OH YEAH!!! i've been waiting for this store my whole life! i heard about this store in soompi forums and they said that its really cool and amazing blahblah..

first of all it's the original FOREVER21 from USA! cause i remember a fake/copy forever21 in MOA and it's only using the name to attract customers and when you go inside everything is a disappointment!!

Sneak peek of Forever 21 Philippines

First of all, we’re talking 2,700 square meters of space, including a 2,200 square-meter selling area. There are 34 fitting rooms, 60 sales assistants, 11 cashiers, or a total of 91 staff, including management.

Second, with its very affordable price points (from PHP 130 up and nothing above PHP 2,500) plus new styles arriving every week, this is going to pose a serious threat to so many businesses in the apparel and accessories market.
courtsey by tumblr

image by shensaddiction.com

p/s: finally my FINALS EXAM IS OVERRRR!!! my enrollment for next term is on July 6 and start of class is on JULY 12



cockroach invasion

i hope you won't hate me after posting this dead picture of a cockroach i just killed yesterday. I killed it using baygon! bwahaha! i saw this dead bastard near my cabinet cause i was spraying baygon ever nook and cranny in the house and the last thing i know i saw that thing lying dead in the floor! but i still sprayed it with baygon, you can never be too sure, roaches are smart nowadays.

I remembered one time this roach was playing dead and not moving at all but i outsmarted him and when i was about to whack his ass off! he started to run but i killed him anyway.
what really amazes me is that before this happened i saw lots of tweets of other people got attacked by these bloody roaches!

guess it's cockroach invasion this month.

and oh!

i killed like 5 yesterday and 1 today. FML right? other roaches are small but that roach i pictured is just so bloody BIG!!


seriously... FML

this has been like the most burn out days of my entire life! seriously, if you study in MAPUA, here... we have no vacation.

so to all upcoming freshmen enjoy your 2 months vacation cause once you got in the stressful days starts there, you have like 0 vacation and only like 1-2 weeks semester break.

Supposedly, we should have 1 month vacation this June but was cancelled due to some unknown reason, as expected from the school they always do something that would shock us students like for example the outrageous Sunday make-up classes!

i'm super envious of other universities out there, they have like 1 month break while us.... we don't have. VACATION is not in our school's dictionary. FML! seriously i need a fcking break.

i need to go out more often without worrying the due dates of these damn projects!

end of /rant.

As promised, my hair color i've been ranting about in my so previous blog entry last month. It might not show up much in the picture but this haircolor is perfect if your sporting for Jessica of SNSD haircolor.

In my case, i still need to lighten it up more so the color will be that light cause mine is a bit dark since i just do the DIY, it would be better if i let my hair dyed in a salon.

speaking of that... this semester break, i'm planning to get a digital perm and this time i'm dead serious. I'm going to get it done in "Tony & Jackey" which is the famous korean salon here in the Philippines.

T & J never disappointed me unlike many other salons out there. I just got their new leaflet 2 days ago. One of my friends got his haircut done there which i recommended it to him *ahem* . As usually it came out really damn nice!

the reason why i really really want to get it done as soon as possible because they have a promo, their promo has been going around for like a year already but i'm really scared that they wouldn't have the promo on the next 3 months cause i just visited and their salon and the promo for girl's haircut is over already which means girl's haircut will be back to php 500 and not php 300 and

i'm afraid that would happen to the digital perm promo as well cause if they did the price will be back to 6,500 which probably i'm going to faint.... that huge amount of money is no joke.

i will be going for their package 3 which consist of a setting/digital perm, hair manicure, hair treatment plus haircut all for php 3,000

okay...some other stuffs:

so many damages and scratches already *sob*

i love my eco-friendly notebook! you only need 1 of these babies in college. i don't know in other countries but here this is all you need!

lovin' my new perfume! i just love the smell of this! i got tired of bench's perfume they all wore off in 10 mins tops!

POV: Bonamana

It's been a long time since i blogged again i guess because of this college stuffs. To be honest, maybe i'm just too tired to blog because i have nothing to say out of my busy day in college, it seems like everyday is always the same routine like school - home -study -school - home - study

yeah. the story of my life.

but today, i just want to be honest with myself, this is regarding about Super Junior's new song "BONAMANA" (Minah). Don't get me wrong though I'm like a huge fan of Super Junior but you can never escape to the fact that theres always this time when you don't find one of their song that appealing or catchy.

As for me, their song "BONAMANA". I'm sorry to say this but everytime i listen to the song my reaction never fails to be like this -> 

When i watch their music video (with eng sub) my reaction was like that also so i thought maybe their live version  is much more nicer than that so i downloaded their live performance in Show show show. i just stare blankly at the screen.

i have reasons, it's just that most of their vocals especially at the first part is like techno edited. I like "It's You",  "Sorry Sorry" & SuJu M's "Super Girl" more but not minah. sorry

okay. nufff said

i was also listening to Lee Hyori's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang actually this is the first song i've ever listened that was sung by Hyori. I've heard about her since then that she was famous and all but never get to listen to her sing.

I was completely blown off when i heard the music and saw her live performance.

this song is like stuck in my head for days and keep playing over and over again! i just love the song! no wonder hyori is so famous!

eh nuff about the kpop stuffs, before i end this blog entry, i just wanna share you all this really cool super realistic 3D image of Jurassic Park

so fckin awesome right! felt like it's coming out of my screen!