trying my L U C K! in Nuffnang contest

yeah. i was thinking about joining the "Your the 1, Goldilocks" hosted by Nuffnang but i don't have pictures of Goldilocks pastry cause i just ate all of them yesterday.. luckily the deadline would be until july 15, 2009! YEY FOR ME!

so yea. even though i still have the Goldilocks polvoron that my mom bought, its still useless cause i seriously don't have anything to say about it..

so the best thing to do a contest entry about it, is on my birthday - yeah on July 13 (which would be my first day in college too.. BUMMER!) hahaha!! that way i had a lot to say...

so this is my trial haha! i did it in photoshop .. that is what i'm planning to do.. something like a scrapbook thing... anw THE FONT SUCKS! huhuhuhuhu.. i was trying to find some fonts that would look nice in a scrapbook but no luck..

and No this is not my contest entry...

if you wanna join visit it here (only for nuffnangers in philippines)

i wanna win the HP MINI LAPTOP so bad

you can see some of their entries there too at the comment area (no, that is not the master copy of all entries)...

actually i read the entries of other people there... to be honest.. they are really good! their english is really good even though its boring to read

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