Gumiho Funny Moment!

So made an image slideshow thing slash animation or something like that -.- cause i'm lazy to edit a very long comic strip..

I haven't been able too sleep properly since that time i did our brochure for our MMA (Multimedia Subject) we have that subject even though i'm an IT student which doesn't make sense at all but it's okay.

I've been cracking my brain for ideas that night its really tiring especially since we weren't allowed to use images in the internet or stock photos so i had to painstakingly vector it. urgh!

Right now, i can't think of anything my head hurts so bad that i didn't go and had to turn down watching "Despicable Me" with friends & batchmates.

Anyways, this is what i made, A tri-fold brochure, it isn't that great though i tried my best -.-

I have actually 2 versions of it. One is the vectored cover and other is the image cover.... because last night around 2am, when i was about to sleep one of my friends told me that we weren't supposed to use images from the internet. -__- so you could just imagine my face.. had to vector and think of new ideas.

First page (cover)

Second page (inside)

p/s: i had a bad day on the printing stuff too!!! not only my first print at "Pindutan" turned out to be shitty... i was drenched in the rain too. gahh! so had to reprint it somewhere else and it's cheaper and looks great no faded colors or anything.

ohhh kayz. 'night readers :)

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  1. OOO... I LIKE IT!

    The color combos of that trifold really blends well together!. grabe naman you're not allowed to use stock photos -.-
    love the inside part yo!


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.