Day 9 - Ow! My giant blue head!

This is the best superhero movie ever! it's super funny and witty! I remember this one scene that literally made me laugh like "HAHAHAHHAA" made me ROFLMAO. I forgot the lines that megamind said but it was one of those lines when he .....

*spoilers* (highlight if you wanna see)
when he pretended to be the space god? and he as his minion to get a stick at slap it to the newly hero he created, i forgot the what he called the stick. i think it was Confusion stick? memory stick? urghh... dunoo! hahaha!! that scene really tickles my funny bone

Month of November (this month has the most exciting movies)
1. Megamind
2. Easy A
3. Unstoppable
4. Harry Potter 7 !!
5. Skyline


Day 8 - Planner

I actually don't know why i crave for the Starbucks 2011 planner so much. Last year, I got the Starbucks 2010 Planner but didn't use it. My sister told me to write something on it or if not i could sell it for Php 2,000 on ebay. Yeah...sounds promising but i don't want to sell it probably because:

1. The feeling i get when i completed all the stickers and get to have the planner. (it's like im on cloud 9 or somethin') haha
2. I drank almost like 15 cups to get it in a limited time (for a moment there i felt like i've actually accomplished something hahaha)

and i stopped writing on it because i noticed how horrible my handwritting was and it look like shit!! @_@ and doesn't go well with the starbucks planner.



Day 7 - 'Cause i see sparks fly

I love Taylor Swift's new album - "Speak now"!! I really admire her, she composed all the lyrics in the songs herself in this album and every song has a meaning! Cheers to Taylor!

'Cause I see, sparks fly whenever you smile
Get me with those green eyes, baby
As the lights go down
Something that'll haunt me when you're not around

Me and my friend did our research/thesis paper today, still unfinished. We manage to type around 11 sentences in 6 hours :))


Day 6 - boring day

Picture above when i was watching Dante's Peak at an internet cafe
This day is pretty boring. During our discrete math subject we were discussing about poker and math stuffs.... and all i could ever understand was suites blahblahblah randommathshit poker blahblahblah taken blah blah blah king queen blahblah blah -.-


Day 5 - Scifi movies + Junk food

Watched 90's sci-fi movie "Dante's peak" the most realistic volcanic movie ever!! the the movie Volcano 1997 isn't that good, it's nice but it's not realistic almost impossible.



Day 4 - New Pens!

Bought new pens at National Bookstore.

  • Sharpie accent highlighter in pink
  • G-tech 0.3 refill
  • Pilot Frixion
    ~ best shit evah! discovered it from a friend. It's like a ballpen but you can erase it *geddit?* so handy when it comes to those professors who won't allow erasures on test!!
I dunno why but for some reasons i think g-tech pens hate me (insert sad face). They always won't work on me after 2-3 weeks then i have to buy another one (insert Y U NO GUY) it didn't even ran out of ink.


Day 3 - Yellow Cab for lunch

Me and my sis had Yellow Cab for Lunch. Yummy!! we ordered the 10 inch #4 cheese pizza and raspberry sola!! nomnomnom.

The #4 cheese pizza is like super damn yummy compared to the ordinary cheese pizza kind. :)

P/S: Oh-kay. I perfectly have a good excuse *i think* unto why i wasn't able to blog yesterday. I couldn't find the camera's usb port -.-

I found it but it was already too late so i'm still eligible right? hahahhaha :)) Gonna change the date.


Day 2 - I love Toffee Nut

who doesn't love Starbucks' Toffee Nut?


Day 1 - Phone Rant

Obviously i f*cking hate my 3-year-old-excuse for a phone to death! i just can't wait to get rid of it! it looks nasty, messy and just disgusting. Also, What made me more furious is that the navigational keypads fall off!! Everytime i text and edit something i clumsily pressed the center button which redirect to which person i should send it to, then when i press back, i carelessly pressed the center button again and obviously sent to the wrong person then have to send them a message that "hey dude. sorry wrong send" . yadda yadda yadda


my life is pathetic.

also, can't play games anymore, it's so hard pressing the things without the keypads and i don't like using 2,4,6 and 8 as an alternative.

If i got holdapped and he wants my phone i would gladly give it to him.

so this is basically how f*cked up my phone look and so i've decided to save up for a new phone!! hooray!

i don't like blackberries and especially an iphone. I guess i'm the only person who doesn't want an iphone eh? probably because i already have an itouch and it's no fun typing in a touch screen.