My New Year's Resolution for 2010

before i start talking about my new years resolution. I just wanna say that it's quite ironic for me to have a resolution list since i actually don't do it *looks at the ceiling*

i was thinking about putting here my new years resolution for 2009 but then when i went to take a look at it dated december 2008 ... i just thought it's kinda weird, i mean it's not even a resolution

so anyways.

My new years resolution for 2010 (yeah hopefully this is a better one)

- Study more and participate in class
- Sleep early
- spend less time in the internet
- Reach 300 followers (HEHE)
- Be more active in blogger world
- Save at least Php 12,000 by the end of 2010
- Grow 6-7 inches of hair
- LG KS360
- Get a digital perm
- Pass all my subject especially my upcoming subject next semester

"Good things come to those who wait"

my everyday motto.. cause right now I'm itching to get a digital perm but getting a perm looks good if you have longer hair but my hair is not that long :( still needed to grow 6 inches and need to save money

this 2010, i am also planning to buy a Body shop Matte It primer

watch this hilarious video of shane dawson in his "Shananay" look from youtube.

super duper funny! and i just love the "IM from you" part
don't get me wrong but it's somewhat true hahaha! :))


  1. haha! I love shananay. So funny! I watch alot of shane dawson's videos. :3

  2. Oh gosh the video are heliarious !

  3. heys !^^

    i like your new layout!
    somehow having a lace background is cool!
    i also wanted to have one for my blog, but didn't find any tt.tt

    i didn't know that you'd nned long hair for a perm?
    the girl in your last post with the mickey mouse ribbon also has short hair, can?

    anyways, i like your hair color very much!
    totally unfair that my mother won't allow me to dye my hair anymore...

    well, I'm going to follow you now, to get you one step closer to 300 fllwrs xD

    have a ncie day !^^

  4. this is my first time commenting your blog, hihihi well good luck with your resulution x]

  5. funny vid. haha.

    good luck with all the resoluions, but I wonder if anyone really does their resolutions?haha



  6. hello steph,all e best 4 yr a brand new year resolution :)

    btw,nice new modified layout from pailin's blogskin code :XD

  7. Reach 300 followers (HEHE)- kekeke lapit na! just 42 more!

    goodluck sa resolutions mo ^^


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