OSL Contest - AWARDS & My rants

the 1st placer a 1 month advert from my site and as for the 2nd and 3rd winners will get a 2 weeks advert
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i would like to thank everyone who participated in OSL contest and i really appreciate your efforts in trying to win. as for the smilies (only for participants) *my previous smilies* if you want

just contact me and ill send you the images - no need credit, i didn't made them anyway

P/S: not Bibi smilies alright.

to rene: before you say something foolish be sure to know what is going on okay!

okay my mom now is like bugging me to pack my stuffs early so i wouldn't forget anything.. my mom has been lecturing me what i had to do in the airport and bla bla bla~ haaiizz.. and keep telling me to wear a mask so i wouldn't get H1N1

plain mom stuffs.... keep reminding over and over again.

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