor, but i don't know how so whatever i can't help you with that, but if you like you could use my (・∀・)つ noobish emoticons trick.

2. I want to use the bloglayout you made (from blogskins) there was an error.
- That's because you are using blogger's old/classic template. To solve this, click "Revert to Classic Template" found right in the bottom of the Design > "Edit Html"

3. Can you send me the codes of *insert bloglayout submitted at blogskins.com*
- NO! (╬ ಠ益ಠ), woman! the codes is right there, just click on "Blogger Main". Why would I submit a layout and not put the codes that's ridiculous!


Private: Bollusk

Password is at my twitter. Thanks to Lisa for sharing this awesome trick ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞


New Layout

Good news, new layout for my blog :) i like minimalist layouts, no background images and revolves around 2-3 colors only.

Bad news, i accidentally removed the chatbox widget and i forgot my username so i can't get the code. urgh!

Photo: Taken by my sister ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) last January 1,2011 (New Year)

Ask Anything

Since i'm bored . I just wanna do this thing you can ask me anything, sky is the limit whether it would be about blog related stuffs, codes, personal... anything! then i'll answer back asap (comment below)

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞  If you don't want to revile yourself there's a drop down menu in the comments area and you can go anonymous  if you want

My piggy bank

My piggy bank! (゚∀゚)yes, i know its not a pig but i still like to call it a piggy bank. I bought this like a month ago cause i want to *if it isn't obvious enough* --- save money.

I like that the lock is a wire that way it would be hard for me to open it. I'll probably open it after 3-5 months then i can so shoppinggggggg~ ( ̄ー ̄)


Look like shit

This is LITERALLY what i look like right now. I've been facing the computer and typing for hours...still have to finish this freaking READING LOG!! still have 2 chapters and a freaking math homework untouched.

I actually bought like a pack of coffee and a mug before i started to do my reading log cause i know i will be up all night doing this shit.


Is your PC a female or male?

Cool stuff i learned from a friend. Title says it all, To do this:

1. Open Notepad
2. Copy and Paste this.

CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"Oh my God Karen.. you can't just ask people why they're white."

3.Save it as abc.vbs (or any filename as long as the extension is .vbs)
4. Open it or just double click.

So, If you hear a Male voice it's a Male and if it's a Female voice then it's a Female.

btw mine is female :) hahaha! What's yours? comment below :)

HAHAHA! got the friggin quote from Mean Girls!


My Digital Perm after 5 months

Blurred my face cause i look like shit. /end

Day after Digi Perm (see blog entry here)

After 5 months. The curls now are softer and more like waves looks really natural.

Taken December 28 after the Trim. The hair is still damp and unstyled so you wouldn't clearly see the curls but i'll post my current hair condition soon.

You can basically tell how short it got compared to the picture above!
Reaction after Y salon hairstylist unprofessionally cut my hair

and it's basically common sense that i was trying to grow my hair thus me asking for a trim not a haircut!!

twenty-e11ven resolutions

When 2009 ended i made my 2010 New Year's Resolution

1. Study more and participate in class i think i did?
2. Sleep early fail! can't sleep at all esp if im not tired
3. spend less time in the internet like as if
4. Reach 300 followers (HEHE) yey!! ♥ all my followers
5. Be more active in blogger world i've been busy (lazy) lately
6. Save at least Php 12,000 by the end of 2010 FAIL!!
7. Grow 6-7 inches of hair
8. LG KS360
9. Get a digital perm
10. Pass all my subjects especially my upcoming semester

New Years Resolution no 9. YEAH! i did manage to get like 6-7 inches of hair but right at the mids of december i decided to get a trim (which i totally regret btw) at Ystilo Salon cause don't want to go to Tony & Jackey cause its too expensive and JUST BADLY WANT TO TRIM MY ENDS!!! Just the ENDS no haircut and shit.

I once though, "It's just a trim, they couldn't possibly cut it way to short like last time..."

i spoke to soon........ @#!$@$ !!!!

Overall, i was blantly disappointed with Ystilo Salon . That dude who cut my hair clearly doesn't know what he was doing. I end up losing 4-5 inches of my hair.

I SAID I WANT A TRIM! not a haircut!! at the end my perm looks horrible and looks unflattering, I feel like i want to whimper, complain and scold their asses off for not doing a good job and cutting off all my hair!!

It's hard to get angry when you just want to cry! It's hard to hold back the tears but i'm not trying let it affect me now, my hair might get upset and never grow.

AND HE CUT MY LONGEST LAYER!! i know cause when i got home i ironed my hair just so i could see the layers, but ding ding ding! there was no layers he turned my hair into a "V" cut.

Good thing Tony & Jackey saved my hair.

so from now on.....

My New Year's Resolution for 2011
1. Never let David's salon and Ystilo salon touch my hair.
2. Only go to T&J salon!
4. No more 5
5. Grow my hair up to the hips!!!
6. BRACES!!!!
7. Buy a phone with my own savings
8. Have a proper skincare routine
9. Do a Hair Journal blog entry