Trading time

woots! guess what. i got the cute chair ! ZOMG! haha

look at my pet she just cant wait to try it out. I went into trading with Arthurhill in ps forums. she got loads of stuffs to trade. then i offer her 1 GMB for the cute chair and she accepted it weee!

also got into trading with Alena in ps forums. She doesn't like clothes so she trade her pink dotted bow for my plastic chair. luckly she accepted it ... so i got a cute pink bow for my pet

better to trade with someone rather than gamble all your stuffs just to buy another Mystery box

raichelle gift me this. 1 GMB and RMB wee!

and oh. also joined in some of the 50GMB project giveaways! whoooo! free stuffs!

a gift given to me from lisa. thanks for the gift

from Amelia

many people are giving out online card gifts today.. i shall make mine soon
im still a newbie to this GIMP thing and honestly i find it hard to understand!
i miss my photoshop

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