another tough day & the moments i cant forget


okaii.. let talk about what happened yesterday that made me look like this me and some of my friends been chatting all night long.. and oh yeah! at that time i was a little busy doing my project in MAPEH.. and searching some videos about cancer,tumors and stuffs like that.. i was having a hard time downloading the videos because my softwares and files are all incomplete i dont have any FLV player which can play a youtube video when downloaded, still no Nero Buring rom...

last time my computer got bugged and it freeze my computer.. then dad fixed it and good thing its back to normal.. whan its finally fixed my dad install all the softwares that needed to be installed but there are some softwares that arent installed yet like what i was sayin at my 1st paragraph and some of my files are missing...

i was crying my head off that night coz i really dont know what to do... the heak i dont have any downloading softwares like torrent, limewire, bearshare or even youtube gabbler... haizz.. its so hard.. when i finally have the guts to ask someone to help me good thing clarrence is there so save me from this mess and help me download those videos.. i was so touched and didnt expected that she would do that for me.. at that time i was relieved and i wasnt stressed no more and have the mood to chat with othere people and then this begins of an endless conference and chatness from my friends thats why i ended up sleeping at almost 1 am..

have you seen this pic?

have you ever felt to be ignored,battered out, deserted and nobody whats do be with you? well.. for me i felt that feeling last time ..i was have this emotional thing that really distracts me and i need to let it out thats why i told it to my bhessi and then that was it.. haha.. oh yeah... i posted this message at my yahoo messenger status

i thought you were authentic..but now i realize that your just a big fake

oh yeah! like i said.. i did post that message... and you know what.. many people actually reacted and PM me saying "am i the one your talking about... if im the one.. pls tell me and im sorry" i was a little shocked and did expect that it would happened like that...and some asked "who is the one your talking about in your status message?" i did my best to tell the truth but not all i replied the whole meaning of my message some of them i only told them half of what im saying' while some was the whole truth.. i did told the trught to Diane i told her what i was sayin' and who i was talking about coz i know she can keep a secret haha.. i just hope she wont break it.. here we go again.. i just promised myself to forget this and that and all of those nonsense but it just keep crawling in and wont come out... oh well... this time i wont be saying and talking about that anymore.. i feel i want to..... the truth is i was a little confound that i want to brazen out of what i really want to make it clear.. but today.. it came to me that i should just forget about it and move on... i was a little distracted about those stuffs and feel a little awkward... i guess i should stop this and get myself some snacks

i guess ive realized time fly so fast you are not even watching were your going and often make silly mistakes...

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