Day 8 - Planner

I actually don't know why i crave for the Starbucks 2011 planner so much. Last year, I got the Starbucks 2010 Planner but didn't use it. My sister told me to write something on it or if not i could sell it for Php 2,000 on ebay. Yeah...sounds promising but i don't want to sell it probably because:

1. The feeling i get when i completed all the stickers and get to have the planner. (it's like im on cloud 9 or somethin') haha
2. I drank almost like 15 cups to get it in a limited time (for a moment there i felt like i've actually accomplished something hahaha)

and i stopped writing on it because i noticed how horrible my handwritting was and it look like shit!! @_@ and doesn't go well with the starbucks planner.


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