downloading games


look look!

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

nice huh? haha.. my shelf online


anw.. today i download lots of games for my phone! and finally ive downloaded the "New York Nights" which is the best! game ever!


blogs i read...

i just back from our last college review and today was our dry-run!
and yeah.. my head still aches for answering over 500++ questions @_@

i need a break.. and today im seriously hungry. so anw..
i wanna advertise here chunks of blogs which i admire most..i visit your blog almost everyday even if i don't drop comments or tag...

not in chronological order

i visit ......

1. Bianca's blog (superbeea.blogspot.com)
- i love her layout! the colors is pleasing to the eyes and best of all her layout don't look boring that why i visit her blog about 4 times a day... i look at her layout and i really love it!

2. Agnes' blog (eggiinespiiggy.blogspot.com)
- i love her jiro wang's blogskin ! and how she blogs and she is talented, creative, nice and friendly ^_^ i visit her blog once i go online

3. Amelia's blog (chocoxbaby.blogspot.com)
- she makes the best button request and her layout is fab plus she updates regularly

4. Eunice's blog (cinnamon-clouds.co.nr)
-love the way she blogs and all the kawaii banners she posted on each entry

5. Natalie's blog (shelteredstars.blogspot.com)
- i love how she blog.. her english is sooooo PERFECT!

----and many more---- yet to be edited


yeah. we had a post test today in preparation for our upcoming USTET and UP entrance test..

so anw im kinda tired and dont have anything to blog about today.. as usually my life is boring..

during our lunch time. hazel bring her laptop with her so we watch "the simpsons the movie" woooh! so funny ! haha









see? ain't life grand?






im such a retard. ain't i?


















this is what bored people do...










that follows a sucker who read this












im just kidding about the sucker part.. dont take it too seriously what i meant was also someone who is bored..







steffanie is now offline..

[15 mins later]

steffanie is now online .... AGAIN!~ and is back

let me rewind back the time last may 17,2008
i blog hopped at my sister's blog -> imempty.blogspot.com *visit*

my ate ** a tagalog word w/c means older sister
visited KSA cause its their vacation and our also haha...

before she will return back to philippines we went to apple bee's

!WAHHH! i love APPLE BEE's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Molten chocolate cake plus icecream I LOVE THIS!


let's go back to the present.

you might have read laila's blog about how time flies and yes i agree with her
today i feel as if i had just started my senior year and i haven't notice anything on whats been going on in here. after 5 months we will graduate and leave this desert land and move unto another chapter of our lives.

im not really that excited into being a college student to be honest i still want to enjoy high school life but of coarse i want to graduate.. i swear myself before i graduate i want to do things right and do something that i wont regret that i haven't done before like singing in the shower *just kidding* and of coarse make things right. i dont want any of those catfights between friendship. this is the last chapter of our lives people! lets live it to the fullest. we can't rewind and transport back to time.

well.. not really the last chapter of our LIFE that were gonna end it .. what the hell
its the last chapter of our highschool life!

*things i should to do before i graduate*

- at least have an 88 grade in math wahaha.. (impossible for me)
- SHOUT! why there isn't any mustard !! i want mustard for the buns? (with question mark) means "i dont know what the hell im doing"
- i dunnnnooooh!
- gain confidence??? wahahahaha
- be sociable -hiyeah! definetly i do think i should be chuchu...

BAHHH! echooos talaga!!!!


tagalog~! just this once

i should type in english here even if its bako-bako haha.. for other people to understand.
but im gonna type tagalog here muna... or taglish na lang

haha.. di ko alam na yung dati kong kaklase na hindi nag-update ng kanilang blog..e nag update na ngayon! wooots! wahaha! ngayon ko lng na realize actually...

mas masaya pag maraming nag-blog lalo na sa mga co-seniors ko... ksi magkakahiwalay na tayo paggraduate natin na sana we still keep in touch by reading someone else's journey at magcocomment sa isa't isa...

so... i think its useful na may blog khit sa unang tigin pa lang e nkkbored na or nakktamad.. well.. gnyn din ako nung una pero na realize ko n mas msaya pag nagblog ... (friendster is boring) for me* so no offense to friendster addiks there.... no need to throw stones at me okay haha

ngyon ko lang nakita nung nag bloghop ako na may blog na pla si katrina...
and yeah.. i know her pero i dont think na kilala nya ako.. so anw
at nagblog na rin sina paul, corkie, kevin pangi. at si mark ... mrmi na actually
sina lorz bhes, laila, isabel, shel at diane

join us! register for free at blogger

blogger and blogspot is the same.. sa unang pagpunta ng blogger page naka arabic xa so may drop down menu diyan sa upper left corner piliin niyo lang yung "english"
ginawan ko ng blog si ghadis nung junior years ksi nag pagawa xa.. d n nya na-update yung blog nya so kinalimutan ko n rin... pati yung blog link

yung iba mmya ko n lng ilink haha.. tinatamad ako.. so later n lng
kung gusto nyo visit blog nila click nyu lng ayung name..

uhmmm.. i dont bite seriously.. so kung may blog kayo comment lang kayo sa akin tapos link ko kayo!~

move to another topic...

