people intend to forget

just like me... i easily forget things especially when it comes to academic
gosh! im talking nonsense.... apprently i dont have anything to blog about...

im so not myself right now.... my parents are so blurrr!!!! first they allow then second change their mind... so what im suppose to tell then!? ahhhhh...!!! gosh!!!!!!!!!! uhmmm.... im so speechless.....

im almost done in my book yey!!

btw photobucket is now back on track... SA gov. finally unblocked it.. and they did an awesome decision of unblocking it.

i feel like im goin' emo again (not the style) what i meant was emotional
im going emotional again... first im all sad.. and then when i set foot on the school's gate suddenly i forgot my problems at home... ive realized that... i dont bring problems at school....

febuary 29
first ******* saw me cry thats when the bus was already there and i just got down from my house.. i cant hold on that much thats why i manage to burst our crying when going down the stairs... she was like "whats wrong? are you okai?" ... im toooo depressed to talk... ive never talked once about my problems... i intend to keep it myself..

then when im at the school.... ive finally cooled down when i listen to musics then youll see me laugh after 15 mins... gosh! haha... i may not speak out but youll see it right through my face

Why not be yourself?

Why follow the crowd, when you can be unique?
Be yourself and disregard everyone's critique.

Why not live at random and do the unexpected?
Make mistakes without the hate to say "I stand corrected."

Why not follow your dreams and allow them to come true?
While you're there, wander off in search of something new.

Why not have the courage to stand and speak your mind?
Be the first to take that step ahead for all mankind.

Why not dance off-beat while singing out of tune?
Let them laugh, yet never stop all through the afternoon.

Why not scream out loud and let yourself feel free?
And take a chance without the promise of a guarantee.

Why not take a left, when everyone goes right?
Make a choice and choose the black when they all choose the white.

Why not try to shine, instead of fading gray?
Be yourself and just be you, forgetting Them and They.


1. Never knew Hell had a TIMECLOCK

2. i know enough to know that i dont know much

3. A picture is like a memory always going to be there to remind you of what is not

4. It's amazing how far someone will make it on dreamsand how fast you can tear someone down with the Hidden Things

5. If the burden seems too much to bear; remember the end will justify the pain it took to get us there

6. If your life doesn't have a meaning, then why are you still alive?

7. Experience is the name we give our past mistakes

8. We all have sorrow and we all have hate,But happiness is something we must create

9. Think of life as a vacuum. It can suck a lot sometimes, but it can also clean up some unwanted stuff.

10. to find light in darkness and life in death, and make you laugh with every last breath

11. I Pretend Im Happy ,So They Think Im Strong,I Guess Its Because,I Hid My Feelings For Too Long

12. Tell me what truly is, i see straight through all your pathetic little lies

13. Don't give up, never forget...hold on forever or you'll regret

14. Be yourself. Do refuse to be your own shadow on the ground

15. don't look at the reflection of life in the mirror, look at the real picture.Only then you'll know the difference.

16. Look down at me and you see a fool;Look up at me and you see a god;Look straight at me and you see yourself

17. She's a believer of the highest standard,no one believes her.No on understands her.God forbid that some one kill her

18. It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and say something foolish

19. If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything

20. Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter

21. Life gets hard. It changes pace right when you start to figure it out. People you were once obsessed with, become people you need. And people you need, become people who hurt you

22. Every "just kidding" shares a little truth.There is curiousity behind every "just wondering.""I didnt know" holds at least a little knowledgeand A little emotion behind every "i don't care"not mine

23. Be who you wana be and dont go by what others see

24. Never say neverbecause never means foreverand forever is a very long time

25. I'm a grain of sand In the top of your hourglassand as time goes by I fall to the bottom and stay there forgotten


27. Pack your bagslet's hit the road.lifes not going any slower.Lets stand on roof topsand drop the load.

28. im not gonna cry, im drying my eyes and im never gonna give up and continue with my pride

29.People say you should take the good with the bad, Smile even when your sad,But i don't feel like smileing, I can't see the good, just feel like crying

