My New Year's Resolution for 2010

before i start talking about my new years resolution. I just wanna say that it's quite ironic for me to have a resolution list since i actually don't do it *looks at the ceiling*

i was thinking about putting here my new years resolution for 2009 but then when i went to take a look at it dated december 2008 ... i just thought it's kinda weird, i mean it's not even a resolution

so anyways.

My new years resolution for 2010 (yeah hopefully this is a better one)

- Study more and participate in class
- Sleep early
- spend less time in the internet
- Reach 300 followers (HEHE)
- Be more active in blogger world
- Save at least Php 12,000 by the end of 2010
- Grow 6-7 inches of hair
- LG KS360
- Get a digital perm
- Pass all my subject especially my upcoming subject next semester

"Good things come to those who wait"

my everyday motto.. cause right now I'm itching to get a digital perm but getting a perm looks good if you have longer hair but my hair is not that long :( still needed to grow 6 inches and need to save money

this 2010, i am also planning to buy a Body shop Matte It primer

watch this hilarious video of shane dawson in his "Shananay" look from youtube.

super duper funny! and i just love the "IM from you" part
don't get me wrong but it's somewhat true hahaha! :))


insomia plus watever. i can't sleep

I CAN'T SLEEP for god knows why....

okay.. maybe because i drank coffee like 12AM ... why?

i seriously don't know myself i just felt like it and now it's already 4am in the morning and i'm blogging here when i should be in my bed ... sleeping...

oh what the hell...

today... i mean yesterday me,my sister, aunt, and my 2 cousins went out to MOA to eat at MAX for a late christmas dinner

then took a stroll around the mall... then my cousin buy this for me at pinkbox...

i love it a lot!

muh blog ... hahhaha!

random pictures of my hair *toink toink*
and yup.. as promised, my new haircolor pictures as i've mention in my so previous blog entry

-sorry for the sharp edges of the images. I was trying to blur the background since our home supplies is too embarrassing to be seen... It's all messy and stuff so i blurred it out-

yeah. i was wearing the headband my cousin gave me....


New look for 2010

2010 is coming and wouldn't it be nice to have a new look this 2010, like change the way you dress, have a new wardrobe or even change something with your hair.

As they always say.... Hair is your crowning glory and a great way to show off your personality. Just by having a haircut, get a digital perm or even dye your hair it could do wonders to your face even without make-up.

here's some haircut/style you might consider

i seriously love this hairstyle! but i still need to grow 6 inches of hair .....

seeing this picture makes me wanna go get a digital perm

omg! i her haircolor! i think its called light auburn if i'm not mistaken

now behold my target hairstyle

still needed to grow 6 inches of hair then get a digital perm... haiizzzz...

my new years resolution.
1. grow 6 inches hair
2. save 1k a month
3. get a digital perm
4. and yeah.... study study study

and for people with short hair....

check out this site for more hairstyle pictures...
(credits: rasysa)


Korean Fob Style

you must have heard of this style. right?

FOB was generally defined as "Fresh Off the boat" or described as asians who come to america and can't speak english very well...

right now. FOB is defined more like an ASIAN FASHION with lots of layers. It's currently making it's way to America

FOB style is generally characterized by tight jean or skinny jean, over-sized tees, long dark wavy permed hair with full fringe

you can always defined fobby style with other styles out there. It's usually because of all the layers

There are Taiwanese, Japanese & Korean fob style. In my PERSONAL opinion... i don't really like the japanese fob it's too flashy and too much layers.

Koreans have the best style, its unique and elegant plus cute at the same time. Their clothing isn't too FIT and they can make simple outfit stand out and it's not too overdone.

I don't really know I already dress fobby then i saw some pictures over the net and went to search for it and discovered the fashion look is called "fob" but my friends or other people saw me they say i look and dress like korean or other people even mistaken me as one which is really weird for me.

anyways moving on.... here are some pictures of fob style

i love the whole combo of this outfit. from the oversized tee to the boots!

ZOMG!! i friggin love this shirt!

i so love the black jacket.. but i am currently hunting one that is longer and reaches below my butt

though i really love buying a beanie some day. I just don't think i can pull it off with the tropical weather here.

love the cardigan! and the bag!

i really love the top, red necktie and the jacket

beanie again. so loving the oversized shirt

i love the whole outfit of this one!

aiyaaaa.... someday im gonna get my hands on those jackets! it looks so cute and elegant at the same time

Don't you feel like going shopping seeing these pictures haha... i know i do.

youngster fob style

so cute! wanna pinch his face so bad! hahahhaa xD


So lovin'my new pc!!

im so lovin my new desktop pc my parents sent me from middle east. Its a HP Pavilion A6525 !

im blogging using this pc.. kinda got tired using laptop.... i so love surfing here. talk about 17 inch High definition monitor wooop! now that's my kind of desktop hahahahaha!

anyways... i'm still stuck here in the house, haven't gone out since saturday (you can now say i have no life). I have no money and no allowance huhuhuhuhuhu......
i just can't wait to shop but since it's holidays, the mall is jammed with shoppers buying gifts or whatnot.

that's seriously not my kind of day to shop. Of all that i hate, I hate CROWDED PLACES!

it's not enjoying to shop since the dressing rooms is filled with people linning up waiting for their turns and second, i hate WAITING.

