im seriously PISSED OFF!!!!! im fucking pissed by that stupid hairstylist!

my hair now is seriously short!


this is what my hair looks like now... i googled it.. it looks like maki horikita's hair in Nobuta wo produce .. only that it is a bit like 2 inch long then hers.... i was sooooo FREAKED OUT!!!

i let the hairstylist see the picture of my ideal haircut.. i got pretty much great expectations of the outcome of my hair since its the "David's salon" like one of the most famous salon here

and boy! am i not going to go back in there EVER AGAIN! why? cause i didn't know they hire blind people!!!!! how the hell!!!!!!!!! okay.. im going to let you see a picture that i showed to the hairstylist

can you image???? IS HE BLIND!! my hair now is freaking short... and im freaking out right nowwwww!!!!!!

i growed my hair and for like 1 1/2 years just to get long hair and get the haircut that i really want and this is what i got! CRAP!!!

i didn't grow my hair just to cut it short!

okay.. ill tell the story.. i told the hairstylist and show him the picture.. and he was like

"oh its a full bangs"

"errr. yes. it is"

.. and bla bla blah.....

then i look at the mirror and it look mighty fine.. just like in the picture..

then he ask me what i would like my hair at the back look like... and i said... that make it slim... if you know what i mean .... **i couldnt really explain it... i mean... short layers at the top and at the end... thin long layer....

something like that

then he blow dried my hair... and when its finally done, i look at the mirror.. and touch my hair at the back and i was like my jaw almost drop all the way to the FLOOR!

wahhhhh!!!!!!! my poor hair! .. you know what... short hair doesn't look good on tall people..

and no.. i didn't complain.. why? if i complain then could they let me have my hair back to the long one?


i wassss sooooooooooo DISAPPOINTED! and i keep brawling and i felt like my tears are coming out of my eyes... so i buy myself an icecream and i feel much better..

okayy soooooooo RANT OVER..

anw... WISH THERE WOULD BE SOME KIND OF SHAMPOO or something to make you hair longer huh.


PEACH! *claps*

PEACH!! hikkuri kaeru ai no maaku

the song is seriously stuck in my headdddddddddddd...........

huhuhuhuhuhuhu.... i could cry a bucket of tears today ... i am seriously going deaf! my doctor say about something inside my ear.. no, its not because of loud music ..

its because a water that is inside my ear... it already affected my left ear... i could still hear but not that clear.. and when i speak... i feel really weird.. and its as if im speaking inside...

i dont know if my voice is loud enough or if im whispering..

listen to the song "The Show" by lenka .. freaking nice song right?



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cynna: yup haha... i hope no one fall asleep when reading it haha

okay so last april 24,2009 was the most embarrassing day that i ever had!.. its sooooo freakin embarrassing.

1st was in Mcdonalds. - gosh i feel sooooo stupid
2nd in mapua - in enrollment .. im so tongue-tied.. its like something is holding my tongue back making me unable to talk or whatever.. jizzzzzzz

i so dont want to talk about it..

okay... so next would be a fan girl post about lee min ho ! haha

and ...

thanks to all people who follow my blog

lee min ho looks so cute here ... but whats with the girl hmpf

and so today.. i've finally finish watching Hana Kimi Japan!! the best japanese drama EVERRRRR!!! its pretty obvious japans version is so much better than the taiwanese version and oh well.. i think im the last to watch this.. this was aired like last last year (i think) but i dont have time to watch..

Ella Chen vs Maki Horikita


and ella of hana kimi taiwanese is..... well.... no offense but she is so ugly.. the only good-looking in hana kimi tai is jiro wang

so anw...

i keep laughing at some episodes especially Nakatsu! haha...! HE IS SO DAMN FUNNY! especially when Mizuki ask Nakatsu what he feels about Sano (as a friend) and Nakatsu replied immediately "im not homo!!" cause that time he feels something about Mizuki/Ashiya and he still hesitates if he really is a homo or not w/o realizing misuki/ashiya is a girl

* gosh! i hope i make sense

SOOOO DARN FUNNY!!! especially about the lie detector.. here is the video about the "Lie detector"

and this is also another part when Sano got drunk because of the Nara pickles and when he did got drunk he would became a "kiss monster" which means he would kiss anyone who is near him! haha sooooo funny.. Sano kissed Nakatsu

okay so another Nakatsu funny scene was when he found out that Mizuki was a girl and when the part about the toilet paper is so funny

here is some videos about Nakatsu funny moments.. but the author of the video use the hana kimi taiwan ost (haiiz) i like the japan ost more especially ikenai taiyou by orange range and peach by ai otsuka songs

