where is it?

where is your tagboard? - a question everybody wants to know.

if your wondering where.. its at the dump site I've thrown it out there, its rubbish! place for spammers and posers. ruining other people and shit!

Laila also told me if i could put up my tagboard again and i promised i would but..... i didn't hehehe..


im leaving tomorrow .... goodbye UAE and hello Philippines! seriously i just can't wait. hahahaha!! its really different when you will start living on your own far away from your parents

today, i just had a major brain overload. my mom can't stop telling me what to do when i get there...

"Every week try to shop for groceries and stop eating fast food.. you had a big allowance yet you can't ....... BLA BLA BLA"

then the next day again ...

"Do groceries, eat this and that, go to church every Sunday"

"Don't spend too much time at the net............... Eat veggies"

i swear my memory bank now is in maximum level and it may explode any minute and im going to have brain damage

have you heard?

Micheal Jackson just died today because of heart attack.. i was a bit sad for him since i was a fan of the song "Thriller" anyway.. Rest In Peace !

그녀가 그녀 평가하지 않는 조차 처럼 사람들의 이 종류를 미워해 나가 지금 막 한 그러나 나가 인 무슨을 당신이 생각하는 경우에 좋은 저주를 당신 뒤틀고 도는! 당신은 단 하나 "를 말하지 않았다 조차 당신을 감사하십시오" 변화를 위해. 나는 나가 설명하는 방법을 모르는 원인 높은 쪽으로 거의 섞인다! 지독한 은혜를 모르는 사람! 이제부터. 나는 t 도움 누군가 더 이상! 당신에게 감사 낮은 생활! 이렇게 절망 모두

i got addicted to this game! man i love it a lot!! hahahaa!! i seriously won't stop until i beat my sister bwahahaha.. then again. i think it would took me about gazillion years before i could beat the crap out of my sister

p/s: can anyone suggest a song? any type of song will do be it K-pop, j-pop, OPM, or just pop! haha!

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) - Girls Generation (english subbed)


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