$1,625 for a ripped t-shirt w/ holes

i saw this at a blog i subsribe and i just thought that the price is CRAZY....!!!

it has a pricetag of $1,625 for just a cotton ripoff t-shirt with holes!

INSANITY!! you could actually make one yourself! buy a green shirt at cut holes right through it!

or throw it to a bunch of hungry lions or tigers and BAM! there you have it!

a green ripoff shirt

it said to be that the designer of this ridiculous shirt is Christophe Decarnin

Talk about a ripoff. A cotton T-shirt covered with dozens of holes and tears is taking high-end fashion to a whole new level - with a tidy $1,625 price tag.
French designer Christophe Decarnin is the mastermind behind the expensive olive-green number from haute couture brand Balmain.
It has been described as "stylishly disheveled cool" by luxury fashion retailer net-a-porter.com, but has economy-conscious New Yorkers thinking otherwise.


Chikara hat!

My second Chikara hat!! :) bought it yesterday at an anime convention held in Robinsons Manila


had fun at starcity!

first and foremost, my body aches all over especially my arms! - i think it's because i hold on too much on the safety bars on all of the rides :))

its a bad timing we went to starcity yesterday cause the 3 most exciting rides are undergoing maintenace like the zyclone loop, surf dance & flying carpet but nevertheless it's still fun!

before they open they had this dance thingy hahha! the snowman ! so cute

my blockmates riding on the star flyer at first i was a little hesitant cause i heard that someone died while riding this then come to think of it life is short - so i cowardly ride the star flyer while shutting my eyes close.

and well.. it's not so bad! then i tried it the 2nd time again, this time without shutting my eyes hahahaha!! IT WAS SUPER FUN! seriously.. i just don't get it why some others don't want to ride it.

hunted house! big floop. i thought there will be like walking ghost and scaring us all but then there were only lame ass controlled manikins. *They say it would only happen sometimes.

star flyer @ night.

i think we rode like EVERY single ride including the wild river that makes us all wet (haizz) also the snow world! *it was fun the ice slides and everything when i went out my nose and cheeks were all red and my feet went numb.

then there are some of those people who try to act all cool by not wearing any jacket when they went inside ¬ gosh. it's not even cool at all.... it's super super cold inside like your inside a big ass huge freezer.... i could even last there for 30 minutes.

and yeah. we went there yesterday...


my mom isn't here with us now but she will arrive in philippines about next week or if my mom manage to get a flight ticket to get here.

--if there are any wrong grammars and spellings. sorry hahaha im a little tired to check it up again.


The first time i bought online

i was really satisfied with the bag that i bought~ ^^

the seller is really nice, there was good communication and the item arrived on time and even earlier than the actual date that it would arrived also she keep us updated so i really like it :) yeah... my first experience in buying online.

i bought it from a seller in facebook. here's the (link)

(photos thanks to senya)

i really like the bag! the quality is nice and actually it's bigger than i actually expected, My whole 14" laptop could fit right in it and have still room for my wallet HAHA :))



so, next week will be our 3rd semeter departmental exam slash FINALS! every college student's busiest week :( F.I.N.A.L.S


the bag i ordered arrived last Thursday! i'm so happy! ^_^ it's my very first order i made online and it turned out great!

i am actually gonna post some pictures but maybe next time. hahaha~


do ask me any questions here: formspring.me/tiffanyunni

no blog questions or anything related to blogging owkie you can ask that by e-mailing me. In formspring just something you wanna know about me :)

i'm so like addicted to etude house right now.


I AM SERIOUSLY pissed off with my laptop! it would automatically shuts down by itself in about 10 minutes or so it's like it has a mind of its own :(

so if anyone knows the problem and if you encountered the same problem as mine please do tell me.

cause i have been in like almost all the laptop repairs and they say they still can't fix it because of this and that *insert long story*

& im really sorry i can't return all your tags right now but i promise i'll return your tags by tomorrow

that's all for now. /end


bandwidth extended (again)

this is starting to piss me off! it's not even a month has passed and my bandwidth has EXTENDED AGAIN!!

i think i'm start over making a new photobucket account haiiz.



finally there's saizen in the philippines! i've just recently heard about this one just now through a beauty blog

Saizen is like the Authorized Philippine Retailer of Daiso-Sangyo Inc., Japan

when i read the word "Daiso" i got so excited cause whenever i jump from one blog to another i always read them blogging about Daiso and what they bought from the store.


