Dinner time.

My dinner ehe Yeah, i eat a lot.


Merry Christmas!

my first blog post for the month of december. Pretty cool huh?! not. anw, failed at project 365 , hope other people have success with theirs.

anyways, i always find it amazing when people stumble by my blog when they search "Lee Min ho", "Digital perm", "bb creams" & "cyon lollipop" . I always check my nuffnang once every two days and it never fails to show that the most searched keywords where "lee min ho" or "Lee min ho's girlfriend" in my blog *laughs* and especially "digital perm"

and some more irrelevant keywords that creepy people search, "Handsome Filipino guy teenagers?" really???

anyways, Merry Christmas to all my followers and bloggers out there

Can't wait to eat the Mango Float i made


Day 9 - Ow! My giant blue head!

This is the best superhero movie ever! it's super funny and witty! I remember this one scene that literally made me laugh like "HAHAHAHHAA" made me ROFLMAO. I forgot the lines that megamind said but it was one of those lines when he .....

*spoilers* (highlight if you wanna see)
when he pretended to be the space god? and he as his minion to get a stick at slap it to the newly hero he created, i forgot the what he called the stick. i think it was Confusion stick? memory stick? urghh... dunoo! hahaha!! that scene really tickles my funny bone

Month of November (this month has the most exciting movies)
1. Megamind
2. Easy A
3. Unstoppable
4. Harry Potter 7 !!
5. Skyline


Day 8 - Planner

I actually don't know why i crave for the Starbucks 2011 planner so much. Last year, I got the Starbucks 2010 Planner but didn't use it. My sister told me to write something on it or if not i could sell it for Php 2,000 on ebay. Yeah...sounds promising but i don't want to sell it probably because:

1. The feeling i get when i completed all the stickers and get to have the planner. (it's like im on cloud 9 or somethin') haha
2. I drank almost like 15 cups to get it in a limited time (for a moment there i felt like i've actually accomplished something hahaha)

and i stopped writing on it because i noticed how horrible my handwritting was and it look like shit!! @_@ and doesn't go well with the starbucks planner.



Day 7 - 'Cause i see sparks fly

I love Taylor Swift's new album - "Speak now"!! I really admire her, she composed all the lyrics in the songs herself in this album and every song has a meaning! Cheers to Taylor!

'Cause I see, sparks fly whenever you smile
Get me with those green eyes, baby
As the lights go down
Something that'll haunt me when you're not around

Me and my friend did our research/thesis paper today, still unfinished. We manage to type around 11 sentences in 6 hours :))


Day 6 - boring day

Picture above when i was watching Dante's Peak at an internet cafe
This day is pretty boring. During our discrete math subject we were discussing about poker and math stuffs.... and all i could ever understand was suites blahblahblah randommathshit poker blahblahblah taken blah blah blah king queen blahblah blah -.-


Day 5 - Scifi movies + Junk food

Watched 90's sci-fi movie "Dante's peak" the most realistic volcanic movie ever!! the the movie Volcano 1997 isn't that good, it's nice but it's not realistic almost impossible.



Day 4 - New Pens!

Bought new pens at National Bookstore.

  • Sharpie accent highlighter in pink
  • G-tech 0.3 refill
  • Pilot Frixion
    ~ best shit evah! discovered it from a friend. It's like a ballpen but you can erase it *geddit?* so handy when it comes to those professors who won't allow erasures on test!!
I dunno why but for some reasons i think g-tech pens hate me (insert sad face). They always won't work on me after 2-3 weeks then i have to buy another one (insert Y U NO GUY) it didn't even ran out of ink.


Day 3 - Yellow Cab for lunch

Me and my sis had Yellow Cab for Lunch. Yummy!! we ordered the 10 inch #4 cheese pizza and raspberry sola!! nomnomnom.

The #4 cheese pizza is like super damn yummy compared to the ordinary cheese pizza kind. :)

P/S: Oh-kay. I perfectly have a good excuse *i think* unto why i wasn't able to blog yesterday. I couldn't find the camera's usb port -.-

I found it but it was already too late so i'm still eligible right? hahahhaha :)) Gonna change the date.


Day 2 - I love Toffee Nut

who doesn't love Starbucks' Toffee Nut?


