i lost it!!!

wahhh!!! i lost the cute strawberry hair pin that Laila gave me!!!

I LOST IT!!!!!!!!! *breaks down and cries*

i tried finding it in my room but still i couldnt find huhuhuhu

it was a remembrance of laila ... the hair pin is really cute! super kawaii!


Fated to love you Taiwanese drama

Taiwanese drama

the 2nd best Taiwanese drama i've ever seen!! okay my first best tai. drama was "brown sugar macchiato" next is "fated to love you"

super nice drama!..

first of all i got bored in playing ps already ... why? cause i dont have coins! all spent every dime and nickel buying those gmbs! -rant over..moving on-

my sis introduce me that drama so i got nothing better to do so i watch it and watch.. then ive realized the drama is so nice!

its romcom drama. the drama has this moral lesson.. so yeah! recommended to watch people!!

okay.. i felt like im the only one who hasnt watch this drama yet... but anyway

im in episode 7 already... i started watching it yesterday in mysoju.com >>>

i haven't seen episode 6 yet!!!!! WHY??? cause veoh IS BLOCKED HERE IN KSA! SERIOUSLY SUCKSSS!!!

i tried searching it in youtube but there are no english subs! i cant understand chinese anyway.. so whats the point of watching it.. so i skip and watch ep 7 in mysoju


ive downloaded all of the opening soundtracks already haha

나의 생활의 충격적인 일은 오늘 이다. 나는 벙어리 행복한 느낌 만일 i가 아첨하면 나가 어떻게… 느껴야 하는지 정확하게 모른다, 원인은 누군가 지금 막 나가 성숙했 조금을 성장했는 처럼 나가 보고 좋게 나는 그의 으깸일 이고 말해 조차 본ㄴ다는 것을 밝혔는가


JS Prom

our prom was held on holiday inn yesterday.. dunno what to blog more

very cute toy given to us on our "exchange of momentos"

the new gmb items

huhuhu.. couldnt get the glass with the wing.. im bankrupt already for buying all thoughs gmbs.. seriously sucks!


superrr duper tired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my back aches.. just got back from prom about 11 pm and my back aches T_T
oh well... im still opening gmbs ..hoping to get the gold sunglass


Holiday Inn Hotel

we had our prom practice at holiday inn last tuesday.. its a 30 min from our school

the super long stairs that we are going to make our entrance and all that!
yeah! its super long and scary (for me)

anw... today was our LAST general practice.. cause on Friday would be our js prom.. we were really bored during recess so decided to go crazy.. i am currently doing a video too (graduation song)

funny? i find this pic funny. why? cause clarrence (red shirt at the left side) look like she was suck in some kind of alien spaceship haha

haha!! this jump shot is like an evolution of human


im loving the song "Hot n Cold" by kate perry!!

so funny at the part where the bride maids carrying a bat haha!! its like they want to smash it to the guy's head



if im not mistaken.. gui gui means ghost right? haha

anw.. about my contest in the forums.. ive finally picked the winners

i picked this as 1st place ... so nicee!! its like a vector of my pet

this one is nice too..

OMG! please stop faking me!

i just noticed it.. Eunice tagged me something about a font name.. and i was kinda wondering why she gave the a font name when i dont ask people's fonts...

and the thing is.. i already know that font and have been using them since last year

so i pay a visit to her blog and found this:

she even use my blog link forwarded to her message..and that just suck!

why? cause i dont tag people with "steff" i always tag with "steph" .. and i repeat i dont ask people where got this and that.. okay.. i dont ask too much question about your private stuffs... i just go to you blogs to comment about your entry or about your blog

i repeat! i don't ask other people's resources or font names!

faker.. please stop using me to let people reveal their resources okay.


Happy Valentine's Day!!

HAPPY HEARTS DAY TO ALL!!!! single or not. haha

to all single people haha.. just cheer up.. theres nothing to get upset about.. let go and buy ourselves chocolates yea.

thanks to all people who greeted me! very thoughtful of you

from eunice:

from lisa:

i also wanna make a valentine banner but sadly i still dont have photoshop! let me find a way to edit something without using it... ive tried using paint.. to hell it with it!


anw.. pet society is in maintenance for a very long time already.. im getting very impatient haha!

made this for my senior year!

once again, we call ourselves sped because of some reasons not because we are mentally retarded
Pet Society

how to get more coins - my way

- aside from visiting friends and hurdle race...

remember the items that are in "THIS WEEK ONLY"... buy as many as you can!! they are gonna be rare anytime soon after "a week" is up already..

you can trade them in the forums and get lots of jukes for it BUT dont trade it too fast!
wait about a month or so and you could get about 15 jukes for any rare items.


How the forum works. & new gmb items!

brief explanation by me

how to trade

1. i dont know how to explain it but ill tell you how i know.
- all you need is a lot of common sense

i just watch people do the tread and auctions in the forums and that's how i learn to do it

auction and selling is different..