(yes, i know i'm such a whinner)

i do have a lot of patience but when it comes to this. i just hate it. it drives me off....

best part. After the holidays..... there will be lots of stores going on SALE!


so after our final exam this semester, me and my friends plan to go to STAR CITY...!!!! it will be a day full of excitement! (no star city for me this holiday.. lots of people ) and yup! i can't wait hahahahhaa
happy holidays everyone!


New haircolor!

Got my hair done today at bench fix salon! i so love my new haircolor!!
its somewhat brown and red... like .... light auburn or something hehehe...

i really love it cause ... its somewhat red mixed with brown!!
hahahah!! anways.... please excuse me... i just get a little excited so anyways..

i'm planning to too take a picture but im so tired right now... maybe tomorrow

domo arigatu! for reading my blog!

live well


cob webs and spiders

So, i have been receiving mails about not updating my blog. yeah, i really feel sorry for my blog now.

I've been neglecting her but still, i have a lot of reasons why i didn't update.

first. I'm kinda busy will college and all that crap
second. I have a lot of homework, quiz, unfinished thesis and lots of reporting stuffs
third. I'm lazy

speaking of the second reason. i got a freakin' report tomorrow and honestly i'm not prepared at all... but who gives a shit.

my professor doesn't give a crap about anything. I mean she is like so f*cking boring! i mean.... SOOOO BOOORRRRIING!

yeah... all caps

make me want to cut her class every time it's her subject, i have this feeling about going to the restroom and never go back again.

i saw one girl fall asleep in her class like really sleeping which includes snoring and making her bag like a pillow and i can even see her mouth open and my professor just look at her and psshhh... said nothing

well yeah.... some of my friends considered us lucky since their professor on the same subject as ours is one terror one..... like anything you possible can't imagine.

oh well... my sister always said that i should get used to it.....

basically, professors in college doesn't give a damn unlike highschool

p/s: have you seen the new vaio laptop which has the windows 7 in it!! DAMN!!! that is one gorgeous laptop! i mean.... i love everything about it! from the keyboard to the design of the lappy!!

its so freakin' gorgeous!!!

okay... i think this ends here... bye everyone!

hope you all living well o(^_^)o

buy me in ffs! hahaha!! HEHEHE =^.^=

almost forgot. i'm using google chrome right now. and my blog layout is screwed in this browser but it is still readable. mozilla firefox is awesome! but still i don't know what it looks like in internet explorer..


Tips on blogging

1. NEVER ever put an auto-play music with 0px height and width.

Why? it would drive your readers off especially if they have zero interest in the music you put in your blog

2. Don't put too much javascripts. It would make your site load slower.
3. Simple coded layouts are better than super-heavy-image layout
4. If you want to attract more readers. Don't always blog about your life nobody's interested especially if they don't know you


today i woke up then sleep again cause i'm so sleepy. then wake up again around 6 o'clock then brush my teeth then took a shower then off to school. Chatted with some of my friends then go to the canteen ordered something. around 4pm i went to the mall to shop some clothes then saw my friends and we talk a lot. went back home then mom was there and made me a Halloween cake which is good cause it taste really nice. then i brush my teeth, do my homework then went to bed. Dreamed about ghosts and stuff. bye

see how boring it looks.

5. Make your site more interesting to read. bold underline strike italics the words you want to emphasize.
6. Don't expose too much of yourself online. You would never know who visits your blog.

-this picture is suppose to be funny! hahaha :))

Spending habits

i have this really bad spending habits.

Yesterday, i went to the mall to buy a shirt (which i was really sticking to it cause i'm on a budget) then as expected i bought some more stuffs than just a shirt.

It's really hard for me to control my cravings. If anyone has the same problem as me then welcome to the group hahaha...

i would be happy to hear advices from you guys.

p/s happy belated birthday to my dad!! and my bestie - Taz and my little brother who's celebrating his b-day on Nov 14



yesterday has been a really fun day for me! i sit-in at my friend's class during fil time! whhoooop! their class is so much fun then ours.

maybe because almost all of my 1st term blockmates are there...

hahaha... this is so random...
i have so much a lot of plans for the month of December.

- i'm planning to dye my hair light ash brown
- or perhaps buy contact lenses (green) ^_^
- buy hair extensions if possible *t0inks*

thats all for now...


starbucks planner 2010

I'm so excited to get my hands on the new limited edition Starbucks planner for 2010 !!! i so like the planner! its better than last year cause last year's planner is just plain red

so anyways. yup! I'm on full-on-coffee-drinking machine! HAHAHA!

in fact! i really love the "TOFFEE NUT" be it in iced or frappe cause its really really tasty ! and its like only available during the months of Christmas.

Sometimes when i have this craving thingy. I always ask myself - "Do i really need this? or Do i just want it?"

"Am i gonna be using it?" "Is it really worth it?"

and my answer to all the questions is..........


quite shocking how i don't really know. I have this feeling that i need it cause it might be helpful sometime & this feeling that the planner is just so gorgeous for me to resist and i just want it.....

But before you could get the planner.. you have to complete the wish's stickers.. something that looks like this.

& p/s: just bought 2 grande toffee nut frappe! *YUM* and my sister is playing for it bwahahaha!

pp/s: OSL hits 200 followers?!! thank you for being a reader and follower of my blog! & thanks for all the support! hope you'll continue on reading ! without you guys i don't think i'll have what i have right now. I must say my followers and my readers are my motivation and inspiration to blog. thanks to everyone!

ppp/s: will link the pending link exchanges later ^^