Fated to love you Taiwanese drama

Taiwanese drama

the 2nd best Taiwanese drama i've ever seen!! okay my first best tai. drama was "brown sugar macchiato" next is "fated to love you"

super nice drama!..

first of all i got bored in playing ps already ... why? cause i dont have coins! all spent every dime and nickel buying those gmbs! -rant over..moving on-

my sis introduce me that drama so i got nothing better to do so i watch it and watch.. then ive realized the drama is so nice!

its romcom drama. the drama has this moral lesson.. so yeah! recommended to watch people!!

okay.. i felt like im the only one who hasnt watch this drama yet... but anyway

im in episode 7 already... i started watching it yesterday in mysoju.com >>>

i haven't seen episode 6 yet!!!!! WHY??? cause veoh IS BLOCKED HERE IN KSA! SERIOUSLY SUCKSSS!!!

i tried searching it in youtube but there are no english subs! i cant understand chinese anyway.. so whats the point of watching it.. so i skip and watch ep 7 in mysoju


ive downloaded all of the opening soundtracks already haha

나의 생활의 충격적인 일은 오늘 이다. 나는 벙어리 행복한 느낌 만일 i가 아첨하면 나가 어떻게… 느껴야 하는지 정확하게 모른다, 원인은 누군가 지금 막 나가 성숙했 조금을 성장했는 처럼 나가 보고 좋게 나는 그의 으깸일 이고 말해 조차 본ㄴ다는 것을 밝혔는가

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