30. So much drama pain and lies And they call these the best years of our lives

31. One day,Im going to make it.Just because you said I cant

32. Drama, lies and tears.=Deffinition of the TEENAGED YEARS

33. And I'm just killing time before it kills me

34. You know that one day you will die, so you sit back and watch life fly by,and when your time comes you realize,that your life was boring, and sigh your last sigh.


rehosting files

oh my gosh! SA government block photobucket!! the hell... anyways... gladly im prepared for that, thats why i rehost all my pictures here in my blog to imagecloset for the others to see i planned the other day to host it in tinypic too bad there annoying featured photos is insanely not appicable to the eyes thats why i decided to host it in imagecloset instead... its pretty cool coz they load so fast!

today ive tidy up my room hehe... since isay will come here tomorrow coz she needs help (like what are friends for anyway)
dont want isabel to get lost in the jungle so decided to tidy up my room...cleaned every nook and cranny and my back hurts..

at school
i enjoy our history classes even thou Mr A. is giving us sermons but who cares anyways he still got this great sense of humour and that made me laugh to the bone haha..

i forgot to bring my ******* **** *** ******* and that ***** im gonna give it next week on saturday.. hehe..

Looking back, through the years,
Laughter, pain, joy, and tears,
Events we can never forget,
there are roads to be traveled yet.

I see you for who you are,
beyond the bruises, scrapes, and scars,
to a heart loyal, strong, and true,
I will always stand by you.

Every time I fall or stumble,
Encouragement is what you mumble,
Words so soft, powerful, and lasting,
Love and guidance without asking.

Though we have our imperfections,
they became our strong connections,
Understanding without words,
sharing secrets never heard.

Beautiful, is what you are,
Heaven’s brightest, shining star,
No matter what the future holds,
I see what you have to show.

Every experience, a lesson learned,
the road has many twists and turns,
but wherever the path may lead,
I hope you will be there beside me.

You have a place in my heart,
No matter how far we drift apart;
you always have, and always will,
a space that only you can fill.

My friend, a solid rock in life,
to see me through whatever strife,
I may encounter along the way,
Advice and wisdom, you will say.

She knew how much we’d need each other
I love you like family, like no other,
God blessed me with a wonderful friend,
To be there until the very end.

I dedicate this poem to my lovable friend: Tasneem, just want you to know that even if your living from afar, were always here for you no matter what


spilled beans

damn it! ahhhhhh..... ****** accidentaly read my diary.. huhuhu.. the one i kept for 2 years already.. i actually brought it with me all the time in my handy bag, feared that my mum would read it coz it doesnt have any padlock so i carry it all the time with me...but actually ****** read it... i think her curiosity got it the way in time she scan and read it.. while im out by the door with tasneem.. then she confess to me that she read my diary... first she said...

"im totally sorry i didnt mean to........"
and i said... "didnt mean to what? is it my cellphone?"
"uhmmm..... water spillled all over my desk"
"uhmmmm no"
"then what is it?"
"i read your diary"

.... that was the most heart-pounding sentence i ever heard!!!!! i cant help but scream... i was like.. "noooooo... AHHHHHHH" then someone hush me.. coz the guidance councelor might heard me with all this racket... huhuhuhu... i almost want to cry... she said then

"pls dont get angry.. i didnt mean to i was searching for your ipod in your bag then accidentaly read your diary"

i was all speechless but honestly im totally not angry at her.... in fact
i felt so guilty... !!! ahhhhhh... huhuhuhu.. i cant move on..... why why?!!?!?!?!?

then after that she ask so many questions that i cant handle about whos "blah blah.. did i do something wrong.. ?"

huhu... i cant answer it all... i dont want want to take a peak at what ive just write in that stupid journal... i plan to throw it away.. but raichelle told me not to.. coz its full of memories and such.... gosh! i made the wrong choice! damn it!! huhuhu.. i should have thrown it a year ago.. huhu

im going to burn that notebook down.... i cant stand what ive written in there... dont even know what ive just written there...