Day 1 - Phone Rant

Obviously i f*cking hate my 3-year-old-excuse for a phone to death! i just can't wait to get rid of it! it looks nasty, messy and just disgusting. Also, What made me more furious is that the navigational keypads fall off!! Everytime i text and edit something i clumsily pressed the center button which redirect to which person i should send it to, then when i press back, i carelessly pressed the center button again and obviously sent to the wrong person then have to send them a message that "hey dude. sorry wrong send" . yadda yadda yadda


my life is pathetic.

also, can't play games anymore, it's so hard pressing the things without the keypads and i don't like using 2,4,6 and 8 as an alternative.

If i got holdapped and he wants my phone i would gladly give it to him.

so this is basically how f*cked up my phone look and so i've decided to save up for a new phone!! hooray!

i don't like blackberries and especially an iphone. I guess i'm the only person who doesn't want an iphone eh? probably because i already have an itouch and it's no fun typing in a touch screen.


Project 365

First of all, I got really shocked i now have 400 + followers! I really wanna thank you all! I don't know what made you follow me but thanks it really means a lot to me.

So today without any doubts i've decided to join the bandwagon and do the Project 365.

I don't know if a lot of bloggers have actually accomplished the project 365 without missing a day but this Project 365 is like a challenge to me especially since i'm awfully a lazy blogger. So, basically project 365 is like taking a photo every other day for 365 days (1 year)

pretty crazy right? i cant imagine myself doing this every day but i would like to accept this challenge to somehow discipline myself. I'm not much of a photographer but i would definetly give this one a try.

/yeah i'm serious

If i manage to accomplish this mission without missing a day then i demand a NOBEL PRIZE!!


Window Shopping

I did some window shopping at Zara last week :) I just love all their clothes, shoes, EVERYTHING but sadly the prices is just too much for me to handle. I couldn't resist not camwhoring inside the fitting room. HAHA.

Someday, I'm going to find exactly the same thing at F21 where it's much more cheaper.


Tentative schedule for 2nd term

My awesome schedule. NOT! but i do admit this is very first time my schedule has ever been this loose.

I'll promise myself i'll study 10x harder! whooop.


Jimjilbang !

Jimjilbang is a korean word for "bath house".

I bet your girls who loves watching k-dramas a lot know what this is right? :>

I was googling and type "jimjilbangs in philippines" !! AND BAM!! HAHAHHAA!! i've just recently discovered this.

It's called Lasema jimjilbang spa and is located in Makati!!! wooo! it's near our friggin school! not that near though but i just happen to pass by the street where it's located!

Introducing Lasema spa!

Inside Lasema Spa you will also find a snack bar, heated floors, wide screen TVs, and an internet cafe. The Jacuzzis here have different variants — green tea, ginseng, and other regular Jacuzzi bath. Green tea may help prevent cancer, suppresses aging, prevents hair loss, tooth decay, food poisoning, and reduces cholesterol levels. Ginseng uplifts, and may also help prevent and cure cancer.

Indulge yourself with Lasema Spa‘s massage that truly relax your mind and body, and body scrubs that slough off dead skin and restore vitality. As you enter that massage room, you’ll be greeted with delightful scents, soft music , and warm smiles. The Swedish massage (Php 600) uses a light touch but the long and circular strokes also stimulate blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.

Lasema Spa also offers reflexology foot massage (Php 400), which involves putting pressure on certain areas of the feet with the use of the thumb. The massage lounge has a calm and relaxing ambience where you get an hour’s worth of having your feet gently and soothingly massaged.

Lasema Spa is located inside the Makati Golf Club at 7232 Malugay St. Brgy Bel Air, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

credits to: tourmanilamphilippines

OPERATING HOURS: The Lasema Spa is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Other treatments:
Milk Bath Scrub (Php 800)
Salt Glow Scrub (Php 700)
Aromatherapy with Reflex (Php 900)
Indian Massage (Php 650)
Tandem Massage (1,450)

Lasema also has a sleeping area available with a maximum stay of 12 hours:
Day Rate: Php 450
Night Rate: Php 500
Day Rate Php 500
Night Rate: Php 550

You could also avail their student discount of 20% just show them your school ID

Open 24 hours daily , Lasema is a world of its own where each step you make will be one of astonishment and wonder. Indulge in their spacious wet area where Jacuzzi baths brimming with green tea , ginseng pools, and a jade steamroom which brings relief and cure to your weary body. Precious crystals adorn the ceiling as the hot steam with the fragrance of authentic Korean herbs gently pierces through your being.