YEEEY! malapit na ang opening ng TWILIGHT sa november 3 nah!! at xempre di magpapahuli yung mga pirated cd's dyan! pro mas mgnda pag tlagang sa cinehan mo muna panuurin

sadly to say wla ako sa pinas ngyon.. so i have to wait ..

..anw addik parin ako sa Brown Sugar Macchiato Taiwanese Drama / HEI TANG MACCHITO!! wooh! lagi ko xa pinapanuud khit napanuud ko nah! dinownload ko lht ng episodes pero nasa ep 1 pa lang ako.. ksi nung nag episode part 3 ako nag ka-error na xa hmpts... sbi daw s downloader maxadong mahaba yung video lenght?!?! HELLO!!!!!!!!! 10 mins?!?!?!? mahaba ba yon?!

sped yung youtube downloader nmn sorry


winnie the pooh??

oh okay....

uhmmmm..... is "Winnie the Pooh" a boy or girl?? shel says she's a girl cause her uncle said so according to her explanation "Winnie" is a girl's name"

but i still say pooh is a boy
but shel says pooh is a girl.. so why ah? *scratches head*


on emerald's notebook was a winnie the pooh and his friends includes tigger, and oh! ! EYORRRR~! haha the blue donkey haha... and of course pooh... so

we were talking about is pooh is really a boy or a girl.. then in the mids of i-dont-know-what-the-hell-i-was-doing thing.... i was proving that pooh is really a boy so i mimic pooh's voice~! my voice sound funny... cause i cant mimic pooh's voice instead i sound like a torned trumpet ~bah
rod,emerald,shel and including me secretly laugh hard but our teacher notice rod's laugh only wahaha good thing i wasn't spotted

tagalog reads

Top 6 problems of highschool students:
6. Allowance
3. grades
2. instructors


Isang araw, matagal na nakatitig si piglet kay pooh...

Pooh: bakit ka ba ganyan tumitig sa akin??
Piglet: ang taba mo loko, dapat ikaw si piglet eh...



bad headache & BOB banners

i got a really bad headache today...... i forced myself to go to school to collect my test papers even though my head is ringing and felt as if my head got squeezed by a head cracking death chamber but i still manage not to fall off my knees..

but when i got to school i instantly slept at my desk... though i cant really fall asleep because of all the noise in the classroom. (im half awake)
so anw.
my bod temperature in the school was quite normal but when i got home my bod temperature rise.. so my mom give me medicine but not panadol, panadol is not advisable for me..

though my i still got fever now i manage to go online..

so anyways.. i got my testpapers and the results aren't that bad and i actually passed Physics YEY!

but not my math paper.. gosh! huhuhu... i hate math and math hates me..

let me say my thanks before i sign out

i wanna thank Raichelle for being there for me.. we were doing this frequency of errors in our filipino time that we have to raise our hands if we got a wrong answer in that particular number

since i cant barely do anything. raichelle did it for me~
and all of my friends..

anw. i appreciate you being concerened but yeah. thanks i just dont know what to say...

so here i am.. saying "THANK YOU"

well.. im not the type of person to start a conversation with a complete stranger and someone whom i barely know. and i may sound or look like a snobby person but no im not. haha


and emerald cause she treat us with food haha

okay will go back to sleep now...

today was also our advisory teacher's birthday, the class prepared a birthday blash and gave our teacher a cake..

will put the picture here later..


first placer: chocoxbaby.blogspot.com
second placer: milkypoop.co.nr
third: summerbabe.princess-love.net


award i got from eunice
~thank you so much


new domain & foundation day.

ok im back with a new blogskin.. so anyway dont rip alright. ive got nothing to say much about this skin but still its wordpress and Jershel inspired.

about my past layout, i dont know if i should submit it at blogskins community cause i think
out of 100%, 30-40% would remove the credit page

anyway just tag me if you want it

im about to type here what happened in our school's 20th foundation day
Warning: this is a super long post with lots of pictures

october 17, 2008
ARGH! ~ my head is totally BLANK! i cant remember anything except when i was dancing the pearls on my head fall over Gosh~

it was around 7:20 when i arrived at the school. when i was there i look freakin' lost, i keep find isabel and shel and yet i cant find them anywhere i nearly busted my chops ~

heres a picture, my mom toke this pic thats why its kinda blurry

after the parade thing; me, isay, shel and diane went back to the classroom and played around like a bunch of crazy people..

