2nd mastery test is over!

im a bit lazy to reply the tags but gonna reply it later hehe
yupx! im finally free!! FREE AT LAST *like a monkey out of its cage*wootssss!....
oh ive created again a new blogskin but still securing for a permission for the one i take my inspiration on .. so shall wait for that.. anw...

im totally not myself.. im quite busy:

sept 18 - college review from 8am-4pm
sept 19 - carrer talk from 8am-4pm

and lastly
sept 20 - no classes

here in KSA
thursday-friday (no classes) ; saturday - wednesday (classes)

anw... if your from the philippines this site is a must-to-visit; an online shopping spree .. they can also take packaging overseas with a shipping fee of Php 3,000 .. anw (wow soo.. uhmmm.... for me thats a lot of money.. but anw its worth it..) so if i convert it that should be SR 300 only here..... so anw their clothes and stuffs IS SO KAWAII and nice

and oh yeah! im going to buy some stuffs there with my 2 classmates.. were gonna combine our orders haha...

paging my sister their in the philippines! hahas~ buy me stuffs there please! before you come here on december so i wont have to pay for the shipping fee and ill pay you back when you get here

so starting from now.. im gonna save money..

and oh btw~ view my plurk page :


im inviting you all to join (plurk) its really nice do sign up and lets add each other.. tell me if youve signed up already so i can add you or you can add me instead
i thank claire for my so kawaii theme! THANK you so much!

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