jet lag! *updated*

[ U P D A T E D ] i've finally figure it out on editing and putting the NEW HALOSCAN which is powered by JS-Kit on blogger BUT i think it would be difficult since it won't work the same as the old one

honestly, the new one is pretty cool! its just that its a little complicated

anw: im still figuring out on putting it at every blog entry

this new JS-KIT works like wordpress btw. hahaha!

i suggest those who have a HALOSCAN account back then before the new one, to use it.. cause when registering for the haloscan you get redirected to JS-Kit which sucks a lot

when you forgot your password .. you have to figure it out


WOAHH!! the new windows 7 ultimate damn nice! much more nicer then windows vista
[ E N D of N E W U P D A T E ]

haiizz.. i got jet lag-ed ... I REALLY REALLY HATE TRAVELING ARGHH!

especially when its so damn far and this connecting flight thingy...

my body time zone is still in philippine time.... so when it is night here.. i cannot sleep but in day time.. i feel sleepy.. something like that...

so today.. i influenced my dad in getting to watch Boys Over Flowers haha!!

yeah.. i've downloaded up to episode 1 - 12 woots! *if you wanna download go to my visitor page**

i got so pissed when i can't download episode 13 here in this 40 degree-temperature saudi arabia.. cause MEGAUPLOAD.COM is BLOCK here! #$%@! WTF!!


btw.. my dad loves watching korean dramas ever since he watched "Full House"

so today, my room is feels different and look different..
before, was insanely messy and jungle-look
now, i feel like i wanna stay in my room forever .. its just so sleek and clean

for my next tutorial: (i'll put this up for Lisa)
- How to use Haloscan comment system.

just want you to know... the thing why i put haloscan in my blog .. its becuase for me too read comments (duh) on that specific blog entry.. it gets pretty tiring if commenting at tagboard (cbox) then if it gets full old comments would get deleted.. haiizz

and and and and!

HALOSCAN is much more easier and user-friendly to use rather than the blogger comment system one...

1st: you can customized how your haloscan would look like unlike blogger
2nd: haloscan loads faster

and lastly:


damn shocked! just 1 day got 5 people followed my blog

** currently addicted to the song "UNTOUCHED" by the veronicas

i have joined kimverlyn's contest

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