Elianto BB cream review

i can't stop myself but blog about this!!! hahaha! i have been thingking about bloggins since yesterday and i just can't help it!

i just love this product! ELIANTO BB CREAM!!!!

if you don't know what bb cream is then you can just google about it :)
it's really popular im sure you guys know what it is....

on the side note:
it's this really famous product that koreans use in their face (always wonder how they have this really amazing and flawless complexion... yeah.. this is their secret)

What i love about Elianto bb cream
1. Amazingly! - it evens out my skin tone!!!
2. It gives this radiant glow in my face!
3. Really amazing coverage (i swear) hahahaha!
4. When wearing it... it feels like it's not even there. It's not heavy or anything

so anyways. the Elianto BB cream (Miracle White Multiplex) not only covers your blemishes but also whitens your skin. It's a "Whitening, Anti Wrinkle, Firming, Moisturizing " cream and even protects your skin from the sun

it's even way better then using foundation cause when i use foundation, nothing happens (or is it just my face) even if have to put loose powder but then my face would be a little too much paler then in my neck unlike BB cream it evens out your skin tone with this glow in your face

that makes it look natural!!!! thats why i LOVE it!

i actually recieve a lot of compliments when i started using it. One of my classmate goes on about what my skin routine is, and what i put in my face.

and i remember one sales lady ask if i ever had a facial care and if i ever tried it even once.
(P/S: i don't really know if she's being sarcastic or not)
and no i haven't tried it even once

so anyways. yeah! it's really a nice product. It's a bit pricey, i bought it for Php 800 but it's so WORTH IT!!! and the product is made in korea also btw i use #01. Nude Beige :)

you can visit their official website here


so this is actually what a BB cream do to your face like a before & after

(bubzbeauty of youtube)

nice huh? and yup! that's exactly what a bb cream could do! be it a missha or elianto or whatever brand.


diner dash

been playing that game since yesterday ^_^

but it's quite hard then i thought cause the PSP version is much easier then in PC
anyways that's all i have to blog today

any recommended games out there? i'm really bored


i heart Lee Hong ki

i love lee hong ki. i know he's a member of FT island, actually i never listen to their songs until i began watching "You're Beautiful" and i just though Hong Ki oppa is so irresistible, cute, funny and charming

just to show you how much of a fan girl i am ....

(i just can't help but screen cap some cute expressions and faces of My Hong Ki oppa!)

My eyes burns because of Hong Ki oppa's cuteness! I'm lovin' his blonde hair! it suits him perfectly!

i love this scene a lot! hahahha! look at their faces! PRICELESS!

P/S: you guys should watch this korean drama! it's the best!! watch online at Hotkdrama @ youtube.com

PP/S: watch it at Hotkdrama of youtube! SHE HAS THE BEST VIDEO QUALITY EVER!!!! unlike in mysoju ~bahh

PPP/S: i am so LSS with their song "lovely day"
you can download their ost at alicechensworld @ blogspot


Ranting about my 3rd semester schedule

before reading this: can you do me a HUGE FAVOR by clicking the nuffnang ad for me please.

yes. i am begging so pretty please click it? :) one click is enough

I fcking hate my 3rd semester schedule! I know I am the one who arrange it but what can i do? considering all the nice slots are taken!

what's worse? MY TUESDAY SCHEDULE! it's JAM PACKED! look at it! @#$& i have no BREAK! and the subjects! CS140 and CS140L is like math!! full of fcking equations and math functions!

those are the only slots that are available. My Math should be every Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 3:00-4:30pm so that i wouldn't have to go to school during thursday and saturdays considering we have a fcking sunday make-up class for 3 months!!!!

what a waste of time!

BUT there isn't any available slot for me so boo-hoo!

if my math would only be during MWF then i would have a break time between my CS subject!

till then every tuesday i would be running around the school with no break till 4:30pm!


and... as for the above subjects on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY! i have too much BREAKS!

yup! that's one thing i hate too! i just hate to sit around and do nothing! and the only thing i would love? well..... 1 break is enough for me but every subject i have a break?! fcuk! what am i suppose to do then?

okay.. i should stop ranting......

what's funny is when i went out from school and i was very very troubled because of my schedule and i didn't realize someone was calling my name

well yeah....

okay bye!

school starts on January 18 and fyi i'm not excited to go to school unlike any other kids there

P/S: i made my online reservation late so all the nice slots are taken :(


cause these things will change.....

i just went to the mall today :) and uhhhhh.... yeah bought some stuffs cause i was bored at home watching k-dramas

speaking of korean dramas, right now i'am currently watching "Temptation of an angel"

and i really really love the whole plot and everything about it. It has a very very unique story and you could never predict what's gonna happen next.