then isabel said "i never thought that **** ***** ** ******** that much"
i was like... past is past !! just forget all about it.. can you? ahhhhhhh!!!!

i guess past is present and future for her coz she keeps nagging me.... urging me to tell the truth.. haiiz... dont have to all the truth is inside that notebook.. no matter how i kept denying it... i know that she knows im lying

well im just glad.. (i think) that she confessed it to me...
this incident remind me of someone.. haha... like lorraine.. i was like ****** that time.. wanting to read others thoughs.. haha.. then that time.. i remember i was reading lorraine's diary.. but completely she was there when i read it..

the one i really want to read is her big diary somewhat like a clearfolder thing.. haha.. were completely made a mess with our selves tagging that big clearfolder haha... but eventually i give up ...

****** is the very first person to READ MY ENTIRE journal

i felt so GUILTY

im living in a NIGHTMARE.. and this is my NIGHTMARE!!!

i cant belive im going to *****!!!! wahahahahaha.. gosh! damn!!!!!!


the moment?

i cant believe it!!! OH MY GOSSHH!! this is what me and isabel wat talkin' about last week.. like where im gonna chose going to ***** or ***** ****** ? i said ill go with ***** ****** coz the atmosphere in ***** is like wooooowwhhh.. i think im about to vomit here... AHHHH! well atleast it just for 1 week (i guess) & i hope so! ohhhh pretty please! i dont wanna go!! i most likely gonna stay here instead..!

what i did now was too much for a stimulated person (for me) i did a poem haha... i was a little bit motivated when i was thinking about that poem about what am gonna write all the phrases and words are in my head but when i started to write it down my mind goes BLANK!! KAPUT!! i hate it when i have this "writer's block" gizzz.. but i dont wanna post it here anyway.. you would probably laugh your head out then fell to the chair.. or probably dont get the poem at all oh well.. its probably too corny anyway.... who would read a poem like that.. anyways.. its just that i have ***** to what happened.... i probably **** *** ******* haiizz.. i think its all for the better.. so im currently used to it by now... staying like this....

Where is the moment we needed the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
They tell me your blue skies fade to grey
They tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carryin' on
You stand in the line just to hit a new low
You're faking a smile with the coffee to go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces everytime
And I don't need no carryin' on
Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day
Well you need a blue sky holiday
The point is they laugh at what you say
And I don't need no carryin' on
You had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day (Oh.. Holiday..)
Sometimes the system goes on the brink
And the whole thing turns out wrong
You might not make it back and you know
That you could be well oh that strong
And I'm not wrong
So where is the passion when you need it the most
Oh you and IYou kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
You've seen what you like
And how does it feel for one more time
You had a bad day


blog updated with new skin

My mum stunned the crap out of me.. it just that.. yesterday.. my mum said that me and my bro gonna move to another school next school year .. and were gonna move to PSD (Philippine School in Dammam) coz for some reasons my mum said so that my dad wouldnt have anymore problems driving 2 hours a day from al-khobar to jubail (back and forth) every single day... but not on weekend... ahhh.. im so so so so so knocked out by that news, im about to graduate and and... ahhhhh... i dont want to leave my friends especially that im about to graduate already..

i just notice that every the year of graduation day i had, i move to a different school; for example: i move here in SA which is when i was in Grade 6, at that time im so desolated that i never talk to anyone to my new classmates that time in IPSA and they all probably think i dont know how to be Tagalog and im so SILENT!! ahh.. its just that im so depressed and unaware of that kind of situation and for that i have to leave my bestfriend for 5 years already and im also about to have that loyalty awarde in La Salle Academy which makes me much more disappointed... and this time.. i dont want this kind of hasty situation come to real again.. wish my mum would just change her mind (like she always does) but anyways.. they cant force.. bwahahaha.. im too STUBBORN !!

