The Faceshop Haul

Skincare stuff!! promised myself that from this day onwards i'm gonna take care of my skin...

Also, my Etude house cleaser ran out 2 months ago so had to bought another one.

Okay, 2 months ago, i kinda switch from my Etude cleaser to the Garnier pure cleanser thinking it would be much more nicer than Etude since i saw this advertisment and it looks promising.

Garnier pure pore unblock foam claims that it would make your skin smooth, skin be able to breath, purifies skin, elimitates impurites and makes your skin FAIRER.


Honest review of the Garnier pure pore unblock foam.

  • inexpensive

  • Made my skin DARKER
  • Made my pores bigger
  • Made my skin dry
  • Made my skin have this little red bumps
  • Packaging looks shitty and matches well with the price

My skin got worse and got like little red bumps and this thing attracts acne like a magnet.

This stuff doesn't work FOR ME but it might work for you ,who knows.

Would i buy this again?
HELL NO! I throw it in the trashcan where it belongs

I got scared when i got acne on my forehead although it's only mild but it's so unlike me to get acne :( and i haven't expericed my acne stayed that long in my forehead and it's MULTIPLYING!! for over a week already it's just that usually whenever i get acne/pimples it stayed only for 3-4 days and then it's gone without leaving a mark i know it sounds crazy but that's just how my skin works.

So i just thought that i have to act now than feel sorry later.

Back on the Faceshop haul.

Dewy Flower Toner, Brightening Rice Water Cleanser, Pads (for the toner). I bought 2 cuz 1 box contains 20 pads plus it's inexpensive.

"  Rice water foam cleanser smoothes skin to improve the look of makeup"

Formulated with traditional rice water once used by women of Korean Royal Court, this whipped cream deep cleansing foam clarifies and brightens skin without dehyration

omg. I'm shocked! Just what it said on the box, It really did brightens my skin not only that it made my skin somewhat glow! this is why i love Korean skincare products so much!!

Dewy Flower Moisturizing Toner

 In real life, the bottle looks so A-DORABLE! and Yes, it's made out of glass

Help your skin regain it's inherent radiance with THEFACESHOP's line of Dewy Flower skin care products, Exclusively formulated with extracts from seven various white flowers and other botanical extracts to help moisturize and protect skin.

Essential Mask Sheet - Pearl for clearer skin.
Honestly, this thing refreshens your skin but it's just soooooo STICKY!

Absolutely does nothing.

that's all for today :)


  1. I'm careless kasi for my face so yeah, la macomment.
    Magaling lang naman ang Garnier sa ads, my sister got the same problem too :/

  2. Did you try the ponds facial foams?


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.