if im not mistaken.. gui gui means ghost right? haha

anw.. about my contest in the forums.. ive finally picked the winners

i picked this as 1st place ... so nicee!! its like a vector of my pet

this one is nice too..

OMG! please stop faking me!

i just noticed it.. Eunice tagged me something about a font name.. and i was kinda wondering why she gave the a font name when i dont ask people's fonts...

and the thing is.. i already know that font and have been using them since last year

so i pay a visit to her blog and found this:

she even use my blog link forwarded to her message..and that just suck!

why? cause i dont tag people with "steff" i always tag with "steph" .. and i repeat i dont ask people where got this and that.. okay.. i dont ask too much question about your private stuffs... i just go to you blogs to comment about your entry or about your blog

i repeat! i don't ask other people's resources or font names!

faker.. please stop using me to let people reveal their resources okay.

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