The Sims 3

i have been playing sims 3 .. and yeah. sims 3 is sooo COOL! you can go visit your neighbors, go to the park and meet other sims and stuff!

ill let you take a sneak peak in my lousy house and my sims.. let me introduce to you

the insane, hot-headed, kleptomaniac, Hydrophobic Sunny ( i made her that way)

its so funny cause when she jumps to the water she is wearing his "everyday" outfit and when she sleeps she wears her swim wear and oh yeah! when she was at the water she gets all scared

anyways the natural cook, lucky, artistic, computer whiz Ginger and last but not least

athletic, charismatic, brave, dare devil guess-the-name

haha! GUESS THE NAME OF THE DUDE! you should have notice *winks* seriously i can't think of any other name

P/S: house is designed by me, and yeah. i have a thing for glass house and surrounded with water! i just love a house with lots of sunlight

please wait for the picture to load!

kinda weird that the mouse pad thingy is before the keypad

anyway.. i've been reading Gakuen Alice season 2 in manga!

and and!

WARNING: spoilers ahead!

in Chapter 49 page 20 they were dancing and someone clumsily pushed them and Mikan ended at the top of Natsume and their lips met something the same as Hana Yori Dango season 1 - the thing that happened to Domyuji and Makino

somewhere around chapter 49 too i can sense Hotaru like Ruka cause she gave him a cake and smiled! yeah. its so rare to see Hotaru smile with that emotionless face of hers

and in Chapter 50 - remember the kid principal of the academy ? yeah that dude danced with Mikan! and and and! Nastume kissed Mikan, not by accident this time its real


fast blog

i'll do a fast blog then take shower and get dressed. I'll blog in my own dialect for now.

Sa lahat ng mga taong kinaiinisan ko yung mga tipong hindi man lang maranung mag pasalamat Ang dami dami pang tanong tas siya pa etong nagagalit. bwisit! kakainiz ka! sino ba lumapit? ako? ikaw? tapos

isa pa etong mga ibang tao, biruin mo ba naman tinapon sa akin lahat nung letcheng blog codes niya at ayusin ko daw yung navigation! Nu ba kala nila ha! na papayag lang ako ng ganun.

Kakainis kasi eh! sorry ah. dapat ko lang ito ilabas. My mga ibang tao kasi nag aabuso na! sino ba kasing di maiinis pag may mag aadd sayo sa yahoo tapos babarahin ka ng maraming tanong at mga blog codes sa mail naman ang daming tanong mga tanong na pwede naman ma-hanap sa google

Parang ayoko na tumulong kasi eto naman natatangap ko! di man lang sila marunung umintindi! sila kaya sa pwesto ko! magpatulong tas magagalit pa!

sa mga nakakaintindi nito wag niyo na itranslate sa ibang tao na di nakakaintindi.

sige yun lng hehehe!

anw my first vector in photoshop. yeah i suck a it .. did it last night

HAHA! my first vector or vexing! haha! embarrassing! i can't even see my nose! and the lip part is really hard haha! i can still improve right? hahaha!

dont laugh!


where is it?

where is your tagboard? - a question everybody wants to know.

if your wondering where.. its at the dump site I've thrown it out there, its rubbish! place for spammers and posers. ruining other people and shit!

Laila also told me if i could put up my tagboard again and i promised i would but..... i didn't hehehe..


im leaving tomorrow .... goodbye UAE and hello Philippines! seriously i just can't wait. hahahaha!! its really different when you will start living on your own far away from your parents

today, i just had a major brain overload. my mom can't stop telling me what to do when i get there...

"Every week try to shop for groceries and stop eating fast food.. you had a big allowance yet you can't ....... BLA BLA BLA"

then the next day again ...

"Do groceries, eat this and that, go to church every Sunday"

"Don't spend too much time at the net............... Eat veggies"

i swear my memory bank now is in maximum level and it may explode any minute and im going to have brain damage

have you heard?

Micheal Jackson just died today because of heart attack.. i was a bit sad for him since i was a fan of the song "Thriller" anyway.. Rest In Peace !

그녀가 그녀 평가하지 않는 조차 처럼 사람들의 이 종류를 미워해 나가 지금 막 한 그러나 나가 인 무슨을 당신이 생각하는 경우에 좋은 저주를 당신 뒤틀고 도는! 당신은 단 하나 "를 말하지 않았다 조차 당신을 감사하십시오" 변화를 위해. 나는 나가 설명하는 방법을 모르는 원인 높은 쪽으로 거의 섞인다! 지독한 은혜를 모르는 사람! 이제부터. 나는 t 도움 누군가 더 이상! 당신에게 감사 낮은 생활! 이렇게 절망 모두

i got addicted to this game! man i love it a lot!! hahahaa!! i seriously won't stop until i beat my sister bwahahaha.. then again. i think it would took me about gazillion years before i could beat the crap out of my sister

p/s: can anyone suggest a song? any type of song will do be it K-pop, j-pop, OPM, or just pop! haha!