I've never thought actually I will share things of me around.But who knows? Who will actually read this shit anyway.

ive edited my blog once again with new layout.. this time i edited it but of corz with the help of someone:

i get my inspiration on eggiiness
image from sweetsugar...
& for more just go look at the credits

i just cant believe ive done it again haha .. oh yeah... this is the LIFE! no pesky lil bro to disturb me this time hahas i can now fully concentrate on my project.. well so much for that...

btw here are some pics i took last thursday...

i love NICI products!!

i want this huhu

this is soooo CUTE! i love this

love it!!

L necklace haha... the letter was embrosed just the trademark in deathnote (ALDO)


i love this dinning set... it was some kind of vintage haha

my dream bed...

i love this dinning set..

btw before i forgot you all people should read Tasneem's entry (Ditching the prom) in her blog! dang! its so amazing coz we are the same (you know ditching the prom) her entry is so AMAZING! so TRUE! like she said its not the time of the prom for a girl to "Shine" oh well.. just go read her blog! she write so flawlessly, simple words yet deep in meaning..you'all know what im sayin'? she won as champion for some kind of speech (i guess) in toast masters.. i here by curtsy tas for being so flawless in writing..

click here for tasneem's blog

okay.. gotta go.. gonna finish that project hehe


new blog layout again

its me again.. as usual

new blog layout again; ft. BOA.. disabled-rick click and text select..
.. im so bored what the heck am i gonna do besides doing our english project..

btw i send some e-cards to all my friends just thanking them how much i appreciate there presence hehe... if i forgot to send you one, im just probably busy.. okay gotta go..

btw today would be JS prom.. but i didnt attend.. coz of some private reasons..


ive change MY LAYOUT AGAIN! haha.. and this time i edit it code it like crazy but
inspiration and basecodes are from eggiiness and image from sweet sugar
blog not yet finished
im gonna do it later



ive updated my blog hehe.. for the past 2 weeks like wohhhhwww.. haha.. my layout is kinda weird thou coz its a SHITTY one... i dont know what to blog about btw my tagboard there is just temporary coz cbox.com is still in its error state.. goshh!! i hate shoutmix.. its not user-friendly thoughh.... i forgot to install my tracker... im gonna istall it now...

oh btw

to those promanaders... goodluck to you all hehe...

okay... gotta go..


my head is ringing

yahooo!!! my dad just unblock everything that includes my YM and this blog hehe.. ill hold a party for this haha.. i though my suffering days would be forever.. im SO HAPPY no words can describe it... i can finally do my project without worrying what time it is.. i can finally update my blog.. but so much for that... anywaysss..... i got nothing to blog about.. except for that

im super SICK today.. i got heavy cough and i sneeze a lot, my headaches and my eyes hurt... i got some problem looking at this computer goz i feel my eye lids closing.. i never had this ill condition in my entire life.. all i know is that i think this whole sickness thing is the cause when i cried last Monday i was so so soooooo....... pissed that i manage to cry 3 hours straight ...coz that time my dad block IE and i was like "NOOOOOO!! how can i do my project..." huhuhu.... when i cried i was having this breathing condition suddenly my breathing thing collapsed i started to panick.. i think i had an asma attack at that time... i didnt tell anybody in fact i manage to heal myself by my own....

i calm myself then listen to music then suddenly i woke up at around 10pm when i look at the mirror my eyes was like then i said to myself i wont go to school tomorrow and just pass the project next week.. then emerald SMS me and beg me to go to school tomorrow haiizz i guess she forced me thats why i manage to take a bath and go to school... after that many hours passed (i think?) about 10 am i feel my head ringing and like crashing on both sides so i went to the clinic then the nurse give me some pills to ease this stupid headache and catch some Z's i didnt notice the time when i got up it was already 1pm .. wohhoooo.. i slept for hours..

wat da?! so DULL!! i cant continue.... bye

need to do some projects

btw pls vist diane's blog hehe click here

to all people out there.. if you wanna have a blog like this.. dont hesitate to ask me about it okay? just as long as im not busy...

heres a horoscope and know what damn it! so true haha..
can you read it?


in the library...

everybodies out .. and emerald and i were the only one left here... i mean the only juniors left ..
anyway who cares?!

i plan to change my blog layout but practically i havnt found any blogskin that suits my mood..haha...

i will not anymore open my friendster account.. sorry! ill be back unless my comp will be back to normal... ill update here often ...

okay... the librarian's getting cranky here.... =_=" gizzz

got go... ^____^


new skin submitted at blogskins^___^

im so bored thats why i decided to create a blogskin... hehe.. hope you all like it... i work so hard at this.. it took my almost 3 hours hehe...

