Christmas parlor game

this video should be post yesterday but it really takes time to upload it..

do watch it . i should be part of the game cause at that time Ma'am A forces me to join but i made an excuse and i would rather took a video of the whole thing cause all of my friends are there so i pass it too isabel haha

you may not understand tagalog but just watch the whole thing, there are also some bias-ness going around but i think that what makes this game quite funny and fun. and oh i edited the video a bit.. rewinding the scenes that are pretty funny and also slow motion some other parts

okay. the teachers are the one who decided that a boy should sit in the chairs so that it would make the game quite exciting. haha.

there are also some games we had but i rather put this video up cause this is more funny.

got this award from Jae

i love the banner super cute

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