Saizen means "best choice" in japan and it offers authethic Daiso products and i think everything is made in japan and the words are in japanese O.o since i don't undestand a bit of japanese i'm gonna bring my japanese friend along hahaha.... just kidding

i like to go by myself though :) i hope i could find the Cure Natural AquaGel that bubzbeauty has been vlogging about

it's located in Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas. It's like really far from where i am residing now but nothing seems far when you can take the mrt and hail a cab, right? hahaha!

can somone say cute? you can buy this at ninjaneko.multiply.com

she also has the whole range of bb creams (skin79, missha, brtc and many others)

and laneige too! song hye kyo is so pretty!

and this wallet, i really like it! its really simple but it has a touch of elegance


Why 87% of the dogs die too early

find out why 87% of the dogs die too early & 3 easy things you can do to stop it from happening.

SHOCKING!. yeah i have a dog but it's not with me and i haven't seen her for about 1 year already well.. hopefully i think im gonna see my dog next month! :)

(image: curry-chan)

Who wants JEAN LEGGINGS!!!!

jeggings! me want <3 i actually tried one of those jeggings one time when i saw it at the mall it's so comfy to wear. I think its made of denim like a skinny jeans that is stretchable and.. geddit?

it looks so cool especially if you wear it with heels and its so comfy to wear!! i personally dont like leggings but this is different!

today, me and & my friend with her little cousin will watch "ALICE AND THE WONDERLAND" today! i have been really looking forward to watching it ever since i saw the trailer!

i just don't get it my sister fall asleep at the cinema when she was watching it with her friends. Is the movie that boring?


Romantic Island

Yesterday, i watched romantic island korean movie which they filmed it in boracay it's so darn funny HAHA! specially in the scene at the taxi cab since the korean dude's english is like so-so , some reasons why i watched it is because i was so intrigued by the cast includes: Eugene, you might know her from Wonderful life and Lee Seon-gyoon from Coffee Prince.

& i so love the soundtracks used in this movie especially those instrumental ones

It tells a story of 6 adults whom went for a vacation to Boracay to escape from problems and daily routine. The vacation turns up to be a memorable one, which brings a powerful impact to their life and leads them to find love.
credits: newz-blog.com

i ordered something online, i just can't wait for it to be shipped here! WOOOOO! yeah. it's my first time buying online so i really hope it will turn out really great

smilies from Wyona


Missha hauls

Went to SM north annex to visit MISSHA! when i went there, i didn't plan to buy anything since i just want to look around and probably buy something there next month

but haiizzzz... those saleladies (-.-) they made me sit in a chair and made me try the missha perfect cover bb cream. I was so damn superised of the outcome resulting me to buy their product not to mention they said i have jungle brows so they straightened it for me *yeah i love my brows now*

but i was really pleased the saleslady are so friendly & they have knowledge about the product unlike some other saleslady there at other cosmetic stores *cough* *cough* who only knows how to follow around.

Missha Perfect cover bb cream no. 21

with one pump, you can achieve full coverage covering all your blemishes, red spots and what not also it has SPF 42 ++

don't know what to say anymore, i just love this bb cream! some blogs says the cons is the oil control.

well...not for me. :) i have dry plus sensitive skin and it work fine for me.


got these for free!!

i think these are trial sizes (is that a word)? sorry i seem to forgot the right word for it haha!

okay... the reason why i bought another bb cream is because my elianto bb cream splattered all over my bag! >_< and when i was squeezing the tube it was already empty whats worse that the cream stick to hard on the bag that it's so hard to wash it off.

read blushhh baby's review on missha perfect cover bb cream


so tomorrow, (you got that right! we have classes on SUNDAY) for my NSTP class we are going to pandacan for a community service in a very very hot summer day! but idk anyways, i'm actually looking forward to it!

and i feel like i'm going to get really tan cause we are gonna be explosed in the blazing sun and all that UV rays is going to make me tan

NEW LAYOUT! hahaha.. i made it just now so i would be more inspired to blog


Etude House haul & review

YEY!! finally bought some etude house products. these are just some few things i bought. The items are mostly skincare line rather than the make-up cosmetics.

