What's for Breakfast ?

Day 4 of 365 - (decided to continue my 365 here)

Kellog's Froot loops cereal! I lalala-love this cereal next to my Honey Stars, nothing beats eating cereals in the morning. I actually couldn't believe i just went grocery shopping maybe because i'm tired of eating junks & fastfood everyday just thingking of it makes me barf. Hopefully my groceries will last 2 weeks cause I tend to overeat a lot.

P/S: I don't like eating chocolate-y cereal it even though i love chocolates but just not on my cereal. Is it just me?


Redoing 365 days

As crazy as it sounds (>O_o)>, i've decided to start over the 365 days but i'm completely doing it on another blog preferably in tumblr cause it's much easier posting pictures there.

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ 365 days blog ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Right now, i'm actually quite excited arranging my schedule for next semester tomorrow! there will be absolutely no 7:30 - 10:30 classes


My favorite bloggers

Why are all my favorite bloggers quit blogging?? it's preposterous.
I miss all of them ( ´_ゝ`), they were great bloggers, they inspire me a lot and I enjoy reading all of their blogs.

Its just depressing that they don't blog anymore :( Even though I sometimes don't leave a comment! I DO READ YOUR BLOGS! ( ´д)ヒソ(´Д`)ヒソ(Д` )

anyways, today is the end of my 3rd term and luckily i passed math whoop!! Next term, I swear im going to try my very best!! and i don't want anymore 7:30 in the morning absurd classes and i'll leave a break time before my math classes so i have time to study for the quizzes or whatever.

It was a mistake on my part that my schedule is messed up last semester. I had 2 Math classes and I have no break time and some more had to wake up in 5am in the morning to get ready for my 7:30 class... I'm not going to make that same mistake again.


Private: Shut down

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Such a waste

the c sharp program i downloaded last night is such a disappointing waste.

You see here, this is what i have to deal with last night, freaking lies of e-academy. It says

"The download may take some time to complete based on the speed of your connection ......."

and I just sit there painfully staring while it slowly buffing its way up to a hundred percent.. 30 minutes later... its still 3% ...... and I wuz like ....ARE YOU FCKING KIDDING ME? SERIOUSLY?!

Why don't they just end my misery right there and say "Hey! Don't waste your time here cause you know what? This takes hours and hours of buffing shit do yourself a favor and find another link"

It's not only that, you have to do some crazy things before you could install this thing. Ridiculous

I have complete trust on my internet connection. This thing is just bonkers beyond belief. But it's a good thing though that i manage to finish in the nick of time with the help of my friends.


Slow ass snail

Currently in the mids of finishing my project for my c# programming subject. I don't think im going to sleep at all tonight. I've just downloaded the software right now cause the codes was coded on a visual 2008 and it wont convert on my visual 2010 ... just great! Did i mention that this software takes ages to download?

I'm just going to stay positive anyway... I ain't even mad.


iPad 2? No thanks.

I dunno what is the f*ck is this hype about an Ipad 2! and it's still doesn't support flash! wtf?

Why are people who intrigue and raving about it?!

It's just a big ass itouch. Nothing different.

If MAC decided to make a new version of Ipad at least let it support flash! the only thing new to this iPad 2 is that its thinner. geezus.

Waste of money.


Private: Hangover

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Enhance in Dali black Contact lens

I just love this new contact lens! It's called "Enhance" because it makes your iris look bigger but the diameter size of this one is .......wait for it... 14.00 dm ! yup! just the average size!

It's really comfortable to wear, I almost forgot that i have them on. I also recieve compliments from my friends and they always ask me what type and the size of lens im wearing cause it looks really big...

and it's really cheap and could last up to 6 months.*thumbs up*

P/S: i didn't know that the grade of your contacts is different from your glasses [゚д゚] the power of my contacts is -2.25 on both eyes but in my glasses its 275 and 250 

Day 09 - A picture that makes you smile

This picture made me smile it's when i was little. That's me on the left. I was so cute back then ಥ‿ಥ *sniff* now?? *I dont even.... urgh!* I'm pretty sure everyone here looks cute when they were little.

I grab this picture right out of my ☞ friendster account haha! It's nice that i still have that account, couldn't bear to deactivate it ( ´_ゝ`), it holds lots of memories and I saw those pictures of me when i had that long black straight boring hair especially in my multiply account!! hahhaha x)) lot of vain pictures gahh! the good ol' days.