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please do note that i wont be sending you the html codes on my lastest skin anymore.. but for those who have requested earlier ive sent it to you already...
the download problem was not from my skin and my codes, blogskins community is the one responsible for it .. so if you want to download the skin..
you've got to download win-rar first and install it so your can download and get the codes (man, this is really complicated.. wish everything will be back to normal again)


sorry for the irregular updates and ive been MIA (Missing In Action) lately
its just that:
my internet connection is acting up again
my dad change my windows vista into windows XP

boohuu~ i really hate XP though xp is more faster and doesnt lag i still hate XP!! dang! i miss vista so much! and guess what? my fonts are all gone!!!! i forgot to save it at my datadisk before my dad reboot the computer. ive saved the pictures, documents, my whole blogskin codes but except the fonts could there be any worser than this?....

now ive got to download and reinstall the fonts again! this is really tiring and oh! ive forgot to move my "my creek" folder. yes, that's the file name of the folder, yes, the name is really weird, yes, it contains VERY important files, and yes, thats the folder which i forgot to save and move it in the datadisk

that folder contains: the images i got from sakurapop (its a jap. graphic kawaii site), shabby princess, some of my html codes, a lot of mini icons, musics, music video and many more.. that folder is in my desktop thats why i forgot to move it.. the reason why that folder contains different kinds of files because i am super lazy to transfer it all the way from my other folders and organize it... i dont usually organize my files and im not really that spick-and-span kind of person but if im bored thats the time i organize everything..

*sigh* my so adorbale fonts, my most beloved images that ive downloaded all gone down the drain.. -emo mode-

okay okay... i honestly think i should get a life.. i havent been going out of the house for 2 weeks already except going to the school of course that isn't counted

baah~ i havent started my project in computer yet.. that we should create a website of our own... (im so lazy) -currently lack of creative juices right now-
why cant i just submit my blog and just like that then let my teacher grade it for all i care! i cant think of anything creative and the deadline is on october 7,2008 and the thing is not even the tag "html" is ever so visible in the notepad which i should be typing out the codes ...

its really not that simple since we should work offline~ with four navigations by using relative or absolute path

September 28,2008
i totally messed up today in our dance dancing is really not my thing ~ especially with those stupid poles my nose got hit with it.. and also my foot...

my socks looks like i just got from a war .. my teacher said to take off our socks and dance bare footed in the campus gym and imagine that the floor is damn dirty
and he wants us to take our socks off~ hahaha im so stubborn i didnt take my socks off OH GOSH! i feel like i wanna QUIT but cant!! i dont feel like dancing~ i thought we dont have to go through with all those poles then again im wrong

i am currently using Mozilla FireFox, at first i thought FF really sucks then i realize that its not so bad after all... my Internet Explorer 8 is going haywire i cant hover the text and i cant even type! - my dad change some settings in our computer (im not the admin.) my dad put like a spyware so he can see what we've been doing (ps is that what you call it-spyware) and even my mails and messages in yahoo.. but who cares ive got nothing to hide about... but its kinda not nice how grown ups should interfere with teens business especially when they need their privacy


new blogskin (Resubmitted)

ive submitted the blogskin ive deleted hehe... and yes, i swear im not gonna delete it again
... but please do not rate me down for no reason
this blogskin is super simple but kawaii..

do rate,fave and download it if you like

modify it with your hearts content but do credit me back if you'll use my basecodes..
dead link is considered as not crediting... so if your gonna credit, credit properly

download | Preview | Info

do tell me if i forgot to credit you


"Goodbye my love"

- updated my navis (look under "girl" tab for my awards and contests ive joined)
i made that tab on my own using adobe photoshop cs3 though i think it looks more like a fish's scale if i put to many haha.. i should have made it small..~ but lazy editing it bahh~

september 22,08

shrek (codename) got bullied yesterday haha.. i dont know what the hell is wrong with that guy.. i think maybe hes just too full of himself, he even insult my girl classmate calling her "eva panda" eva mean a sexy or beautiful girl and panda means well.... we obviously know pandas are chubby ... heres what really happen though i didnt witness the first part and just the 2nd part, someone told me what had happened

who the hell is shrek? did u mean as in the movie SHREK?
- nope me and shel named that to one of my classmate that looks like one

why do you hate him so much?
- well.. basically he didnt do anything to me but he is too full of himself thinking he would get the highest score and he would even pass his testpapers first and even told the teacher if he could get the next test and in the end he gets the lowest scores! haha
and anw... even if he doesnt do anything when you see him you feel like bullying him

my classmates cornered shrek and begin bullying him about his hair (well not totally bullying just teasing him) then one of my girl classmate (bully) walked her way and fixed shrek's hair saying that his hair is sour then shrek walked out then pause at by the door then said "your are an eva panda" and then he run.. my girl classmate (bully) was so furious that she run after shrek and so are my classmates..