Nakatsu Funny moments part 1

Nakatsu Funny moments part 2

im more of a nakatsu and mizuki fan (tamo and maki) fan rather than sano and mizuki... its just that there isnt any romantic scenes between them... there is a hana kimi season 2 in the making btw


ill submit a skin in blogskins.com tomorrow

remember to subscribe at my blog :D


the song is stuck in my head


i love the clothes .... so kawaii


the 6 foot long blog entry w/ pictures

(updates on april 22,2009)

yes im bacccck!!! sadly ... well yeah... my .co.nr domain got suspended jiizzzz... SUCKS!
the only good thing about that some of my readers know my blogspot url which is


only difference is the blogspot url got 2 "y"

and no, i will not go and confirm and fix the problem on my co.nr domain! *__*

so another good thing i lose my co.nr domain is because my parents FINALLY wont know my blog url! wooooaahh!!!

and well... unfortunately yes, my parents read my blog.. and that just sucks!!! so im glad now so i can BLOG what ever i want to .. OH YEAH!!!

and the bad thing is....my daily readers cant find my blog anymore and i just lose a lot of my blogger readers in my blog huhuhuhuhu.......

if anything goes wrong or you can't find my blog just visit my blogskins profile page

so here is some blogging thing what i did on the last few days.... i was blogging on my wordpad.. haha ..

april 11,2009

oh wow! ABS-CBN will air out "Boys over flowers", i was quite in shock myself

i was lazing around in the sofa when suddenly there was an advertisement at first i was like this -> and i thought that the scenes where familiar then it hit me... it was Boys over flowers...
i suddenly shouted.. "hey. thats BOF .. OMG OMG"

the 1st scene was when all the student girls in shinhwan in like screaming when the f4 is about to enter the school, 2nd was when all the students is at the entrance of shinhwa and the last was when the f4 were about to enter the school and then at the very end it says "ABANGAN" or "coming soon" in english but they didnt show their faces and the name of the drama yet..

i recognized it because of the music playing at the background

okay... so i was a bit excited .. but my point is if ever the drama is going to top all the ratings here and it would get really famous or popular .. the f4 itself will visit here in philippines and i would get to see lee min ho and kim hyung joon HAHAHA!!

seriously i can't wait to buy the original dvd of it.


i haven't realize i have played this song like a hundred times already *shock* i still cant believe

okay.. i am seriously having a hard time putting or installing themes and putting games for itouch.. does anybody know how?

anybody know a site where to get cute themes for itouch?

april 12, 2009 *blogging in wordpad - no internet access *SHIT*

WAHHHH!!! so fucking hot!!!!!!! i so hate it ! i hate it!!!!! ITS SOOO hot in here... huhuhuhu... i want to go in a VERY cold place.... i've changed my clothes a lot of freaking times... this is my 5th time or i think 6th time already....



me, my bro and my mom got diarrhea ... yes, except my dad ..... so so so unlucky thats why we haven't been going in malls for days!!!!!! DAYS AND DAYS OF SICKNESS!

seriously... i would rather be sick in bed then have diarrhea....

trust me... its not simple to get diarrhea...

oh then some people would say " - oh its just pooping and pooping and having wet poo.. bla bla bla bla"

i so want to get out of here! so BORING! im dead beat and bored to death.. there's only 2 movies here in my itouch and laptop and its "alvin and the chipmunks movie" and "100 days with mr. arrogant" korean movie

i have watched it about a hundred of times already!! X__X especially that chipmunks.. and i feel like ive memorized the scripts already huhuhu...

i want to go SHOPPING!!!

