New Layout ~ Cherry version

oh yeah! i so love my new layout! hehehe! i love it to the max .. before i'll explain something about my new layout. just wanna say that this is best viewed in FIREFOX

& before i proceed, my sister also helped me with the images here.. see that drip thing in my navigation? P/S: you won't see it at any other sites except here.

you know why?

cause i made it hahaha! i did it in photoshop and use the pen tool there, i use the freedom pen tool and my hands shake like crazy huhuhu

thankfully my sister is online at yahoo msg. so i chat with her and ask if she could help me fix it..
and bam! haha! my sister is so good at this things...

She also help me fix the cherry at the sidebar

P/S: i didn't made that cherry image i saw that one at a certain site but the edges is rough and looks like its out of quality so my sister help me! YEYYY! truckload of thanks to her.


a lot of my codes is missing in Internet Explorer & i don't know what it looks like in Safari & Google chrome

grrr!!! i seriously hate IE! to the max.... it lags and loads so long

anyways.. if you'll check out my "contact" page and click on the forms, you'll notice that a bunny will appear at the side & at the message input a rainbow star will appear (which IE users won't see)

as for the sidebar you should have something that looks like this:

and at the end of the sidebar.. like this:

which is again. not visible in IE

and now please avoid from copying and ripping my layout.. that's a crime and that is the same as stealing from a toy store okay!

if you wanna copy something just ask for my permission. i don't need your credits! i want you to ask permission from me first

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