New haircolor!

Got my hair done today at bench fix salon! i so love my new haircolor!!
its somewhat brown and red... like .... light auburn or something hehehe...

i really love it cause ... its somewhat red mixed with brown!!
hahahah!! anways.... please excuse me... i just get a little excited so anyways..

i'm planning to too take a picture but im so tired right now... maybe tomorrow

domo arigatu! for reading my blog!

live well


  1. Wow, can't wait to see your new hair colour! xD

    Haha thanks! It's been awhile since i visited you too. :3

  2. Whoa, can't wait to see your new hair! >.<

  3. hey decided to comment after dropped in your blog after quite some time~

    i really love your layout (i know you already have it for some time already xD)

    i wish I could also dye my hair again, but my mom won't let me =.=

    anyways, to your last entry:
    i know the feeling of being too busy and lazy to blog xD
    there are times where one just can't be bothered to post !^^

    oh, and i also know boring teachers
    like our religion teacher, she's so boring, it's normal to sleep in her classes
    i know a boy who always sleeps and then his head is like 'nodding'
    and it looks so embarassing!

    everytime i have religion classes (like tomorrow) i just wanna commit suicide! so impudently boring!

    have a nice day xD

  4. yay thank you steph!! ^^
    when will you be back? i miss your posts :(

  5. Hello, just dropping by to say hi! =)

    Christmas is just two days away! Wish you have a Merry Christmas!! =)


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.