Happy New year

hello! happy new year to all ,, right now my mom is off at the grocery store to have a last minute shopping for the new year

i scanned through my January 1,2008 blog entries and ~ i read there about my new years resolution for 2008

this was my new years resolution i made on january 2008 .. and to think of it ive manage to archive some of my resolutions

1. huhu... i promise ill edit icee & asuka-san (tasneem)'s blog.. sorry guys.. im totally busy right now.. but today.. im totally not! so ill be editing it tomorrow hehe
2. stop CURSING! huhu.. i speak vulgar words sometimes when im totally angry
3. ill promise my self to concentrate in my studies
4. ill limit myself to go internet
5. ill do HOMEWORK ! haha
6. ill improve and be more creative when dealing with projects.. (well sometimes.. i just do projects like that not knowing that it turned out to be like a pig's den!.. like im so lazy to do it)
7. be attentive
8. ENJOY LIFE! haha

now im quite proud of my accomplishments

heres my new! ...new year's resolution for 2009
1. when i got to college ill study hard
2. graduate highschool
3. get a life (lol)
4. be more sociable
5. earn more coins in pet society WAHAHA!
6. be health

my wishes for 2009
1. Hope ill get to college on school that i like
2. hopes for world peace
3. wishes that Barack Obama will not support gay marriages and abortion (its inhuman for me) well.. abortion is like killing someone that is innocent
4. wanna be FAT!! WAHAHAHA! ..(i got fast metabolism & no matter how i eat i dont get fat ~*i wish to be fat)

wish you all a happy new year
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ok anw.. i was reading the candy mag april ussue of 2008 and found this "Oops" moments (embarrassing momments) .. its about culture and stuffs like that

and this one made me laugh haha!

read read~

ive always been wondering whats the meaning of "lah".. .. me and my friend thought "lah" means okay haha. cause theres this someone who was introducing himself and he goes like: im bibu lah. 17 lah

thanks for the greeting

from: agnes


wahh! im sooo tired.. just got back from the airport.

we went out to fetch mom at the airport about 6:30pm when i got there we waited for like 4 freaking hours! i thought the plane would land about 8pm and it turns out that mom will have to go 2 plane rides to get here. so that means my mom will arrived at 10 pm

anw you know what i really hate waiting it really pisses me off but good thing i bought my ipod with me.. so then i was listing to musics at my ipod and stare at this empty water bottle across me without blinking. (lol) cause i think my mind is somewhere around the clouds and i think im sleeping but my eyes is open haha and at that time i really want to pee but i cant find the restroom

so blah blah blah blah ..lah lah lah then go back to our house and arrived at 11pm

what im really excited about is the pasalubongs

**i actually dont know what the translation in english but i think it purely means a certain present that is bought from another country**

let the pictures do the talking (btw.. my copyright thing SUCKS to the core! i hate GIMP argh!!!!!!!!! i dont know how to do the stroke layer and GIMP is not that user friendly! i miss my photoshop sooooo much! )

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P/s i never would have though the images is like so big.