by gosh!

ME BEING TO ADDICTED to YOYO CICI!! the monkey looks sooo cute!

[EDIT] No, im not talking about a level-up cheat.. im talking about a money cheat
actually i dont care about cheaters.. the only problem is this world are scammers

if by any change your gonna hack ps for cheats..
you shouldn't have made it too OBVIOUS

~BIG OMG! like the hell people would notice a person whose level is 30 and jump right up to 34 in one day... bought to much jukeboxes yea? for rares? haha.. oh well..

i could never afford a starry night lamp for 25 jukes! DANG!!! 25 jukes!!

lets do the math if your gonna buy a jukebox for 20,000 x 25 of that equals to 500,000
therefore buying 1 jukebox would get you +800 paw points

multiply that to 25 equals to 20,000 paw points

so every time you buy 25 jukes (you rich pet you! haha) your paw points would increase to 20,000

-end of boring lesson-

i opened my ps and i was like
okay. maybe that was a bit exaggerated.

ok... this is

my face -> + =

it always made me shock whenever people do that.

Just wanna say a public thank you to ANDREA
for being so nice and generous

my YOYO CICI mummy doll


ive organized a contest in the forums.. you will win lots of jukes .. click here

this contest is open for everyone! especially people with photoshop skills

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