- all you need to do it top the bidder with your offer

for example:

bidder 1: 10 jukes for the mayor pic
bidder 2(you): 11 jukes for it
bidder 3: 12 + golden poo
bidder 2 (you): 15 jukes
seller: okay sold to bidder 2

something like that. but the seller will decide if he/se is satisfied with the offer

2. selling your stuffs

heres a guide

** HA L L O W E E N **
Show ▼

** C H R I S T M A S **
Show ▼

3. IF YOU DONT LIKE THE OFFER that someone offer you.. just say it nicely


seller: im selling a ghost lamp.. make offer please
buyer 1: 5 jukes for ghost lamp
seller: still low.. could you get any higher please. i sold 20 jukes for mine last time..
buyer 1: i dont have 20 jukes
seller: oh okay... thanks for the offer though
buyer 2: ill pay you 20 jukes for it
seller: okay sold to buyer 2

and do not do this please

seller: selling pirate outfit set
buyer: 5 jukes for it
seller: you kidding me! that is soooooooooo low!

4. BE aware of scammers! do not force anyone with high rep to give you the items first ...
people with high post count and rep is a safe trader~ but are are some people also that have low post count are safe traders too

- people with red boxes are scammers or whatever
- people with lots of green boxes are super safe
- poeple with 1 green box and 0 post count is weird..

(if you got more higher post count then the seller you can say to her/him to send first)

- the last thing you'll know is that your gonna have flying tomatoes throwing at you

6. Pet society forums is a lot different from blogskins forums

no offense but i find blogskins forums not that friendly as you can see..

case 1: you just advertise your blog or blogshop
reply: so show off
reply 2: yeah! get off here you show off

i mean.. thats really so mean.. why couldnt they just visit and say something about it and keep there rude message to there own.. a forum is a forum in general.. anything goes there whether it is advertising or not! or anything related to a BLOG!

in pet society

case 1: i got hacked/ my closest friend backstab me and stole all my stuff/ this is my blog . im really an addict in pet society
reply: your blog is really nice
reply 2: yeah. agree.. really nice..
reply 3: wow nice design

as you can see... ps forums in surrounded with moderators that are ready to banned you when you are being rude or unfair to people.. or putting up flame thread

in blogskins forums.. there are no moderators.. nobody cares. put up a flame or whatever.. nobody is gonna get you banned

- no offense.. i just find it harsh-

7. be an honest trader as much as possible

example: you made a deal with someone for a rudolf toy for 5 jukes and the buyer sent you 6 jukes and she/he is a bit confused of what the deal is.... return his/her 1 juke back and be honest!

-ill add in more later-

8. RARES are worth for jukes/lips; GMB items are of course worth gmbs too

you can add me in pet society forums -> my link



i love gumdrops!

well... my blog title got nothing to do with this blog entry ... i just love gumdrops.

okay end of story

ive searched enough hairstyles and cuts in Google... so far i saw some great haircuts ! BUT! only looks good for long straight hair..

i wish my hair grows fast! im sick and tired of having short hair .. but i dont really have short hair haha! (the picture you see in the profile is a later part of me last year so my hair now had grown like 4-5 inches) my hair was choppy back then when i was on my junior high, now my hair had grown a lot.. i love it... i know it looks weird and messy but im planning to fix it up soon

this haircut is nice and cool .. BUT! i think there is too much and short layer at the top .. i think it would be nice if it would be much more longer like adding 4 inches

i just love this cut! damn nice!


ok.. these are my friend's pet.. i edited them though.. anw just click the image to see the bigger size

left to right:

table 1: macky & kupo
table 2: gui gui & wang zi (wang zi is not a pet on my neighbor.. i just invented him.. sadly there are no more boy pet in ps.. except for panda(w/c is laila's pet)
table 3: panda & chisai (isabel's pet)


silly kid.

theres this kid in the bus that had a face like a donkey... ok just kidding...

this chubby silly freshman kid which sits behind me in the school bus is seriously super annoying..
he was chatting to this girl classmate and this chubby kid is like telling some jokes that doesnt make any sense... (actually.. i dont really bother but they are speaking so loudly)

i still remember this kid's joke:

chubby kid: spell bow!
girl: what bow? like bow and arrow?
chubby: yeah! spell bow!
girl: okay... b-o-w

then this chubby kid and this girl begin to laugh LOUDLY and as if theres something funny about the joke~

then they did it again

chub kid: spell double bow
girl: b-o-w.. b-o-w!
chub kid: wrong! double bow-bow !

and then he laughs loudly again and so is this girl

.. i don't get it.. is it me? or they just need a slap on the face

every time this chub kid jokes he pinches the girl and im super sure it was really painful and for a moment she looks like she wants to spit at the chubby kid(boy)..


ahh! i wanna take a haircut after prom!! somebody please stop me!!