-searching for him outside the building-

she then found him back in our classroom, furiously she grab out the nearest water bottle and splash out shrek's PE shirt and begin lecturing him ..

PS im not one of the bullies i just watched them but i feel sorry for shrek tsk.
-so anyways hope you understand what im talking about-

currently lovin' the song "Goodbye my love" by tension ! *sniff*

the song is by tension not f4 hek~

Goodbye my love by tension lyrics

Dang shi wo mei hua ke shuo liang yan wu shen
Nao kong bai na xiao xi shi zai lai de tai kuai
Ye ke neng shi wo zi ji tai chong dong
Wu jie ni dui zhe you qing de qi dai
Ai qing xiang shi yi chang xi wo zhe chu
Shi ge bei ju mei yan wan jiu you zhe yang de jie ju
Huo xu shi wo zhen de bu dong ai qing
Wo hai neng guai shei zhi hao guai zi ji
Goodbye my love, wo dou ming bai sui ran
Wu nai hai shi yao kan de kai
Goodbye my love, my love
Duan zan de ai huo xu shi nian you yi tian
Ni cai hui zhen xi zhe yi duan ai ni bu hui ming bai
Wo xin you duo
Tong xin li hao tong
Goodbye my love
Why does this always happen
I guess it was over before it begin or perhaps
It was never meant to be
Zhi hao zai jin tian
Goodbye xian shuo, goodbye wo dou
Ming bai sui ran wu nai hai shi yao kan de kai
Goodbye my love bu xiang fen kai (duan zan de ai)
Huo xu shi nian you yi tian ni cai hui zhen xi wo wo de ai


PLURK!!! ~ and softbank phones

you must join plurk now! its nice place to make friends and can put your updates or shoutouts.. so then again im invinting you all to JOIN! ~ (plurk)
dont forget to add me (click)

woots! 20 plus Karma!! another 20 plus then i can change my display name

and plurk pet or icon.. (i dont really know what is that thing called) but this is what it is

to change your plurk pet must have at least .... i want the pink one!!! woohh

SOFTBANK 705SC (samsung) japanese cellphone!

freakin love this phone! haha.. american phones are so different from japanese ones..
the hell why wont samsung sell this type of phone overseas?!

this is a video of a softbank jap. phone unit: 811 T

this is the video of softbank unit: 815T 15S

this is the video of softbank unit: 707SC

this phone is also cute.. actually the originaly one doesnt have a pink thing at the sides you have to customized it at other stores.. wish there would be a light pink color of this one.. anw.. look at how the camera rotates! isnt it cute

haha~ sorry for putting too much video here.. its just that.. the phone is super cute.. anw hope i wont make your comp. lag.. (the video is less than 1 min.)

calling out my sister in phil. is there a softbank phone there?????? IF THERE IS OMG! BUY ME ONE!! im gonna pay you back if you get here alright haha.. in japan this only cost 100..

but hek here i cant find any softbank samsung phone here... just SAMSUNG not softbank! bummer~

"What i did for love" korean love story

this one is a korean sad love story i get from the net a long time ago.. i had a great time reading this.. its really nice.. and i tell you at the end you'll cry a bucket of tears .. the story is really long from part 1-36

"What i did for love"

Part 1

June 17, 1999
My name is Mina Nam. I’m 19, still very young, but I am dying. Not right now but my life is slowly fading away as I’m writing my story. At this moment I’m sitting at ‘our’ spot. Mine and Eun Ji Won, the love of my life.
The sun is slowly beginning to set over the lake. I took a glance at my reflection in the water. My outside looks have changed drastically within the past few months, but the water reflected the true me. Inside I’m still the same person.
I have done and given so much for love but never once, have I received it back from Ji Won. There are times that I wanted to tell him everything that I’ve done for him and make him love me back. But I can’t.
Love is not selfish.
So I did what felt right. I keep giving Ji Won my love and I never asked for his love in return. Even though I’ll leave this world pretty soon, my love for him will still remain. My story begins when I first met Ji Won six years ago on this one fateful day. It all started out…

