i didn't realize up to now that we have a lot of projects lined up and the most stressing project of all is our IT137 (Mulimedia)

Why do i have to do Flash Animation!! urgh! i only know how to do the basics for pete's sake and the deadline is next week!(i thought i have more time to procastinate) I'm not much of a Multimed student I didn't sign up for this -.-

We also have a project on our C++ programming but for some reasons i'm not really that worried since my professional groupmates will handle all the work BWAHA *okay just kidding*

- Watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho ! finished watching the episode 8 and now patiently waiting for the release of episode 9 english subtitles! I also watched "Playful kiss" which is a korean remake of "It started with a kiss". It was nice :) kinda reminds me of Princess Hours and doesn't Jung So Min (aka Oh Ha Ni) resembles Yoon Eun Hye especially the lip part!


  1. Steph. I want to watch Playful Kiss, too. There were English Subs already? Wow. What site are you watching!

  2. from here: yellowcinema.com
    it's more of a downloading site.

  3. Okay thanks. :) Steff. How did you create your layout? Is it different from livejournal?


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.