lame plurkers!!!

-warning: this post contains unappropriate language not suitable for childish people-

im just so pissed about this okay.

saw so many fcking lame plurkers today with their stupid messages! well most of them are from my school (ps im not targeting anyone, most of them are from sophomore high okay) so anw.. theres this stupid girl who keeps plurking of smilies and such and then go like "ah i want my karma high" then another message goes "karma karma karma" like i think about 4 of those messages that goes separately like that.. SO FCKING LAME!

then now again she plurk "yey! my karma reached 60"

duh! whats the point. actually im quite pissed cause i cant reply to those decent messages in plurk.
everyone seems to be plurking for the sake of karma and popularity!

my plurk now is flooded with those lame messages and i have to drag all the way from the bottom right just to reply those decent ones.

ANW cant you just plurk about your fcking life!!! like what you are doing or something like that! that is what plurk is about okay ! not keep repeating "karma messages" and stupid smilies!! maybe one is enough but 3 or 5?????

(another lame girl)

nobody replied to her messages so she keep the karmas up by doing it by herself and keep changing her profile just to boost up her karma

fcking lame!

seriously ! stop thinking about karma okay!! i felt like muting her off my profile

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