Part 2
October 31, 1993
You better come back here you good for nothing brat!”
I covered my ears with my palms. That was my stepmother calling me. Her voice sounds murderous and I didn’t want to face her today. She had slapped and hit me too much already. I’m afraid I can’t take it anymore so I hid in my closet.
I peeked through the crack in my closet and saw my stepmom with a really pissed off look on her face. She was holding that stick that I’m always afraid of. I winced thinking about how much it would hurt if she hits me with it again.
I’m just thirteen and whoever said 13 was an unlucky number, they were right. My mom had died when I was just turning ten. Before she died she told me that I was the most beautiful girl in the world and how proud she was to be my mother. She said even though she’ll be gone, her love remains with me always.
Tears rolled down my cheeks. ‘If you love me mommy, how can you be so selfish to leave me?’ So now when I had turn 13 my dad had married Mok Young A, who is my stepmom today. She was a cold-hearted woman who tortured me all day. Any self-esteem I had for myself was shattered and I was living a nightmare.
My closet door suddenly opened.

“There you are you wicked girl!”
My stepmom started cussing at me as she pulled me out and threw me onto the floor. I began to tremble because I knew what was going to happen next.
*Whack whack whack.*
I cried out in pain but I knew that no one is going to hear my cries. I desperately began to gasp for air. My heart was aching again. I couldn’t breathe.
“Not again! Don’t you see how much you’re costing your father and me with your heart problems? If it wasn’t for all these medical bills we wouldn’t be so poor now!”
I had this heart condition where air would suddenly shut off and I couldn’t breathe. The doctors are trying to save me by giving me a respirator and pills, but they’re not sure how much longer I’ll be able to live. My dad (who was a pathetic excuse for a man) came in.
He looked down at me with sorrowful eyes. He held my stepmom’s arm lightly and said, “I think she had enough. You don’t want her to have another attack. Calm down and let’s have dinner.”
“That’s why I’m hitting her!” she yelled. “She got detention and stayed after school for an hour. She was supposed to be home to go buy food for dinner and make it. Your daughter is so evil. She wants me to starve or something!”
“I didn’t get detention. The teacher wanted to talk to me about—“
But I was cut off by the whack of my stepmom’s stick. I cried silently in pain and turned away. I didn’t want to look at her.
My dad said, “Well, dinner’s just going to be a little late today. Mina, say sorry to your mom.”
Despite the pain, I managed to say, “Sorry mom. Please forgive me.”
My dad handed me some money. “Here. Go buy food to make mee-yuk-gook tonight.” My stepmom’s temper simmered down a little as my dad lead her out of my room.
I picked up the money and headed for the store. Mr. Choi, the owner of Choi Food Market, shook his head as I walked in. He knew what kind of hell I was going through. I finished my shopping and checked out.
“That’ll be $3.49.”
“What?” I asked. “Umm…Mr. Choi. That’s impossible. With all this stuff it should be around $15.”
“I know Mina.” Mr. Choi gave me a sad smile. “The exact price is $14.32. Why don’t you keep the change for yourself?”
I opened my mouth in shock. “Mr. Choi…I..I can’t do that,” I said as I handed him 20.
He only took five. “No. Keep it. I know that stepmom of yours don’t give you any money.”
I looked up at Mr. Choi with tears in my eyes. Here he was, just a friend reaching out to me. I said thanks and headed for home.