Snapshot of a haloscan comment, trackback & rate system

i give you my heart ♥

if you wanna use it pls leave the CREDITS alone!! respect me & respect yourself... i work so hard making this.. so please DONT REMOVE or else ill sue you!

this is my 1st skin in my new account at misery!chroncile and this is my old acc in blogskin: skrpbuk08

i did this blogskin for valentines day hehe..

pls rate,comment & faved


a new life...

OMG i dont know whats my mood today.. but definetly im positively O.K! okai then whatever & this day.. is the day...so anyways who cares?! harhar... finally 4th mastery test is OVER! few more weeks till our vacation... & to tell you that im not that excited coz we aint going to philippines as what ive expected! damn it! i hate my life..

anyways.. 1 more year than we would be going to our separate ways now.. & i might as well enjoy every minute i have with my friends coz out there its a whole new world, challenges and pop quizzes we can look after... just want my friends to know that thanks for being here for me when things go wrong, thank you for all what youve dont for me.. & i will miss those years the happy ones & the bad ones... whatever it doesnt make any difference its still the moments that i wont forget...

ill try to forget all those bad moments, those embarrasing ones, get a hold of myself and start a new journey...

i dedicate this song to all my closefriends out there espcially my bestfriend

"True Friend"

We sign our cards and letters BFF
You've got a million ways to make me laugh
You're lookin' out for me; you've got my back
It's so good to have you around
You know the secrets
I could never tell
And when I'm quiet you break through my shell
Don't feel the need to do a rebel yell
Cause you keep my feet on the ground

You're a true friend
You're here till the end
You pull me aside
When something ain't right
Talk with me now and into the night
'Til it's alright again
You're a true friend

You don't get angry when I change the plans
Somehow you're never out of second chances
Won't say "I told you" when I'm wrong again
I'm so lucky that I've found

A true friendYou're here till the end
You pull me aside
When something ain't right
Talk with me now and into the night
'Til it's alright again

True friends will go to the end of the earth
Till they find the thing you need
Friends hang on through the ups and the downs
Cause they've got someone to believe in

A true friend
You're here till the end
You pull me aside
When something ain't right
Talk with me now and into the night
No need to pretend
You're a true friend
You're here till the end
Pull me aside
When something ain't right
Talk with me now and into the night
'Til it's alright again
You're a true friend [3x]
just want my friends to know that
"Im still someone who cares"

PS: i dont quite like the voice of HANNAH MONTANA.. i just like the message of this song
harharhar... theres no group picture taking today... good thing i didnt dress up ..


haha.. bisaya people out there!! watch this! sooo damn HILAROUS! i almost fall off my chair watching this video!! ROFLMAO.. my tummys about to explode. ive watch this many times already like about 10x this day haha.. this is a bisaya dobing thingy...dunno wats called.. but! please watch then comment me what you think.. if you dont understand bisaya then dont mind watching this coz you wont undertand a thing.

haha.. this completely made my DAY!


i miss them...


first of all. tomorrow will be another day full of excitments and tests. i should be studying now and focus on the test and look what im doing now.. im blogging!!! damn it! haha... oh well.. this will only be a short entry...

i have another blog here in blogspot BUT wont tell coz its very private, i will only tell that url site if your my friend whom i can trust on and whatever... youll be very lucky if you have the chance to read my private blog & reading my mind like an open book..

