to all my followers! URGENT!

thanks to Lisa and Mae for informing me regarding about this matter..

i seriously didn't know about this till someone told me that, they can't see my updates in the reading list at their dashboard so i tried following myself so i can see

okay problem fixed haha!

to all my followers: can do me a favor . please tell me if you have seen my updates at your reading list. thanks .. reply here please.. (not at my tagboard)


thanks to lisa for helping me again hehe =^_^=
if you can't see my updates.. remove me and add me up as my follower again

another faker spotted

lols.. faker this days... everything written there is not true.. thanks Cynna for informing me.. i mean seriously.. i dont tag like that.. saying "submit this skin bla bla bla mumbo jumbo" and i don't tag with capital letter and the url is not even right... whats with the www??

faker spotted at Lhezs's tagboard

i shall blog properly

i frostings!!! this cookie bar is freakin' delicious

cooked "gye ran mal yee" (rolled up egg) yesterday.. yea. looks a lil burnt' i tried lowering the heat but but but... haiizzzz

you could see this in one of "boys over flowers" the one jan di made... yea.. i just got inspired by that's why i made it haha...

announcement: as for the highlight, drum roll please

*drum rolls*

the official oh-so-lovelyy contest will start tomorrow... all prepared with prizes and everything so watch out for it

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