Take the icy plunge in the cold pool before having a exfoliating bath scrub of milk crystals and salt. You will feel like Alice in Wonderland as you magically enter into the jil jing bang. Here, you are ushered into a world of Korean culture reminiscent of the very popular Korean telenovelas that you look forward to. Precious and semi-precious stones like amethyst, jade, sapphire, topaz used for their healing properties abound.

Exquisite gemstone therapy, uniquely heals the body ,mind and soul. Jade strengthens the bladder and eyes, works against arthritis and stimulates the immune system. Amethyst calms the nerves and gives inner peace. Sapphires strengthens the eyes, lowers blood pressure while topaz protects the heart, helps in blood circulation, aids the lungs, boosts your immune system and ensures that oxygen is distributed in the body.

credits: islandsphilippines.net

Three very unique honey bee comb shaped dome structures which are actually hot saunas provide a misen-scene backdrop of a traditional Korean village. These charming dome structures are sanctuaries of wellness that utilize thermal therapy, an age old tradition being practiced in Korea, Japan and many European countries. The 3 dry saunas are made of dome clay a healing mud from volcanoes that stimulates blood circulation and increases metabolism, salt and charcoal sauna made of salt crystals and Hwangto know for its detoxifying properties. Think of how we usually place charcoal in our refrigerators to remove toxins and odors, the charcoal cleanses the body of such toxins and impurities. The oak and clay sauna made of oakwood and hwangto have been proven to intensify the body’s curing process. My favorite room is the one with a temperature of -11 degrees where real snow abounds. Enter here for that cooling down, or frozen delight experience where you are tired muscles and tissues recover from fatigue and stress. In this ice room, stare at the ceiling peppered with real amethyst, topaz, sapphires and other valuable stones.

credits: islandsphilippines.net

Female locker area

sleeping area

Another highlight is the restaurant named “Jewel In the Palace” about delightful cuisine and creative cooking. Traditional korean dishes like chapchae, bulgogi and hearty soups are served at very affordable prices. A snack bar also serves Korean beverages and sports drinks as well as noodles and sweet bean with crushed mice and milk dessert.

credits: islandsphilippines.net


Interview with Friendster

Me and my groupmates went to interview Friendster for our project

Can you find me? HAHA.. well.. obviously you can since i am the only girl in the group aside for Ate Mia (Friendster staff) which we interviewand is sitting in the couch

2 down....1 more project to go



i didn't realize up to now that we have a lot of projects lined up and the most stressing project of all is our IT137 (Mulimedia)

Why do i have to do Flash Animation!! urgh! i only know how to do the basics for pete's sake and the deadline is next week!(i thought i have more time to procastinate) I'm not much of a Multimed student I didn't sign up for this -.-

We also have a project on our C++ programming but for some reasons i'm not really that worried since my professional groupmates will handle all the work BWAHA *okay just kidding*

- Watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho ! finished watching the episode 8 and now patiently waiting for the release of episode 9 english subtitles! I also watched "Playful kiss" which is a korean remake of "It started with a kiss". It was nice :) kinda reminds me of Princess Hours and doesn't Jung So Min (aka Oh Ha Ni) resembles Yoon Eun Hye especially the lip part!


The Faceshop Haul

Skincare stuff!! promised myself that from this day onwards i'm gonna take care of my skin...

Also, my Etude house cleaser ran out 2 months ago so had to bought another one.

Okay, 2 months ago, i kinda switch from my Etude cleaser to the Garnier pure cleanser thinking it would be much more nicer than Etude since i saw this advertisment and it looks promising.

Garnier pure pore unblock foam claims that it would make your skin smooth, skin be able to breath, purifies skin, elimitates impurites and makes your skin FAIRER.


Honest review of the Garnier pure pore unblock foam.

  • inexpensive

  • Made my skin DARKER
  • Made my pores bigger
  • Made my skin dry
  • Made my skin have this little red bumps
  • Packaging looks shitty and matches well with the price

My skin got worse and got like little red bumps and this thing attracts acne like a magnet.

This stuff doesn't work FOR ME but it might work for you ,who knows.