i have blog account in livejournal.. just testing it out if its better than blogger.. but ive realize now that blogger is much more easy to use but limited features.. what i like about live journal is that they have awesome features & so much more.. pls visit this site.. kyuusho's livejournal

i sooo miss my life in the philippines even though im not expressing it or my face cant tell... i miss my friends,miss my former classmates, i miss my relatives, i miss my home,my dog, my bike, and i miss my school!!!!!!

if i could turn back the time i would pick to be in the philippines forever..my life is a living hell in here!!!!! but i manage to cope with the challenges.. but still i miss `em sooo much

i was scanning at my bestfriend's profile (isadora) and see lot of pictures from my past, lot of events ive missed.... tear flow down my cheeks...tried to stop it but theres nothing left i can do..god chooses me to be here & i know theres a reason...

this ends here.... gotta sleep before studying okay.. goodbye and farewells..


what a dreadful day...

hello.. its been a dreadful day and ive been such a mess lately craming for this stupid project that ive been working all day and night arghh! just die you TERRIBLE OLD HAG!.. and.. i got this problem somehow i want to take back what i was saying at my last post.. i just didnt expect this as the saying goes "expect the unexpected!" damn that saying! & anyways i trust her thats why i didnt remind her of that... haizzz.... i know that i didnt say those words so dont expect me to believe.. but anyways i understand .. haha.. i just felt bad.. so entirely im not mad or angry at her.. i just felt bad for myself ... i was like this of all my 15 years of teenage life its my first time to ask someone a favor.. ive been doing a lot of favors from other people but i dont mind but dont ABUSED it okay?! i can tell if your abusing me and flooding me with lots and lots of favors...and anyways eventually i stop emoting and get a hold of myself haha.. i just thank tasneem for being such a great friend.. i know ive been such a pain in the neck .. erms.. ive just noticed right now that ive kept using the words "well" and "anyways" arghh... ill cross that out of my dictionary.. except for if i really need to use it.. haha

DAMN IT! the day after tomorrow is gonna be our 4th mastery test and i havent studied a single book yet!! tomorrow ill be going on hiatus mode and will come back blogging after mastery test... i will just take a quick peek at my friendster to see who comments and reply them all if someone leave a note...

oh! wanna share to you some poem i found at deviant..

Not The Same Person.

You think you know someone when really you don’t
I’ve tried so hard to help her but now I just cant cope

Why she is pushing me away I really don’t know
She pushes me any harder and I think I just might go

I’ve tried my best to help her but I guess that’s not enough
She is making my life hell and our friendship so tough

People tell me I should leave her, she has hurt me way too much
But if you where in my shoes you wouldn’t be saying things as such

She is fragile and broken, abandoned and bruised
Vulnerable and delicate but there is nothing left I can do

Her lies like liquid fire they spray me and they burn
I hope in years to come that maybe she will just learn

There is not much more I can do she has drained me emotionally
She has hurt me in every way possible mentally and totally

She always says she is sorry and that she needs me greatly
If so…why has she been so bitterly selfish lately?

But now lately has turned into all the time
Why is she so found of breaking this little heart of mine?

I’m sick of forgiving her just to get hurt taking her back
I’ve got to let her go and get my life back on track

I thought we’d be best friends forever but I guess that’s not the case
But who stays best friends forever and ever anyways?

We used to be best friends and we used to be so close
But now its come to and end and that’s what hurts the most

I need to understand and I need to let her go
I need to understand she isn’t the same person I used to know.


another tough day & the moments i cant forget


okaii.. let talk about what happened yesterday that made me look like this me and some of my friends been chatting all night long.. and oh yeah! at that time i was a little busy doing my project in MAPEH.. and searching some videos about cancer,tumors and stuffs like that.. i was having a hard time downloading the videos because my softwares and files are all incomplete i dont have any FLV player which can play a youtube video when downloaded, still no Nero Buring rom...

last time my computer got bugged and it freeze my computer.. then dad fixed it and good thing its back to normal.. whan its finally fixed my dad install all the softwares that needed to be installed but there are some softwares that arent installed yet like what i was sayin at my 1st paragraph and some of my files are missing...