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) - Girls Generation (english subbed)



Gakuen Alice

gome gome! suddenly my love for anime came back when i was talking about Gakuen Alice on my last post. heres some anime list i have watch for the past 16 years of my life:

Gakuen Alice
Death Note
Card Captor Sakura
Magic Knight ray earth
Ah! my goddess
Ranma 1/2
Sailor moon (is this counted? haha)
Slum dunk

Naruto??? nope i haven't watch that yet hahaha! i tried watching episode 1 then i got bored anyways.

P/S: I've taken the images here myself since their isn't any available nice pictures in photobucket or elsewhere grrr... i screenshot them while watching

i got totally hooked on Gakuen Alice right now.. its just that i haven't watch that episode yet! aiyaa! right now im in episode 15. where as Natsume got kidnapped by a group of Anti-Alice! that traitor Reo!

grrrr! im going to rip their guts out if they touch him!

i got all excited when Natsume saw Mikan got hurt by those jerks and he got angry and made an explosion! btw Natsume that time was pretty weak so i was really moved by what he did!

another one of my favorite scene:

Mikan finally regained consciousness , then Ruka thank Mikan and Curly Permy (dunno why. but thats what Mikan called her, she doesn't even had a curly perm) for saving Natsume. then this Curly Permy got all errr.... flattered? and hug Ruka

so yea. *scratches head* Mikan now received an Alice Star yey! she's not a no-star kid anymore

.. so their school festival follows and this scene was when Ruka got love struck of Mikan here!! then Mikan suddenly ask him and the others how she looks like and Ruka got all misty-eyed and blush

okay bla bla bla.. im not going into the little details so if your curious just watch the series.

this scene is so gawddamn hilarious!!!! im laughing so HAARDD! i think my head is gonna fall off

Natsume: Are you suppose to have a chest or something? all i see are flatlands
*people backing off*
Mikan: *shaking*
Mikan: TSUBASA-SENAPI *running and crying*
Mikan: Now i won't be able to get married

haha! Mikan so cute and innocent

this part is was also one of my favorties, when they try on the "Latent Ability" thingy... then they ride on the broom

*on the air*

Mikan: this is so pleasant, luca-pyon (Ruka)
latent-ability-guide: Oh! Luca and Natsume are on my broom without the fanclub president around (the curly perm)


there are soooo MANY HILARIOUS scenes in Gakuen! especially this Hunted house part hahaha! all the ghost here are only created by the girl with Illusion Alice

so this old lady ask them if they could carry her over there (for some reasons... she doesn't make sense) anyway. and of course Natsume and Ruka ignored her but Mikan was all like lets-help-the-poor-old-lady kind of thing *trembling*

but they still ingored her. so this poor scary lady turned into this:

then their facial expressions?

damn funny!! i was laughing my ass out!

look! Natsume still looks cool & cute even when running haha!

so anyway.. bla bla bla.. then this cute rabbit of Ruka got away so he followed it and yadda yadda yadda .. then Natsume and Mikan ended up by themselves.

then this scardy-cat Mikan saw a Statue (which is btw not scary at all) then she fainted. Suddenly this Statue is falling off so Natsume protected Mikan *AWWWWWW!!!

**P/S i always get excited whenever theirs a Natsume-Mikan scene!!!

last dance festival

Mikan was annoyed and got all mighty when Natsume always calls her strawberry print or polka dotties --- panties (ehehe! there's a story behind that) and not actually call people by their name then .....

Natsume got all serious and called Mikan by her name then there's this freakin' annoying fireworks!! grrr! in manga they were suppose to kiss!! gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! then mikan blush

episode 21

the finals! the studying-mode kind of crap ... wherein the highest score will get to go home for 1 week... so Mikan keeps studying cause she wants to see his grand pa then made the influence to everybody to study....

everyone was starring at them cause it was the first time they saw Natsume and that half-bald-headed-somewhat-friend of his study. Yeah, Natsume is smart so some people need his help to study (like the first time Natsume act like that)

episode 22

wahhhhhhhhh!! why is Natsume taking those pills what are they for? is it because he use too much of his alice?


Mikan got him by a Ball? forgot what it is. so

she saw stuffed animals carrying a water pail.. then Mikan help them carry

the guy with an alice of putting souls in the stuff animals.. that dude sooo HANDSOME!

Mikan's face when she same the guy:

she has an injury on the 2 image and disappeared and she blushed.

episode 23

stupid disguise of his

grrrrrr!! Reo came back again! its that dude who kidnapped Natsume! i ought to kill him with my bare hands!

episode 26

okay whooohooooo! i need to breath - in - out - i was laughing my ass out when Mikan saw her final results on her test. and she need to take a retest before she can be a junior. She was expecting that she passed and of course i expect that too since she tried her best anyway she didn't pass and therefore had to take a retest and her expression is this which is sooooooooo damn FUNNY!

hayyysss.... i want season 2 of gakuen alice anime!! anw.. i just can't wait.. i will be reading the GA manga now - click here for manga
thanks to those who suggested this website! i love it a lot.. the manga here is really clear

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