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oh my gosh! SA government block photobucket!! the hell... anyways... gladly im prepared for that, thats why i rehost all my pictures here in my blog to imagecloset for the others to see i planned the other day to host it in tinypic too bad there annoying featured photos is insanely not appicable to the eyes thats why i decided to host it in imagecloset instead... its pretty cool coz they load so fast!

today ive tidy up my room hehe... since isay will come here tomorrow coz she needs help (like what are friends for anyway)
dont want isabel to get lost in the jungle so decided to tidy up my room...cleaned every nook and cranny and my back hurts..

at school
i enjoy our history classes even thou Mr A. is giving us sermons but who cares anyways he still got this great sense of humour and that made me laugh to the bone haha..

i forgot to bring my ******* **** *** ******* and that ***** im gonna give it next week on saturday.. hehe..

Looking back, through the years,
Laughter, pain, joy, and tears,
Events we can never forget,
there are roads to be traveled yet.

I see you for who you are,
beyond the bruises, scrapes, and scars,
to a heart loyal, strong, and true,
I will always stand by you.

Every time I fall or stumble,
Encouragement is what you mumble,
Words so soft, powerful, and lasting,
Love and guidance without asking.

Though we have our imperfections,
they became our strong connections,
Understanding without words,
sharing secrets never heard.

Beautiful, is what you are,
Heaven’s brightest, shining star,
No matter what the future holds,
I see what you have to show.

Every experience, a lesson learned,
the road has many twists and turns,
but wherever the path may lead,
I hope you will be there beside me.

You have a place in my heart,
No matter how far we drift apart;
you always have, and always will,
a space that only you can fill.

My friend, a solid rock in life,
to see me through whatever strife,
I may encounter along the way,
Advice and wisdom, you will say.

She knew how much we’d need each other
I love you like family, like no other,
God blessed me with a wonderful friend,
To be there until the very end.

I dedicate this poem to my lovable friend: Tasneem, just want you to know that even if your living from afar, were always here for you no matter what

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