Pet Society

this blogentry contains nothing but all pet society stuffs hehe :happy: and lots of pictures too

today im currently saving up to buy the most kawaii bed that is worth $ 15,000 :shock: so far my money is

*gazillion light years away from having a $15,000*

Isay gave me a gift today weee! :loved: just in time before i go out and buy, she gave me 2 of those, so kind

anw. someone message me in pet society and she said if i could buy her a kimono that is btw worth like $860+ (correct me if im wrong) and i was like :hoho: .. why would i buy her that when we aren't that close enough and its to expenise doh~ i gave gift to my friend but i dont give anyone with a something that expenise gosh ah

my trophies

ive customized my pet hehe i love it haha... so far many of my classmates and friends are now playing pet society

anw. i already get bored in plurk *rawr* its so boring :crap: anw so join us now

hoho.. i dunno why someone nominate me in facebook as the nicest person gosh~

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