Part 3
I decided to take a shortcut home but as I passed the alley, a hand pulled me in. I was knocked to the ground and a shadow hovered over me. I began to scream but the same hand covered my mouth.
“Shut up or I’ll kill you!”
I shut my mouth instantly. I didn’t want to die yet. In the moon’s reflection I got a good look of my attacker. It was a boy who looked a little bit older than me. His face and clothes were dirty but he had really good features so I could tell he was extremely good-looking. But this was not a time to think about such things.
He held a table knife at my throat and said, “Give me all your money or I’ll kill you.”
I panicked but I knew what to do. I used the move I wanted to use on my stepmom every time she pinned me down and hit me. I kicked him hard, right into his family jewels. He gasped and fell to the floor, dropping the knife. I picked up my groceries and ran.
I guess you can call me the dumbest person alive. I was afraid I had kicked the boy too hard and permanently damaged him. Besides, since my life is hell already, I didn’t want him to go through it too. So I turned back.When I came back to the alley, the boy was still lying on the floor. He was moaning softly. I lifted him up gently. “Are you okay?” I asked. He shook his head no. “I’m sorry,” I said to him. I reached into my pocket and pulled the money Mr. Choi gave me. “If you need money, then here. All I have is ten dollars.”I placed the money in his hand and walked away. He looked at me with this weird expression that I couldn’t read. I picked up my groceries and this time I left without turning back. I could tell the boy was watching me as I was walking away…

for part 3-36 (click)


poupee girl

ive signed up at (pupe.jp) the site is really nice.. its like dressing up your own doll.. so im inviting each and everyone of you to join hehe...

ive just realized that my blog is best viewed in Mozilla FireFox cause the image border and text-select only works there but not in Internet Explorer bahhhh~ this sucks.... im still trying to fix the prob.

as you seen ive changed my blogkin.. this is a lot more simpler than the last one.. so dont even bother to ripped it. okay haha

note: currently showing 1 post at my blog . for more click on "latest entries" to look at my other previous post

i changed back my blogskin ... this is the my blogskin that got ripped off and submitted in blogskins.com by some unknown user.. but srsly i dont feel like using this skin anymore.. just using this for a min time.. since their are misunderstandings..


career symposium

i just got back from our career symposium.. well just wanna say that i enjoy most of the time during our carrer symposium.. except for the one who was explaining to us about political science or law.. made me sleepy so i sneek in archie comics in my lap haha... i got a picture of it when i was reading the comics

but my favorite one was about Fine Arts and Designing etc. im gonna show some of the pictures later

but before that just wanna say that the ripped skin had already been disabled thanks to all people who scold the ripper and report the ripper to myles ^_^ THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH (1000000x and infinity) especially to agnes who report it to myles about this matter

btw ive changed my blogskin hahas~ again inspired by wordpress

Snapshots ▼




now my codes are all reveiled!!!!!!

DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im trying to live a life here and you ruined it you shit ass HOLE!!

huhuhu... i cant really express my anger since it online!! i swear if i know that person im gonna SKIN HER ALIVE..
like i tried my best coding it! like for 1 week!!! and that stupid ripper even submitted it! seriously dont ever download it! dont even get curious about my codes alright

she even stated in the desciptions like:

this skin inspiration is from wordpress..very difficult 2 do!!!!!!!but i try my best oredi..so muz download n use ok?????the top banner change urself...i cannot provide everythin...description from i will help u...

how absurd!!!! SHE ONLY TRIED HER BEST TO RIP IT!!! that fucking bitch!!! i code my blogskin from scratch and tried my best!!! that fuckin' ripper! got nothing better to do then ruin other people's lives!

hey you ripper! if your reading now i am sure your happy right huh?!? theres just 2 words i can say to you now "FUCK YOU"

i swear that someday!! bad karma is gonna happen to you!! all you've done to me is going back to you 100x worser than mine!!!!

im so frustrated so broke down and i cried.. you might think im childish but i just cant express my anger..


thanks for you guys who informed me about this

seriously my idea of having moderators around blogskins.com is really useful ... (forum)

feel like LOCKING DOWN my blog and invite blog author readers close to me....
bahhsss... if this incident happens again... ill surely lock down my blog

anw.... ill put up my the new blogskin that i created tomorrow..

since this skin is already ripped up.. ill submit it to blogskins.com and also my other blogskin that i deleted in blogskins.com when i submitted it.. (will submit on saturday) or later then saturday

2nd mastery test is over!

im a bit lazy to reply the tags but gonna reply it later hehe
yupx! im finally free!! FREE AT LAST *like a monkey out of its cage*wootssss!....
oh ive created again a new blogskin but still securing for a permission for the one i take my inspiration on .. so shall wait for that.. anw...