SCREW YOU DIARRHEA ... ruining my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........

and my restaurant in facebook .... *___* is less maintained by my super adik sister whose position is like 5 in my list already .. like woooooah!! and to think of it ... i was the first one to play the restaurant city and later on i told it to my sister - who then become addicted to it and have been secretly trading MY ingredients that me (poor me) have been saving to level up my very very poor restaurant with i think 0 popularity, lots of trashes and sleeping employees...

i should call my restaurant - "slumdog" ... how did you people manage to save up to 9,000 ?? im sooooo envy!!! all of you restaurant are so freaking nice... im at the looooweeest level!!! if you need to find me... im at the very last ****FREAKING LAST**** in your list!!!

and btw... why the hell a water cost 60 coins when a strawberry juice in pet society is 45 coins only... this is sooo unfair! how come a glass of water could be so costly and not even fill up about 50% of the energy level!

how come a door is soooooo expensive!!! how come! how come ! how come ! T___T i've been dying to buy the 2 sided glass door (9,000)

okay.. rant over....

i am currently listening to "back to me" by cueshe...

i am not really fond of listening to filipino singers' songs ...i would only last about 2 days or 1 day only...

**the girl in this video is sandara parks

okay.. so Sandara parks is going large already in korea! GO SANDY ^_^ she was once here in phil.
she and her family was so poor in Korea they had to move here in phil to start a life, they dont speak english or tagalog fluently.. yes, they are really poor...

but all changed when sandy was discovered by someone and told her to audition in star circle quest where she won 2nd place... and finally a lot of projects and her movies are all box office hit..

then she learned speaking tagalog fluently already - wow.. she is really a fast learner... like last time i watch her in SCQ .. she was speaking in english..

okay.. she leave philippines already since she had the money and she had to go to korea to study in acting workshops till she get discovered because of her popularity here in phil and now she is famous already.. she have been working with jisun and a lot of famous people and TOP!!!! she was the girl the in the music video of TOP - GUMMY.. okay... i bet i was the last to know

april 13, 2009

yup ... 9 days more to go.. haiizz... i just took a bath, so refreashing~ i wanna go eat jollibee haiiizzz..

so boring... nothing to do.. im charging my ipod right now.. i just hope when i get outside my laptop can now connect to the net so i can download themes >>>

huhuhu.... my tummy hurts like hell!!

guess what song im listening too... ^_^

its "One love" by arashi - one of the ost in hana yori dango 2 final (movie)

dumuno kutemo. kokoro komette .kakune sakimo .. kimewa .. aishiteru.. tada aisheteruuuuuuu .. serakiii ....... bokua kimoto kariba... la la la la .. la lalalala laaaaaaaaaaa lala lala lalalala lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... *nenenennenenenen*

i love the rythm of the song

p/s i type the japanese lyrics while listening to the song... yeah... i know i suck at it haha

naumena hapaso... kagusaranga irune mugunepachi... nanupana chagunu.... *going nuts*..
ohhhhh.. nuna blalbla...

seriously korean english letters is sooo hard to understand. its so long when you read it but you hear it from other korean people.. it sounds so simple..


april 19, 2009

seriously man, it raining today.. i love rainy dayyyyyssssss.. but i dont like it to the fact that it has to be accompanied by thunder~ haiiiizzz.. my dog went crazy.. i mean our dog is scared of the *chokes* harmless *gulp* thunder

well.. acutally thunder is not anywhere close to SAFE..... as you can see if you went out in an open area and listen to you ipod with thunder and rain under the tree, the lightning could struck you and you could DIE!

yes, die... so anw. i went out and take my dog for a walk and people passing by are like kinda afraid... where got afraid?. my dog is a little angel

april 22, 2009

so yeah. abs-cbn finally told the drama name = "boys over flowers"

i just got here from CDO .. im already here in manila.. seriously! good to be back!!

I MISS INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today, my sister brags about her super rich restaurant in facebook haiiizzz.. she got over 66 thousand coins and mine is 1k only haha!

today, me and laila chat at yahoo msg! yey! we had a webcam chat at first i was really curious why it was some girl i didn't know.. i though someone is kidding me around.. and then the girl smilied at showed its teeth then it hit me... it was LAILA! i keep laughing and i was really SHOCKED! laila transformed soooo much i didnt know it was her... i though it was laila's cousin and i was like...

"oh.. its laila's cousin.. what the hell was her cousin doing and chatting with me.."

laila's hair now is STRAIGHT! she rebonded it and her eyebrows are perfectly done unlike the last time it was like a herd of bush *peace to laila*

i had fun chatting with my friend.. its been a long long time since we've chatted

bought this shirt in "penshoppe" ... i so love it man!

so last month pictures (march) when we where at Mall of Asia

i so love the song Gee by girls generation

(watch in high quality)

this is the dance version so its perfect for people who want to learn the dance steps