Enhance in Dali black Contact lens

I just love this new contact lens! It's called "Enhance" because it makes your iris look bigger but the diameter size of this one is .......wait for it... 14.00 dm ! yup! just the average size!

It's really comfortable to wear, I almost forgot that i have them on. I also recieve compliments from my friends and they always ask me what type and the size of lens im wearing cause it looks really big...

and it's really cheap and could last up to 6 months.*thumbs up*

P/S: i didn't know that the grade of your contacts is different from your glasses [゚д゚] the power of my contacts is -2.25 on both eyes but in my glasses its 275 and 250 


  1. wow!!ang cute ng mata mo!astiggggg!! :D :D ang cool.and maganda sau ^_^

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  3. Naturelle Pure Black is different than the other lenses. They come with a different wrapping as well. I love the way the wrapping looks on these vials. The bow accent is so cute!


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.