i was crying my head off that night coz i really dont know what to do... the heak i dont have any downloading softwares like torrent, limewire, bearshare or even youtube gabbler... haizz.. its so hard.. when i finally have the guts to ask someone to help me good thing clarrence is there so save me from this mess and help me download those videos.. i was so touched and didnt expected that she would do that for me.. at that time i was relieved and i wasnt stressed no more and have the mood to chat with othere people and then this begins of an endless conference and chatness from my friends thats why i ended up sleeping at almost 1 am..

have you seen this pic?

have you ever felt to be ignored,battered out, deserted and nobody whats do be with you? well.. for me i felt that feeling last time ..i was have this emotional thing that really distracts me and i need to let it out thats why i told it to my bhessi and then that was it.. haha.. oh yeah... i posted this message at my yahoo messenger status

i thought you were authentic..but now i realize that your just a big fake

oh yeah! like i said.. i did post that message... and you know what.. many people actually reacted and PM me saying "am i the one your talking about... if im the one.. pls tell me and im sorry" i was a little shocked and did expect that it would happened like that...and some asked "who is the one your talking about in your status message?" i did my best to tell the truth but not all i replied the whole meaning of my message some of them i only told them half of what im saying' while some was the whole truth.. i did told the trught to Diane i told her what i was sayin' and who i was talking about coz i know she can keep a secret haha.. i just hope she wont break it.. here we go again.. i just promised myself to forget this and that and all of those nonsense but it just keep crawling in and wont come out... oh well... this time i wont be saying and talking about that anymore.. i feel i want to..... the truth is i was a little confound that i want to brazen out of what i really want to make it clear.. but today.. it came to me that i should just forget about it and move on... i was a little distracted about those stuffs and feel a little awkward... i guess i should stop this and get myself some snacks

i guess ive realized time fly so fast you are not even watching were your going and often make silly mistakes...


so what-ever

im so tired today because of that stupid project...

Another day, another strenuous evening in front of the computer screen. I'm going head over heels just to make the ends meet and its driving me absolutely bonkers. ive aldready created emerald her blog & pls do visit
im-always-alone .. arghhhhh i cant fix my blog... damn it!

dang! im so stuffed! my mom & dad ordered KFC and pizza hut at the same time.. and the point is we already have our dinner.. im sooo stuffed .. and also sleepy.. & oh! only 4 weeks more till the flight of tasneem to philippines.. im really gonna miss her much, huhuhu.. why is that all of my bestfriends seems to go to there separate ways leaving me alone in this deserted place, my first bestfriend was still in phil,my second bestfriend, she migrate to canada from the kingdom & i miss her truckloads all those moments i just cant forget.. then my third bestfriend shes going home to philippines & my forth bestfriend left me behind... oh whos the fifth then... im just too tired to socialize with other people right now...

next week would be our 4th MASTERY TEST! gosh.. how time flies so fast.. and i still ******* cant be viewed for my eyes only! haha


im a busy bee...

dont feel like going to school tomorrow.. how i wish i would catch a cold or something... it that way you would know who your true friends are that care about you.. but! ill still go to school . then sleep there

damn it! i got so much to do.. im so busy yet i have time here to write down what im doing and blahblah! anyways.. heres a list of what i should do today for only 3 hours and 22 mins.

things should do:

1. write new blog post (like what im doing now)
2. do project/reporting in MAPEH
3. check Friendster of isabel
- Change her primary pic
- Put "beautiful days" embed in her profile
- visit "mali/js" profile for her
4. Fix the alighnment problems in my blogger
5. Create emerald an account in blogger

damn it! look at that! so many projects and favors to do.i feel like my eyebags are popping out of my face o m gosh! i need a break.. oh well.. today im being so generous and helpful what the heck is wrong with me?! haha.. i treat Tasneem chicken worth of SR 2 and Cla's lollipop worth of SR 1 and my lunch money is only SR 10. today i didnt have any savings money!!! arghhhhh!! i need to buy something.. but starting from tomorrow no more Miss generous girl coz ill start saving for me to buy that thing...

