what a dreadful day...

hello.. its been a dreadful day and ive been such a mess lately craming for this stupid project that ive been working all day and night arghh! just die you TERRIBLE OLD HAG!.. and.. i got this problem somehow i want to take back what i was saying at my last post.. i just didnt expect this as the saying goes "expect the unexpected!" damn that saying! & anyways i trust her thats why i didnt remind her of that... haizzz.... i know that i didnt say those words so dont expect me to believe.. but anyways i understand .. haha.. i just felt bad.. so entirely im not mad or angry at her.. i just felt bad for myself ... i was like this of all my 15 years of teenage life its my first time to ask someone a favor.. ive been doing a lot of favors from other people but i dont mind but dont ABUSED it okay?! i can tell if your abusing me and flooding me with lots and lots of favors...and anyways eventually i stop emoting and get a hold of myself haha.. i just thank tasneem for being such a great friend.. i know ive been such a pain in the neck .. erms.. ive just noticed right now that ive kept using the words "well" and "anyways" arghh... ill cross that out of my dictionary.. except for if i really need to use it.. haha

DAMN IT! the day after tomorrow is gonna be our 4th mastery test and i havent studied a single book yet!! tomorrow ill be going on hiatus mode and will come back blogging after mastery test... i will just take a quick peek at my friendster to see who comments and reply them all if someone leave a note...

oh! wanna share to you some poem i found at deviant..

Not The Same Person.

You think you know someone when really you don’t
I’ve tried so hard to help her but now I just cant cope

Why she is pushing me away I really don’t know
She pushes me any harder and I think I just might go

I’ve tried my best to help her but I guess that’s not enough
She is making my life hell and our friendship so tough

People tell me I should leave her, she has hurt me way too much
But if you where in my shoes you wouldn’t be saying things as such

She is fragile and broken, abandoned and bruised
Vulnerable and delicate but there is nothing left I can do

Her lies like liquid fire they spray me and they burn
I hope in years to come that maybe she will just learn

There is not much more I can do she has drained me emotionally
She has hurt me in every way possible mentally and totally

She always says she is sorry and that she needs me greatly
If so…why has she been so bitterly selfish lately?

But now lately has turned into all the time
Why is she so found of breaking this little heart of mine?

I’m sick of forgiving her just to get hurt taking her back
I’ve got to let her go and get my life back on track

I thought we’d be best friends forever but I guess that’s not the case
But who stays best friends forever and ever anyways?

We used to be best friends and we used to be so close
But now its come to and end and that’s what hurts the most

I need to understand and I need to let her go
I need to understand she isn’t the same person I used to know.

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