i took a video when isay was mocking shel's crush and vice versa

watch video ▼

then afterwards a jerk named Shrek walked right into our classroom, out of the blue Shrek strip right in front of us **EWWW** well not literally strip in from of us he take off his shirt without even letting us have the chance to get out of the room, i saw his enormous belly and so are the others~ LIKE HELLO! why not go and strip in the CR! and hes not even facing the wall...

what he thinks his body like brad pitt?! HAHAHA!

all 4 of us go like "WTF?!" what he needs is a good kick in the rear and a slap on the face cause he always talks to himself.

after our foundation day, me, my lil bro and my parents eat out at "Foodruckers" (i forgot the spelling) in Rashid mall...

their Washroom is soooo NICE! look ~ its sleek, clean & so pink~

at "foodruckers"

behold some mouthwatering foods .. sorry if i had to let you see these pictures especially when your hungry make believe its really and eat it out right infront of your screen


"bacon and swiss"

"steak and shrimp"
12 ounce center cut steak and sauteed cajun seasoned shrimp served with fresh steamed veggies and baked potato

the "Appetizer platter" my so-favorite dish
with chili cheese fries, buffalo wings, fried cheese, chicken tenders and onion rings served with sauces for dipping


so anyway.. i bought another issue of "Shout mag" with a free gift inside

look laila! panda cd! haha

the all time collection of jughead comics

....okay so this is uhmmm.. goosebumps collection?

quite childish so anyway~ i so want to read the twilight book!!

october 20-22,2008 - the ultimate misery days where you have to study every single thing without having to go online ~gah

*the super long post topped off with lots of picture*


its temporary

yesterday was our foundation day of our school so until now im still freakin' tired.. after our foundation day we go directly to "R" mall and eat at "foodruckers" *yummy*

there washroom is so nice! i took lots of pictures so anyway...
ill continue or re-edit this post some other time.

btw the announcement of the best of blog winners will be delayed since i will have my 2nd final exams the day after tomorrow..

the queenofdorks.co.cc site name is still temporary i dont know any better site names to think about so if you got any suggestions i would be happy to hear it

and tags will be replied some other time..

GOSH! if your planning to have a domain at co.cc FORGET IT! it sucks! dang! i so regret it .. i will transfer back to co.nr

the co.cc wont let you change your favicon and instead they will put there dumb icon beside your site url AND you site title will be followed by "powered by co.cc"

BAAAAHHHHH! sucks big time!


two hundred!

this would be my 250th blog entry haha

before we practice for our dance.. we played scrabble first (me,diane and clarrence; imee was our scorer) .. quite fun anyway plus very uhmm.. educational. i usually come up with some ridiculous words like: moron & nerd hahaha

the overall winner was Diane got a total points of 180 + followed by me with 130+ or 140? (gosh i cant remember) haha.. then of course followed by clarrence

then the school bell rang means its time to practice for our dance well quite frankly i do admit im not good at dancing cause i HATE it! i was only forced to do it anyway..

after practicing we go back at our classrooms again and watch some movies.. we first watched "Sydney White" gosh! the movie is so NICE!!!!!!!!!! and then after that we watched "The Hills have eyes 2"

the movie "the hills have eyes 2" is such a GORE and thrilling movie. i remember one scene when theirs this super shocking scene then all of a sudden "A" screams and i ended up screaming too haha
theirs this scene when the girl touches the zombie-like-creature's brain! ekkk!

after we finished watching the movie i decided to give myself a break
laila, diane, clarrence and imee were playing 1,2,3 pass (cards) .. since i didnt have anthing to do i decided to join them and so is raichelle and isabel

we played really loud like our mouths and lungs were about to burst cause we keep screaming. to make the game more exciting we decided to put some powder on the loser or the monkey's face

the very first start of the game i got monkey-ied ~gah . but laila got monkey-ied A LOT OF TIMES! ....

and so on and so forth.... laila then quit cause she's tired and then followed by isabel. raichelle then move to where laila was sitting, then all the mishap transfered to raichelle so she got monkey-ied many times!

we were like~ "the spirit of laila is still on the chair" thats why raichelle got monkey-ied (we were joking) .. so then again we go down to the gym campus to start the general practice for the dance. we werent allowed to wear our shoes and socks so we go bare footed at the most disgusting cold floor you've ever stride in

afterwards we eat icecream from Baskin Robins, my money didnt fit much of the increased price in the icecream *cursed that skunk* i only have SR4 good thing Diane gave me SR2 so i can buy my icecream in cone! WOOOTS! xiexie ni!