mega cringe

argh! i still cringe when i think about it .. we did a crazy shot in our class picture and it turned out that i was left in the middle while others go to the side and dot their "peace signs"


anw. we had our solo granduation picture . honestly, i dont dare to look at myself on the yearbook on how i turned out to be cause i dont look good in pictures at all .. after we had our pictures taken already we went back at our classrooms and watch a movie.

we wore a toga when the photographer snap pictures of us and i feel like im already graduation *sniff* the more i think about it, i felt like crying..

i keep remembering the song "Graduation song" by vitamin C
watch the video here.. so touching and i super wish this would be our song for our graduation..

ill make a music video out of this song if i had a laptop already.

Note: our graduation would be next year on march

a moment later we were asked to go at the bookstore and look for a toga that match our size and stuff like that. so yeah i manage to find my size but it took me time before i could finally find one

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