Asian Stereotypes

1. Asians are smart and are good at math
2. Asians always throw up their peace signs *okay guilty*
3. Asians eat dogs
4. Asians love anime *yeah. i love anime back then*
5. All asians are video game nerds
6. All asians look alike
7. Asians are bad drivers
8. Asians have small eyes
9. Asians are thin *i'm not thin... even though i look like i am
10. Asians play pokemon day and night *not include maple right? hehehe
11. Asians are Cheap *not true*
12. Asians have small and slanted eyes.
13. Asian females haircuts focus on bangs - yeah. i do agree with this one haha
14. Asians are quiet and hardworking.
15. All Asians play an instrument
16. Asians always eat rice *of course what are we suppose to eat
17. Typical Asian and their asian hair
18. Asians use chopsticks *"some" - i use spoons and fork okay.

my favorite one was "ASIANS EAT DOGS" i don't eat dog meat and i have never eaten a dog okay!

then again i do love anime. my favorite one was "Gakuen Alice" and followed by UFO baby, Card Captor Sakura that's it, the rest i just read manga especially wallflower! haha! you should read it.

but now, i don't watch anime anymore..

"Asians look alike" -wtf? haha. same goes as people with blonde hair and blue eyes

Asians have smalll eyes - correction: not all asians have small eyes.

All Asians play an instrument:
not me~ i don't know how to play any instrument but im learning piano hehe

Asians and their Asian hair
ADMIT IT! We asians have cool hair. thats the truth and you know it! bwahahahahahaha!! .

i fit 7 of the stereotypes i've listed there.. got from both google and youtube

and i do have something to say about Asian Parents anyway.. just watch this video about asian parents... *for me.. its somewhat true haha*

i feel like i've posted this video in my blog already. anyway. just watch it.. its so funny

then again. my parents don't allow me to sleepover at my friends house. or go to my friends house unless its important.. so overprotective

i remember the time when our JS prom is over and i get invited to go to my friend's house.. and guess what my parents said ----- "NO"

and the thing is, my friend's house is like a block away from our house!!

my friends even help me make the "paalam" with them and my friend's parents but over all my mom do agree with it but my dad don't

i was quite pissed cause all my friends are there except me

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and oh yea!


for those who are far away from their dads why don't you send them an e-card or for those who can't buy them gifts... just let them know they are important to you

if you don't know what an e-card is. its like a flash greeting card that sends through your dad's email ad

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