O2 white mask (Php 498)
this thing works like magic!! before i purchase this product, i did a search about etude house bestsellers and reviews then i heard from a blog that this mask will make your skin white in as fast as 1-2 minutes. I did a hand swatch at etude house then remove the mask after 2 minutes and guess what..............

i was in utter SHOCK!!! this is why i love korean cosmetics and their skincareline so much! their products are superb! have you noticed the difference? if not. it's probably because of the camera or the lightning. During the process you can atually feel the tingling feeling as it reacts through your skin and note that you can only use this 2-3 times a week

but before you buy this product i just wanna say that it's only temporary since skin grows and dies then the top layer of your skin will eventually shed off blah blah blah science stuff. So yeah, whitening products doesn't last long or it isn't forever

but i didn't regret buying this though since it keeps my skin hyrdated, brightens and evens out my skin tone.

- rapid changes of your skin in as fast as 1-2 minutes
- it makes my skin hydrated
- brightens
- and evens out my skin tone

- i personally don't like the smell
- whitening would wore of eventually

Happy Teatime in Aloe tea Cleansing foam
(Php 148)

rating: 5/5
i seriously love this product! i was really tempted to buy this because it's so cheap! it's only Php 148 and the tube is big (hahaha) i don't know how to explain, i don't know how much ml/g it is since i don't read korean but as you can see from the picture it's really big and full (awkward sentence used) it's 150 ml. not only that it's cheap but the quality is really good! *thumbs up*

anyways, i really love this cleanser! it has a really nice smell also it moisturze, revitalize and refreashes your face giving you a squecky clean face.

The line consists of the following teas:
- Aloe Tea (for moisturizing)
- Milk Tea (for softening)
- Peach Tea (for brightening)
- Green Tea (for clarifying)
- Lemon Tea (for revitalizing)

Greentea nose and Black charcoal chin pack (Php 38)

first and foremost, the PACKAGING is so cute! then again, i really love this! it removed my blackheads. While i put this in my nose i could smell the green tea and i could feel it working in my skin. I've tried out those regular nose strips but when i peel them off it leaves like white marks but not this.After peeling it off my chin and around my nose feels so smooth! (or is it just me) but it's kinda painful when you peel it off but doesn't matter.


After you purchase their products they will give you this Lee Min ho transparent folder (or what i would like to call)

while i was browsing through the net they say they will give you a Lee min ho poster!

poster my ass! guys! this is not a poster, acutally its like a folder of some sort something like that, see my fingers? you can actually see it right through them.

yey! for free membership card! :) you can avial this if you purchase Php 500 worth of products


Formspring questions.

i was really flattered of what you guys wrote in my formspring. It really made me smile in my very stressful college days. I didn't expect that i still have my loyal readers with me cause ever since i didn't blog for like a really long time my traffic drop tremendously :(

@supercupcake: awww.. thanks. i'm really flattered!

for more replys you can visit my formspring account :)

so tomorrow im going to etude house after my geometry class, i will try to make a purchase and blog about it probably im gonna do a review of the product

Etude house & Missha

Etude house & Missha finally arrived in philippines! well actually missha opened like back in september 2009 and etude house like in december 2009 or something. I must be so late to catch up on things. yeah :(

but seriously!! i am going to pay a visit! i just had too! especially ETUDE HOUSE since i've been drooling all over their products ever since i saw famous celebrity like lee min ho, park shin hye or jang geun suk and a lot more whom advertise the products. the packaging is also very cute and from what i have heard all over cyworld the prices aren't overpriced and pretty much affordable

Etude house (first branch) - SM megamall located on the upper ground floor
Missha (branch) - SM north edsa annex