a real santa

wanna thank all the santas out there in pet society

thanks to Ate Valerie of oh-angel, she gave me a pet society picture frame (my sala room is now complete thanks to her) and she even gave my friend isabel a princess bed!

A PRINCESS BED! okay. kaching! that like worth 15,000 coins and that even took me 1 week to bought it so anw she is so kind man! makes our christmas complete or what..

and also to Shiny from playfish pet society for the pink carpet, to korina for the cheap mystery box!

thanks a lot!

my friend was really shock and speechless at that time she still cant believe someone gave her a princess bed even if they aren't that close..

such a real santa

right now im aiming for this chair:

huhuhu.. today i bought like 5 Blue Mystery Box (BMB) and still no sign of the chair and the strawberry mat too

my suicidal attempts to get the cute kawaii chair (picture above)

1st attempt:

no luck! i got another plastic chair, modern dining chair, and forgot the other one

2nd attempt:

-no picture- just bought a blue mystery box & cheap mystery box (RMB) (expecting pink ballon), turns out that it was just a watermelon *falls of the chair* ... since when are foods be in furniture shops anw.

blue mystery box - a glass door! the one with the snow.. i dont want another glass door okay! i want my chair so decided to sell it away and bought another MB

3rd attempt:

RMB - simple shelf , and for my Blue MB got another RMB!!!! *arghh!* i could have bought many RMB for 200 coins! hello!

the RMB reveals off an all-star shirt ~ that i obviously don't want
-also willing to trade it-


willing to trade the modern dinning chair for the cute chair that look the same as the princess bed (the 1st picture above)

P/S: dont try to scam me! ill report you to playfish and you'll get banned

if you want it add me in facebook (my facebook url can be found in my profile section)

for other offers -comment below-

[ edit ]

yey! got in trade with Agnes. now i have my strawberry mat

[ /edit]

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