i love zipia!

personally, i don't like blogging without pictures .... yeah. but anyways, felt like blogging now.

i think i've spent a lot of stuffs when i went shopping at the local mall and almost cost me Php 1,500 +

right now i bought a cap from folded and Hung (which is really stupid)
oh well.. i've always wanted to buy a cap like last year, i just couldn't find the right one

i badly needed to control my spending habits -.-

for some reasons, i get tired wearing backpacks right now i am seriously hunting for a body bag / messenger bag

something that looks like this:

- yeah, i compiled all the bags i like

(pictures from zipia)

everytime i visit Zipia.. my heart aches as i know i can't buy them T^T
all i can do is just drool every sight of item in that site....

How i wish there is a zipia store and not the online shopping thing.

and i don't know how to buy online and i'm kinda scared

and oh yeah...

my 2nd semester officially ends here! yup! finished all the exams and

Ya know what???!! i have another 1 week freakin break...... this year is full of breaks and holidays and for some reasons i'm kinda sick of holidays!!!

i just had my 2 weeks holiday break.. and now i have another 1 week and 5 days semester break!!!

and because of these effin breaks. next semester we will have another sunday make-up class!!


no matter how much you look at it....

you have too much of a free time in college!

p/s: thanks zhouyen for this lovely online greeting card i got from you


  1. Hi Steffanie :)
    I really like your blog, so keep on doing it ne? ;)

    and I'm sooo thankful to you!
    Zipia is awesome!
    Because of you I get to know it~but I share the same problem. I'm afraid of buying things in the internet ^^'


  2. hey, seems like you're rly not the only one who's afraid of buying things online!

    i've got the same problem with yessyle.com.
    actually my main problem is that i have no credit card, but most online shops only accent credit card payment. but I'm too lazy to go to my bank and get one~

    the bags of zipia look rly totally awesome!
    recently i also got bored by my backpack. i got a xxl shopping back now (pic of it on my blog soon !^^)

    have a nice day !^^

  3. ooo I really like the gray bag and plain black bag! I'm not sure about buying things online either. My parents buy online quite often. They've had a few problems, but were able to work them out. It's not too bad buying online, but the biggest pain is the shipping costs.

    btw, I love you're blog!!


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.