im totally not myself.. im quite busy:

sept 18 - college review from 8am-4pm
sept 19 - carrer talk from 8am-4pm

and lastly
sept 20 - no classes

here in KSA
thursday-friday (no classes) ; saturday - wednesday (classes)

anw... if your from the philippines this site is a must-to-visit; an online shopping spree .. they can also take packaging overseas with a shipping fee of Php 3,000 .. anw (wow soo.. uhmmm.... for me thats a lot of money.. but anw its worth it..) so if i convert it that should be SR 300 only here..... so anw their clothes and stuffs IS SO KAWAII and nice

and oh yeah! im going to buy some stuffs there with my 2 classmates.. were gonna combine our orders haha...

paging my sister their in the philippines! hahas~ buy me stuffs there please! before you come here on december so i wont have to pay for the shipping fee and ill pay you back when you get here

so starting from now.. im gonna save money..

and oh btw~ view my plurk page :


im inviting you all to join (plurk) its really nice do sign up and lets add each other.. tell me if youve signed up already so i can add you or you can add me instead
i thank claire for my so kawaii theme! THANK you so much!


Name Survey

colors of the emphasized text

arghh!! i cant consentrate studing! my tummy hurts so bad! ahhh!!

*before ill start studying... im just gonna do this survey hehe*

Tell me a girl's name (or a few) that begin with...
A: Agnes & Amelia
B: Babbii
C: Clarrence
D: Diane
E: Elyzel
F: Fatima
G: Grace
H: Hazel & Heaven
I: Isabel & Imee
J: Janine & Jona
K: Kris
L: Laila & Lyra
M: Melaine
N: Nani
O: ohlala (not really a name haha)
P: Pam
Q: QiQi
R: Raichelle
S: Stephanie! thats me~
T: tong tong
U: Ursula
V: Valerie
W: Weii
X: xiaorene
Y: ya tou (from blackies teenage)
Z: zhing bal (not a name)

Tell me a boy's name (or a few) that begin with...
A: Aldrin
B: Bingo!
C: celvin
D: Danson
E: Erick
F: Fahrenheit (yah this isnt a name) haha..
G: Gold fish (not a name haha.. cant think of anything)
H: hale (wtf)
I: imaaa@
K: karyl
L: laven
M: Modsss
N: Nim
O: Osmii
P: Pati
Q: Qing kung (haha) not a name`cant think of anything
R: Reggie
S: Steven
T: Teddy (archie friends)
U: Ulala
V: Vain (not a name)
W: Wang zi
X: xing xing
Y: yoyoyo!
Z: Zhi shu (the leading man in ISWAK)

1] Out of your friends, which have the most unique names?: heaven ^_^
2] If you had a child, which names listed above would you consider naming them?: none.. i rather name if ever got one .. her = lesley .. him = jiro haha... (named after jiro wang) haha
3] Were you named after anyone/anything?: nope.
4] Name all your exes. Which has the nicest name?: what exes?
5] If you could change the SPELLING of your name, what would you change it to?: Steffanie! .. the spelling of "Stephanie" sounds pretty common
6] If you could change your last name, what would you change it to?: "kyo" i just think its kinda nice, short and easy to write rather than mine so long
7] What about middle name?: "E"
8] What's your mom's middle name?: "b"
9] Dad's?: "A"
10] How many people do you know with the middle name "Marie"?: my mom and.. many more


not an ordinary day

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im going on hiatus cause of our monthly test..

those who wants to join for the best of blog awards click here

those who arent able to get there awards click here

added new page ~ for visitors (goodies page) go look at my navigations and click on goodies...


visit this site its about bloody mary.. some say the site is scary... but it doesnt... it just looks like from the beginning but its nothing..



acting so Immature

seriously the one who tag me at my tagboard anonymously i think your the one whose acting stupid and so immature hidding behind a name afraid to get caught! i dont think you know the meaning of a blog seriously this is my BLOG and i can say anything i want to say...! if you want me to shut up.. then screw you! who are you to tell me what im gonna do!!! I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU!!!!

whats it with you if im just gonna show the url !! seriously you need to straighten up yourself.. i dont think its illegal to post something in my own blog!

and you tell me im selfish?! why?! cause i didnt tell you the show&hide code now is it?! or the font names?!? who want to get copied around now anyway?! you must really be pissed now i can tell.... CAUSE YOUR EAGER to know the code.... -deleted- some people dont really know when to quit

and please people in blogger im not STUPID enough to chat with you just because your going to ask me LOTS AND LOTS OF CODES... seriously my email-ad is already in my "profile" so stop asking!! IM NOT YOUR INFORMATION CENTER OKAY?! i find the codes by myself i use the google search engine ......

