blogger smilies

today i found some funny smilies in the net today

but not really gonna use them at my blog.. just putting them up here for fun cause its funny..

i've just realized that im a very active blogger means i have no life, means i don't get out of the house often. and yeah your right. i haven't stepped inside the mall for like 1 month and almost 10 days already and yes i should get a life

as i was saying: i am going to show you funny smilies and cute ones

- this one is a retarded fool i mean a really pissed off one

- this smilies could either be defined as a blabber mouth, backstabber, chatterbox! and that smilie reminds me of someone in my class

- i dont know really what this smilie is trying to show.. is it that spamming sucks? or he wants to spam?

- i find this one funny .. haha!

- for the iraq and bush . yeah. war is not the answer so better just stop you'll end up having a poor economy growth because of all the money ya all spend buying truckloads of guns

- haha. the red smilie knocks off the blue one's day dream

- this a stalker smilie and it reminds me of someone in my class who keeps stalking my friend

- a crazy fan girl .. i would be like that if i saw robert pattinson or wang zi in personal HAHA!

- haha! this reminds me of something hehehehe...

-that ends here-

P/s sorry if i bore you with this blog entry of mine im just bored

& oh btw 2 more days to go then shall pick up mom at the airport

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