Would i buy this again?
HELL NO! I throw it in the trashcan where it belongs

I got scared when i got acne on my forehead although it's only mild but it's so unlike me to get acne :( and i haven't expericed my acne stayed that long in my forehead and it's MULTIPLYING!! for over a week already it's just that usually whenever i get acne/pimples it stayed only for 3-4 days and then it's gone without leaving a mark i know it sounds crazy but that's just how my skin works.

So i just thought that i have to act now than feel sorry later.

Back on the Faceshop haul.

Dewy Flower Toner, Brightening Rice Water Cleanser, Pads (for the toner). I bought 2 cuz 1 box contains 20 pads plus it's inexpensive.

"  Rice water foam cleanser smoothes skin to improve the look of makeup"

Formulated with traditional rice water once used by women of Korean Royal Court, this whipped cream deep cleansing foam clarifies and brightens skin without dehyration

omg. I'm shocked! Just what it said on the box, It really did brightens my skin not only that it made my skin somewhat glow! this is why i love Korean skincare products so much!!

Dewy Flower Moisturizing Toner

 In real life, the bottle looks so A-DORABLE! and Yes, it's made out of glass

Help your skin regain it's inherent radiance with THEFACESHOP's line of Dewy Flower skin care products, Exclusively formulated with extracts from seven various white flowers and other botanical extracts to help moisturize and protect skin.

Essential Mask Sheet - Pearl for clearer skin.
Honestly, this thing refreshens your skin but it's just soooooo STICKY!

Absolutely does nothing.

that's all for today :)


Mistaken again...


Have you ever mistaken for another ethnicity?

I have, i think it's already a part of my life that i have to answer professors and classmates who keep asking me If i can understand tagalog or asking me if i am half this and that.

I don't really know if i'm a halfer, i remember my sister said that we have chinese blood and she wrote it in her blog like 1/4 chinese something like that. I never get to ask my dad about this blood thing since we are so far away and when i was in highschool it never occured to me about all this other blood thing.


So today i got mistaken again, you see i was rushing to go to my Math subject and was stopped by a dude which was my classmate from English Class. He was asking me about my class and if i was willing to take the time to fill out some survey and since he is speaking in english and i figured that he speaks that way since he's half french i unknowingly replied him in english too (and i sound forced) -.-

The survery, i think was meant for other nationality like koreans, japanese, chinese, indians, americans, pakistans etc. So I think he mistook me for a Korean -.-

the questions were like...

Do you have a lot of Filipino friends? [fck yea. all of them are filipinos]
letting me choose somewhat between the ratio of 1-5 considering 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest.

Can you cope with professors speaking in Filipino? Are you comfortable being around Filipinos?

and a lot more.. their were like 10-15 questions.

It was mainly a survey focused on other nationality who are staying in Philippines and studying in the University and if they were able to cope with filipino students/professors.

But i filled out the form anyways HAHAHA :)) i don't have the courage to speak in english and tell him he got the wrong student to answer this but i think he'll know anyway i answered on the blank beside the Nationality that i'm a filipino.


Mcdo delivery = awesome

Being the lazy girl that i am, i don't like going outside the condo waiting for the elevator and passing by a wall that smells like PISS, a mountain of trash around the area and smokes coming out of the vehicles and the LRT!

over all.. i fcking hate the POLLUTION here in Manila!!! i cannot wait to get out of here and move to another condominium!

and speaking of piss!!!! It bugs the hell out of me seeing men urinating on the walls here and there as if it's a damn portable toilet for them especially those "tambays" [tagalog slang word meaning: a person who does nothing at all or a jobless person]

i feel like my face cannot breath by all these pollution in the air!


i mean isn't Manila supposed to be the capital of the Philippines! then why don't they hire lots of street sweepers, fix the damn road and sewage and put up garbage cans!

Makati - business center of the ph, lots of high-rise buildings and POLLUTION-FREE!
Manila - capital of the ph and 90% POLLUTED!

/end or rant

So yeah, i ordered online for a home delivery, i rather do that than go down and get my face covered with toxins and shit!

I just washed my face so fcuk no under any circumstances am i going to go down.

so here's what i ordered online :)

(Coke & OJ) i didn't know i have like ordered 2 drinks O.o i though i only ordered Orange Juice.. I can't drink coke it's not advisable for me -_-

Double cheese burger

Large french fries

and my favorite OREO MCFLURRY!!