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My mum stunned the crap out of me.. it just that.. yesterday.. my mum said that me and my bro gonna move to another school next school year .. and were gonna move to PSD (Philippine School in Dammam) coz for some reasons my mum said so that my dad wouldnt have anymore problems driving 2 hours a day from al-khobar to jubail (back and forth) every single day... but not on weekend... ahhh.. im so so so so so knocked out by that news, im about to graduate and and... ahhhhh... i dont want to leave my friends especially that im about to graduate already..

i just notice that every the year of graduation day i had, i move to a different school; for example: i move here in SA which is when i was in Grade 6, at that time im so desolated that i never talk to anyone to my new classmates that time in IPSA and they all probably think i dont know how to be Tagalog and im so SILENT!! ahh.. its just that im so depressed and unaware of that kind of situation and for that i have to leave my bestfriend for 5 years already and im also about to have that loyalty awarde in La Salle Academy which makes me much more disappointed... and this time.. i dont want this kind of hasty situation come to real again.. wish my mum would just change her mind (like she always does) but anyways.. they cant force.. bwahahaha.. im too STUBBORN !!

I've never thought actually I will share things of me around.But who knows? Who will actually read this shit anyway.

ive edited my blog once again with new layout.. this time i edited it but of corz with the help of someone:

i get my inspiration on eggiiness
image from sweetsugar...
& for more just go look at the credits

i just cant believe ive done it again haha .. oh yeah... this is the LIFE! no pesky lil bro to disturb me this time hahas i can now fully concentrate on my project.. well so much for that...

btw here are some pics i took last thursday...

i love NICI products!!

i want this huhu

this is soooo CUTE! i love this

love it!!

L necklace haha... the letter was embrosed just the trademark in deathnote (ALDO)


i love this dinning set... it was some kind of vintage haha

my dream bed...

i love this dinning set..

btw before i forgot you all people should read Tasneem's entry (Ditching the prom) in her blog! dang! its so amazing coz we are the same (you know ditching the prom) her entry is so AMAZING! so TRUE! like she said its not the time of the prom for a girl to "Shine" oh well.. just go read her blog! she write so flawlessly, simple words yet deep in meaning..you'all know what im sayin'? she won as champion for some kind of speech (i guess) in toast masters.. i here by curtsy tas for being so flawless in writing..

click here for tasneem's blog

okay.. gotta go.. gonna finish that project hehe

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