oh well.. look at my eyes right now.. so big.. i think?! i need coffee damn it!

ive saw something that really turned me on & made me laugh at the same time.. and guess what?! i wont tell haha.. ..next topic


History time - coz Sir A. is late 20 mins.
oh yeah.. me and isay-san laugh our heads out.. i think it all started when i said something that made her laugh.. and at first i really dont get it.. then when i think about what i just said it made me laugh also.. isay's face is all red as a tomatoes and she had tears of joy haha.. or should i say tears of laughness.. and then again. me?? im jumping up & down.. but not entirely jumping haha.. i would look like a clown by that.. haha..

uhmmm... i have this survey that i got from friendster then i let is answer to some of my friends and we all have a got laugh..if you think its corny then dont read it rather then making a fuss here and saying how corny it its..

Name 7 people you can thinkof,right on top of your head.Don'tread the questions below until youwrite the names.This is a lot funnierif you randomly list the names. No Cheating!!!
*Follow your instinct.List down theonesthat came RIGHT out of your mind.^^*

1. lorraine
2. tasneem
3. laila
4. imee
5. isabel
6. diane
7. Clarrence

Don't Go Ahead Unless You Filled UpThe Top! And Don't Go Back And ChangeAny Names!

How did you meet number 4?
= at school hehe^^
What would u do if 1 and 2 were going out ?
= omgggoshhh.. that cant be possible
Where did you meet 3?
= at school since 1st yr
What do you think of number 5?
= shes funny ^^ and fun to be with
What would you do if no. 1confessed that she/he loves you?
= goshness!! thats overdue dude.. shes my bestfriend
Do you miss number 4?
= oh d hell i see her everyday at school O.o
What do you think of number 2?
= we almost have everything in common^^
What do you think number 3 is doing right now?
= doing her projects and homework.. i guess..
What do you think of number 4?
= uhhhh.,.. funny?
Who does number 1 stay with?
= with parents
Have you ever been inside 2's house?
= oh yeah.. many times already
Do you know no. 7 deepest secrets?
= oh yeah
Have you ever kissed no. 6?
= WTF?! hell no!
Do you hate no. 1?
= nah.. shes my bestfriend how could i possibly hate her^^
Do you think no.4 & no. 5 like each other?
= oh yeah.. as a friend
Do you love no. 6?
= of corz^^ as a friend
Have you seen no.5 got angry?
= uhmmm yah
Do you think no.3 hates you?
= i guess...
What would you feel if no.2 & no.4 are making-out?
= oh the hell.. i wont stop them.. haha joke.. positively that isnt possible!
Describe no.7?
= shes malambing and always smiling and happy all the time but sometimes shes pretty annoying
Does no.4 know all of you secrets?
= nope.. not one secret
Do you love being with no.1?
= oh yeah.. i miss my best friend^^
Have you caught no.6 lyring?
= nope not yet.. and on the look out haha
Do you know no.2's real personality?
= oh yeah.. i think i already know her by now

i tag everyone whos hasnt answered this yet !


worst day of my life

this is the worst day of my life & the most embarrssing day!

arghhh... dont feel like im gonna type here.. its so so so humiliating (100000x)

however ill let you see this RANDOM smile'es animations i got from a site.. it really made me laugh and touched at the same time...

this really made me laugh coz i remember one time that someone did this to me and i was like "Oh! come on get serious.. QUIT IT" pretty damn annoying but its okai... haha

this would be my reaction if i would see a ghost!!

awwwww... this is so TOUCHING... true friendship.. thats what friends are for.

haha.. this made me laugh like hell.. i wanna do this to *too confidential to see* haha.. coz sometimes shes annoying with her mouth open and blah blah! she just wont stop... but oh well.. im not human btw if i did that.. otherewise i would be worser than an animal

i miss you...

thats me and my friends..

talk - ear - see