~baahhhss... whats wrong with the people now a days


to: freda.. heres the code you've been wanting to use... hehe.. i thought you said how to remove so anw.. here it is



theres was a blackout today 30 minutes ago.. when i got back from school and the building was so dark.. i had to walk on the stairs all the way up to the 3rd floor and it was super scary cause the lift isnt functioning and the hall and the stairway was so dark ... and i was alone at that time so you could imagine how scared i was...

tada! ive created a private blog that only i can read it.. hehe.. it contains super secrets and for my eyes only... but still



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something happened at school that completely RUINED my DAY!!

Maam S is a kind of teacher that is lazy... she said something to me infront of the class... she was like "oh. many complain to you that you are so slow in getting on the bus"

in my mind i was like "HOW ABSURD!!" she then said that Maam D was the one complaining.. at that time i almost want to skin that brainless sluggish teacher alive! so anyway! what really made me angry is that I AM ALWAYS the first one in getting on the BUS.. and ma'am D is like sometimes late in getting on the BUS! and shes throwing her tardiness too ME?!? and she sometimes even cant find a good seat on the bus while me im in my usual seat near the window..

if i was so late then i should be standing or rather sitting between chairs which is actually Maam D is always sitting... like RIGHT NOW! i am the first one to get on the bus then HER! she even said that "the *my surname*'s sisters" hahahaha!!!!! ayioooo! its just me and my younger bro!


sorry... i think i have polluted my blog with my rants but i just cant help it!
anw...what you see just leave it here... cause i dont want this is make it a very big deal

oh anyway... we watched "Jose Rizal" today and our Social Studies (economics) teacher gave us a MSA review which we should answer and im not yet finished haha.. i skip math cause well.... ????

anw.. need more participants in the best of blog awards

ive just noticed that some copy how i copyright my images, please dont kill yourself you could never do something like mine..

Fashion craze

another cool & kawaii fashion pictures

i so love this jacket! i want to have this when winter comes. haha~

honestly i love her hair and someday my hair is going to be like one of hers

i didnt know why the heck i put 2 copyright signs in the pictures..
i was just testing it out which of the 2 looks better..

updated by FAQ page, please look


banging thing~

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today i bang my head 2 times

first: when me and shel joke around then suddely our heads bang each other
second: when i was on the bus my head bang on the door~~

this is so not my lucky day~

its was sooooo HUMID!~ im sweating like non-stop while i was waiting for the bus ... BUT~ SHREK (a code name for our disgusting classmate and a stalker of a friend of mine) sweat like a DROWNED RAT!~ he practically looks like he just got from the shower and also his t-shirt is like soaked with is sweat... and he was even my seatmate... i am so super disgusted so i back away! EW~

i was joking around with my little bro, he was using my study table and i said that he can use it as long as he gets back to cage whenever he's done with his assignments and he goes like blah blah blah

this Mcdo ling-a-ding (not talking about a famous fast food chain) is back again abusing students by giveing them violation reports (referral slips). He made my classmate cry tsk.tsk. that STUPID bald headed dog! that looks like a moron golf nail! bahh~ he gave my classmate(girl) a violation report cause according to the moron bald-headed dog that she didnt wear the proper P.E uniform then gave her again a V.R (referral slip)

actually this moron is sooo BIAS! he gave "G" a slip but most of the other sections also didnt wear the proper thing and he is like ~BLAH BLAH BLAH

anyway... SO BIAS~

anothe topic~!
btw ive updated my profile section please do visit

im so lovin' & addicted to this music "A little too perfect" by Sam Milby

LOOK HERE! just feel like wanna adverise it to you all since they are new..


they sell so many cute and nice clothes!!! AHHH! i want to buy myself one! but im not from singapore and i dont think they would deliever by package or deliver abroad huhuhu.. im willing to pay ever penny i have just to buy those cute stuffs...