Magic Revolution

im suppose to blog about what happened today in our Christmas carol contest but instead i got really amaze by this video...

so yeah, i was searching for softbank japanese phones for my report then i stumble to this really freakin' unbelievable magic show video in japan!

you must watch it!

ITS LIKE SOOOO UNBELIEVABLE but totally cool!!!!!!!

i got really super shock when the Lacoste logo turned into an alligator

let me know what you think


aiyaa! HOLY CRAP.

i just cant believe that im sittin here watchin Aaron carter's music videos like (do you remember & summertime)

oh yeah, im a huge fan & love Aaron back then cause all of his musics is really cool and nice plus he's cute and hot BACK THEN .. now he's all screwed and wasted. He got arrested for taking drugs and all but that was ALSO 2 years back then.. i found out about it when i watch "House of Carters" he is freakin' wasted and he looks kinda ugly

i so miss his voice .. oh well.. i think Aaron changed already... everybody makes mistakes anw. and everyone has a chance to change themselves. aiyooo.. wtf am i taking here

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