Title: 천사의 유혹 / Cheonsaui Yuhuk / Temptation of an Angel
Also known as: Angel’s Temptation
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 21


After the death of her parents, Joo Ah Ran plots to ruin the family that destroyed hers. She seduces and marries the son of her enemy, Shin Hyun Woo, who discovers her plan belatedly. With a new face, courtesy of plastic surgery after meeting with accident, he decides to exact his own revenge upon her.


Han Sang Jin as Shin Hyun Woo (Before)
- Bae Soo Bin as Shin Hyun Woo (after) / Ahn Jae Sung
Lee So Yeon as Joo Ah Ran
Kim Tae Hyun as Nam Joo Seung
Hong Soo Hyun as Yoon Jae Hee

credits: (koreandrama.org)

okay... so anws.

Bought a polo/top at Zara
i really love it cause it looks like one of those zipia items hahahha!

(p/s: haha! pixelled my face. sorry for that, i look horrible, had only slept 4 hours due to staying up all night watching Temptation of an angel)

planning to buy next month

i was planning to join this contest: catcha real leaf a paparazzi blog contest

its about catching someone drinking real life and being a paparazzo (well you get my point)
and guess what? unexpectedly, i was on my way to our condo when i spot a dude at the jeep holding "a real leaf drink"

and i was like

"OMG!! should i take a picture of him? what if he thinks i'm weird and all.... and if i would took a picture of him.... should i explain why i'm taking a picture of him drinking?"

oh well.....

i ended up NOT taking a picture of him anyways...


i'll just bring my camera to school lots of students drink real leaf anws.


i passed!

YOSH! i've just looked at my grades online this semester and guess what? i passed! woohhh!

i passed all freakin subject including those subjects that i doubt i would pass!

on Monday is our enrollment and i'm gonna do another schedule for 3rd semester.

anyways. want some coffee ?

┃♡ .┣┛
┗━ ┛


Black roots

as you can see....my black hair is growing out

it's just about 1 cm but yeah....

finally got my Starbucks 2010 planner! yey!


Chocolate love

i just can't stop listening to F(x) and SNSD's Chocolate love. It's just keep playin' in my head over and over again! yeah. (LSS)

actually i found both versions really really nice!

SNSD - cute version
F(X) - sexy version

sidelines: the first time i heard about the new korean girl group f(x), i though it was pronounced as F of X (coz of those math functions) then found out its actually pronounced as "effects" [O.o]

so anyways.

to be honest.... i like the Fx's dance routines but like the song version of snsd more.


p/s: wow at jessica's voice. Her voice is like so unique! even if my eyes were close i would definitely recognized her voice

pp/s: lovin' tiffany's hair here.. really long


which version do you like best?


i love zipia!

personally, i don't like blogging without pictures .... yeah. but anyways, felt like blogging now.

i think i've spent a lot of stuffs when i went shopping at the local mall and almost cost me Php 1,500 +

right now i bought a cap from folded and Hung (which is really stupid)
oh well.. i've always wanted to buy a cap like last year, i just couldn't find the right one

i badly needed to control my spending habits -.-

for some reasons, i get tired wearing backpacks right now i am seriously hunting for a body bag / messenger bag

something that looks like this:

- yeah, i compiled all the bags i like

(pictures from zipia)

everytime i visit Zipia.. my heart aches as i know i can't buy them T^T
all i can do is just drool every sight of item in that site....

How i wish there is a zipia store and not the online shopping thing.

and i don't know how to buy online and i'm kinda scared

and oh yeah...

my 2nd semester officially ends here! yup! finished all the exams and

Ya know what???!! i have another 1 week freakin break...... this year is full of breaks and holidays and for some reasons i'm kinda sick of holidays!!!

i just had my 2 weeks holiday break.. and now i have another 1 week and 5 days semester break!!!

and because of these effin breaks. next semester we will have another sunday make-up class!!


no matter how much you look at it....

you have too much of a free time in college!

p/s: thanks zhouyen for this lovely online greeting card i got from you