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this really drives me crazy , just got back from my medical exam

just by getting your school college ID you had to go to so much stuffs like:

1. Medical Exam (physical & dental)
2. Interview with the guidance
3. x-ray
4. CBC (taking your blood)
5. urine & stool sample

& so much more...

the hardest part was taking your stool sample.. (stool means your poo) .... that part drives me crazy ... cause no matter what i do.. i can't poo!!!

in other colleges they only take your urine for examination.. here in my college.. its both your poo and urine! i mean seriously, Can't they just take your urine and go!

i ate ham and cheese croissant , cappuccino and cold water .. but still i cannot poo! i drank like 2 bottles of water already... and the 2nd bottle i though it was water but when i opened it, it was actually ice!

i waited at the bench for like 2 hours listening to BOF, 2ne1, big bang soundtracks while watching people pass by

then finally i felt like an urge to go to the loo then yeah... i mange to poo haha!!!

after... i got my cardinal note and my student handbook!

anw.. the torture isn't over yet.. i had to go back there for my dental and interview with the guidance at july 3 ... it was suppose to be at June 24 but was moved because i had to go back to Saudi A on June 5 haiizzz.. another freaking 9 hours flight from philippines to saudi! your butt would really hurt...

my return here in philippines would be on July

anw.. its been raining here non-stop.. i like rainy days but things like this pisses me off

ok since im gonna be free all month of june (vacation) i've decided to hold a contest .. but this contest is different .. its not just some type of contest that would make you banners if you won..

this time... the winner will receive a blogskin layout made specially by me ... yeah by me and a lot more rewards then you can count...

but this contest won't be easy as you think it would haha! (not open yet... im just planning on it)

Thanks to all those people who follow my blog! love ya'all

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